Is Mad King Trump Deciding Which States Will Live and Which States Will Die?

Thom plus logo Mad king Donald has gone full Joe Stalin in the last week or so. He is helping his friends and punishing his enemies, and using the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans to do it. People are dying and more will die because of it.

Red state Oklahoma told Trump they needed 16,000 face shields - an essential medical supply for hospitals - and they got 120,000. As Joan McCarter is reporting over at Daily Kos, Oklahoma also got twice as many N95 masks as they had requested. Red state Florida is getting a third shipment from the feds; they got 100% of what they asked for.

Blue state California got 170 broken ventilators and New York is still begging for supplies and equipment, while Red state Kentucky received more than they actually asked for. Blue states Massachusetts and Illinois are getting a fraction of what they need and have asked for.

This is criminal, if not legally at least morally. Adam Schiff has called for a 9/11 style commission to investigate Trump's delayed response to the coronavirus; when they put it together they need to also investigate how he is deciding which states will live and which states will die.


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