What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump spent years hanging out and doing business with mobsters and people associated with them. His lawyer, Roy Cohn, was the chief lawyer for the biggest mobster in New York City, and the Italian mob had infiltrated the New York construction and real estate business. Now Trump's mobster tendencies are bubbling to the surface.

The Democratic superPAC Priorities USA has put together an ad that simply shows clips of Donald Trump at various times during the epidemic telling everybody how everything is just fine. It brilliantly displays Trump's lies and incompetence. Trump's lawyers have sent a letter to the television stations carrying these ads telling them that the FCC will shut them down if they continue running the ads. Meanwhile, according to popular.info, the Trump campaign has over 1000 ads running on Facebook that are openly deceptive. We are watching, in real time, what happens when a failed businessman who wanted to be a mobster tries to run a country.


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