If Only 100,000 Americans Die Trump Thinks He "Did a Great Job"

Thom plus logo On January 20, the United States and South Korea both diagnosed their first patient with the coronavirus. South Korea immediately begin testing their population and started a nationwide program of social distancing.

Here, Donald Trump said that the coronavirus was a "Democrat hoax" and ridiculed the idea of doing anything about it. As a result, South Korea has flattened their curve, had fewer than 200 people die, and is adding only a few deaths every day, while here in the United States we are looking at 100,000 to 2 million deaths.

Donald Trump's incompetence, inaction, and decision to politicize a pandemic is leading to more Americans dying than who died in all of our wars combined and now he is claiming that if only 100,000 Americans die he "did a great job."

And the red state governors, like Ron DeSantis in Florida, who followed Trump's path are continuing to add to the death toll even today by ignoring science and keeping businesses and public events open.


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