Get in the F*cking Line Behind the Rest of us Human Beings Here

Thom plus logo Dear airlines, hotel chains, banks, and other industries who are begging Donald Trump and Congress for bail outs. Get in the f*cking line. Most of you didn't even pay taxes last year.

The front of the line this time needs to be people with medical and student debt, people who have lost their jobs, people who are homeless, and people working in the gig economy. Everybody else: get in the f*cking line.

In 2008, the Bush administration was able to find over $20 trillion to bail out the banks and insurance companies; last year Trump found one $1.5 trillion to cut taxes to the billionaire class and America's largest corporations. It's not gonna happen again if we have anything to say about it. They can all get in the f*cking line behind the rest of us human beings here.


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