Why? America Deserves an Answer

Thom plus logo The Associated Press recently did a good roundup story about how the Trump administration procrastinated for months before acknowledging the gravity of the situation that we face as a nation. It answers a lot of the "what" questions, but answers none of the "why" questions.

Why did Trump procrastinate for two months? Was he trying to squeeze a few months extra revenue out of his hotels? Was it that he was watching Fox News and believing their spin, and then echoing it himself which caused Fox to pick it up and feed it back to him even more? Was he creating a deadly rightwing media feedback loop without even realizing it?

Was it so his billionaire buddies could unload all their stocks before things crashed? Was it because he knew that if hit, the economy would hurt his reelection chances and he thought maybe, just maybe he could just push his way through this? Why did Trump delay?

It's going to cost tens of thousands of lives, deaths that were completely unnecessary, and wreak massive damage to our healthcare system and the people who work in it.

Why did he decide to do that, when he could see other countries getting this thing under control at the same time that Italy failed to because they followed policies similar to his?

Why? America deserves an answer.


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