We're All in Mourning For Our Way of Life. How Are You Working Around it?

Thom plus logo While we're all experiencing shock and anger at how Trump has created a crisis in America by lying and procrastinating and grandstanding, there's a larger emotion that's reaching deep into the lives of many of us: Grief.

We're grieving the loss of normalcy in our country, the failure of national leadership, our access to our kids, grandkids and parents. We're grieving that we'll soon be mourning death and family like thousands of us already are. Many of us are grieving loss of work and income, and the rest of us are grieving their loss.

Yet we're figuring ways through this crisis. With daily long walks and meditation, Youtube exercise videos, long hot baths with a good novel, binge-watching TV, Zoom conferences with Friends, FaceTiming with family and friends, and venting on Twitter.

What are you grieving and how are you coping?



Legend 9 weeks 1 day ago

A caller on the 3rd hour this Monday claimed that no one else could possibly do as much as Trump has. He is looking at the present and is seeing a President trying to catch up for his previous non chalant attitude.

Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 9 weeks 1 day ago

Trump... the dull bugger... is cool with +100k American people dead

The way things are going it might be more than that... I certainly hope that will not occur

The thought that this bum contemplates these kind of figures for dead people under his watch is astonishing... he is one sick puppy

I can't really believe his 'base' are like minded

deepspace's picture
deepspace 9 weeks 15 hours ago

I grieve that almost half the voting citizenry has forsaken the pursuit of truth for the snake oil of a liar. I cope by wandering around aimlessly in the woods, with one eye peeled for that wee bit o' gold, or maybe a lost bottle of hand sanitizer. Not sure which one is worth more. No luck finding either.

Wow, did all of that just happen? Major election season, major pandemic explosion, major economic slump! Now what? Perhaps some major "social distancing" is just what the doctor ordered. (It is.) Everybody, please, just take a damn break already!

Maybe Mommy Earth has had enough of our belligerent attitude and our senseless fights, and this is her way of sending us all to our rooms to think long and hard about what we've done. You're all grounded! And no allowance! For a long time!

Legend 9 weeks 15 hours ago

During a Trump briefing, instead of having scientists and doctors speak about the virus and how to deal with it. Trump has several hand picked CEO's get up and praise him. He has turned the Covid-19 briefings into Trump campaign rally's. He needed his ego massaged. At the same time he estimates 100000 to 240000 will die.

Legend 9 weeks 14 hours ago

That aroma therapy is lead dust. One of the effects of lead poisioning is dementia. By the way, you are constantly complaining and present zero facts.

Tumulo Jack's picture
Tumulo Jack 9 weeks 12 hours ago

I live remotely, ergo DISH Satellite serves our moutainous area for $90 a month plus $10 a GB for any use over 50 GB's. Since 3 GB's is usual in an hour of use, that's $30 an hour to stay abreast of what is happening! DISH is gouging the helpless for profit during the pandemic. Do any of you have the same problem? Soutions?

Legend 9 weeks 11 hours ago

I live remote but have a line of site provider. Expensive at $110 per month but reasonable speed 40 MBPS and no data limits. You are using a lot of data, must be streaming or something. I have neighbors (that do not have line of site) that have satellite and do not have that problem. You need to research your data usage or change providers. Next year Starlink will be starting up and may be your solution.

Legend 9 weeks 8 hours ago

Masks Work in Taiwan. 24 million people, 329 cases. 5 Deaths

What New Hell Will Trump Rain Down on America Next?

Thom plus logo Trump campaigned on nostalgia for the past, with a slogan calling to make America great "again."

And, indeed, he has re-created many of the most notable moments in past American history.

He's brought back the pandemic of 1918, and the widespread death associated with it.
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