Has Georgia Governor Rolled Out A New Death Panel Plan?

Thom plus logo Georgia Governor and corporate toady Brian Kemp said, "We will allow gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, body art studios, barbers, cosmetologists, hair designers, nail care artists, aestheticians, their respective schools, and massage therapists to reopen their doors this Friday, April the 24th."

Notice what is missing from that list? Any company or industry large enough to have a lobbyist who can shovel money to Republicans in Georgia, including Kemp. Every business on his list is a small business, and now that he has issued an executive order saying they can be open, those small business owners and employees will probably not qualify for unemployment insurance in Georgia.

This strategy in Georgia, which is being replicated in other Republican-controlled states, may well be the latest effort by Republicans to screw working people and small businesses. Republican governors live in terror of the rightwing billionaires in their states who don't want them to raise state income taxes or corporate taxes to help cover the costs of average people being out of work.

Once again, Republicans put the interests of rich people and big national corporations ahead of the people in their own states.



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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Maybe Samuel Clemens was onto something in his cynical (he says, sarcastic) last writings on organized religion before passing the torch: Letters From the Earth. It sure does seem sometimes that God's just funnin' with the human race for the pure entertainment value. Heaven must be more boring than advertised.

Think about it: So now, there are lots of poker players with lots of free time, whiskey, beer, full fridges, pretzels, and big gubmunt checks burning holes in their pockets below all those beer guts and gunbelts. But you can't sit around the damn table to play! Oh, the cruelty.

Okay, granted, with Trump "in charge" there are greater ironies in the world. But man, what a missed opportunity for a live home game to fleece crazy Uncle Biff, i.e., gullible Trumpist, out of all that gawddamn-liberal-socialistic-welfare-free-stuff he gets for not working.

Okaaay... then give me that money, you worthless Republican "taker." Try not to laugh out loud, but good ol' reliable Biff is sure to bluff deuces with no 2s on the flop if you have Fux News blaring in the background and challenge his honor. After all, his ethnic tribe of Republicanists is well known for huuugely miscalculating odds and outcomes, right? It's probably a genetic trait of his white-ass minority race. (Haha, just table talk ...but it usually works to get the lovable old rascal flustered.)

Anyway, I call. Whadayagot?

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

In GA they have the only nuclear plant under construction in the USA. It is the 2 reactor addition at Vogtle, units 3 & 4. It is way behind schedule (years) and way over budget (billions). They say that unit 3 is going to start next year which is some kind of joke. Plus, they still estimate $25 billion to complete which is way off. In the past when Nukes got in trouble during construction they overstaffed until they had to many to manage. I remember staffs as high as 6000. Vogtle has 9000. They are cutting staff 20% because of the Corna virus. This will be the excuse as to why they do not meet current schedule. 42 of the workers have tested positive for Corona virus. Part of the costs of this expansion is the CEO making $28 million. And he is nothing more than a hired hand. You buy your electricity at "cost plus" from a local monopoly. You do not have a choice as to who you buy it from. What ever it costs the local monopoly to produce and distribute, they tack on profit and sell it to you. Is this capitalism? That CEO will retire with a huge golden parachute just before they announce that the expansion will be delayed several more years and will cost at least (being conservative) $5 billion more. And they will add the total costs to the bills in GA. Air conditioning will be unaffordable when this is all over.

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

Trump is going further and further into his world. If Biden actually wins on November 3rd (194 days from now). We still have Trump in office until 1/20/2021 (272 days). I cannot imagine the damage that he can do in that time frame. We are currently at 47681 deaths (way under actual count) increasing at about 1000 per day. Vietnam was 58193. We will be at that in a little over a week. The Vietnam war was 19 years, this is a few months.

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