Trump Is Using the Same Logic on COVID 19 That He Used for Pesticides

Thom plus logo First, Trump started approving pesticides that the entire scientific community agrees are destructive to the nervous systems of young children and can cause cancer. Then he dialed back on pollution rules from fossil fuel processors in ways that will increase cancer and lung disease.

In both cases he was able to ignore science in changing the rules because the Republicans are saying that any science that uses public health data where the names of every single person included in a study have not been published should not be used. So when 10,000 peoples' health outcomes who are exposed to pesticides show clearly that it causes brain damage, Trump won't allow that data to be used because those peoples' names have not been published.

It's a bizarre and anti-scientific logic, but it has prevented a lot of good public health science from being used for decision making. Now it appears the Trump administration wants to use the same logic with coronavirus, which is terrifying. Their anti-science policies, first used to protect the pesticide and fossil fuel industries, are now endangering our entire nation as we face of viral public health emergency. How do we know? Because last night Trump told Hannity that people infected with COVID 19 should go to work and that the death rate is less then 1% even though our Scientists says it's much higher.


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