What Would a Normal President Do?

Thom plus logo A normal person as president would anguish over telling his nation that a quarter million people were going to have to die because he listened to Fox News hosts and spent two months holding rallies and playing golf when he could have been ordering test kits, ventilators and personal protective equipment.

Imagine John Kennedy or Barack Obama in the White House Situation Room and their top scientist says to them, "Mr. President, we have determined that a quarter million Americans are going to die. You have to prepare the nation." A Kennedy or Obama would, like Lincoln did, be tortured by this horrible reality. He would be thinking of how to nurture and reassure the people, knowing that tens of millions of Americans, within a matter of weeks, would lose their parents or grandparents, siblings or children, best friends or neighbors. He would be reflecting on his past failures and how he could apologize and atone for them.

Think of how Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt had to prepare the American people for war, and in both cases they prepared the country for years before we entered those wars. They did everything they could, and still they held us close through those horrible times.

Trump did none of the above. He simply strolled out and said words to the effect of, "Well, 2 million of you were supposed to die, but I fixed things so it's only going to be a quarter million. I'm an expert on these things and you should be thankful that I've got the numbers down this far. Good luck." Trumps sociopathy is so painfully obvious, his inability to have empathy or to care for anybody other than himself and his own family so burningly apparent, that Americans can only watch in shock and horror.

The election, and a new president, cannot come fast enough.



Legend 2 years 51 weeks ago

Taiwan is 24 million people. 339 cases, 5 deaths. They had next to no warning about this virus. One thing that they do different is all wear masks in public. This minimizes the spreading of the virus through the air. They have just, sort of, started recommending masks here. I was working there during the SARS out break. I have worked there several times. They have single payer healthcare for all, that is a model for this country.

Taiwan bans foreigners (us). Brazil is doing nothing about this virus. I have said several times that we should stop all flights to/from Brazil. Any other hot spot. We should pay attention to what other sucessful countries are doing in combating this virus. You can read their newspapers.

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