Will This Be a "Let Them Eat Coronavirus" Moment?

Thom plus logo Once again, the Republican party and their members in Congress have screwed average Americans to give a huge benefit to America's super wealthy. You might've gotten $1200, but the truly rich got a fortune. As David Cay Johnston is reporting over on Raw Story, "Almost 82% of the tax savings will go to the Trump-Kushner family and 43,000 of their fellow millionaire landlords."

It wasn't until after the bill was signed that we discovered that Mitch McConnell's buddies in the Senate had slipped in a tiny provision that gave massive tax breaks and profits to real estate moguls like Trump and Kushner. No wonder Donald Trump was so eager to sign the legislation. And now Mitch McConnell is demanding hundreds of billions of dollars in more tax breaks and gifts to big corporations and the Trump crime family, while attacking Democrats for not going along.

To add insult to injury, Trump wants you to get back to work - even if you could die... Are you enthusiastic to be part of his gruesome experiment? And can you make do with $1200 for a two or three month period? Americans are sick and tired of this; we have been watching this kind of behavior ever since the Reagan revolution in 1981 and we are over it. The neoliberal Reaganomics experiment of the last 40 years is a fraud and we all need to support progressive politicians who are saying "No" to more billionaire bailouts.


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