Will This Be a "Let Them Eat Coronavirus" Moment?

Thom plus logo Once again, the Republican party and their members in Congress have screwed average Americans to give a huge benefit to America's super wealthy. You might've gotten $1200, but the truly rich got a fortune. As David Cay Johnston is reporting over on Raw Story, "Almost 82% of the tax savings will go to the Trump-Kushner family and 43,000 of their fellow millionaire landlords."

It wasn't until after the bill was signed that we discovered that Mitch McConnell's buddies in the Senate had slipped in a tiny provision that gave massive tax breaks and profits to real estate moguls like Trump and Kushner. No wonder Donald Trump was so eager to sign the legislation. And now Mitch McConnell is demanding hundreds of billions of dollars in more tax breaks and gifts to big corporations and the Trump crime family, while attacking Democrats for not going along.

To add insult to injury, Trump wants you to get back to work - even if you could die... Are you enthusiastic to be part of his gruesome experiment? And can you make do with $1200 for a two or three month period? Americans are sick and tired of this; we have been watching this kind of behavior ever since the Reagan revolution in 1981 and we are over it. The neoliberal Reaganomics experiment of the last 40 years is a fraud and we all need to support progressive politicians who are saying "No" to more billionaire bailouts.



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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Bad guys have to be forced to give up the loot they took. Nowadays, that means fighting it out on the soapbox and at the ballot box -- not the "ammo box" (in the vernacular of wackjob wingers and gunslingers).

That also means fighting it out in the markets on Main Street as well as Wall Street. Going forward, the People should try to reboot the economy in their favor since we'll probably have to start from scratch anyway if this latest failure of unregulated capitalism drags into years rather than months.

History proves over and over that a system that concentrates wealth at the top will always fail and will always need several lifesaving doses of corporate socialism -- massive infusions of taxpayers' blood, sweat, and tears -- to survive into the next cycle of "The Great American Bubble Machine."

Average consumer/citizen purchasing power contributes 70% to a successful and stable economy. More than ever before, now is the time to use that power to patronize local small businesses and to buy stock in home-grown companies that sell American-made products, preferably union-made.

It's unpatriotic and simply nuts to lend support any longer to all the hopelessly complex, top-heavy overseas markets living on borrowed time and money, which create unwieldy production and distribution nightmares of immoral cheap labor that hurt families and societies everywhere, pollute the planet, and are destined to collapse in times of trouble when desperate people really need basic goods and services, like now and like bad times before.

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

More and more are jumping on the reopen wagon. Of course they are isolated in mansions and are not working at meat packing plants in SD. They do not seem to understand that peaked does not mean that it has gone away. Had we been required to wear masks from the beginning, like most Asian countries do, we would be over this. They obviously knew the benefit. Before this hit, Before there was a rush, I went to Walgreen and bought 36 masks. Not the N95 but the regular ones. Because we are isolated we have given most away to family members that are working. How did I see this coming and they did not? It was actually easy. When China was locking down Wuhan (30 million approx.) and closing all public gatherings. Including closing Shanghai Disney world, I decided this was bad. Why did our Government not see the same? I guess that you are not as concerned when you live a special life.

Xfilerose 3 years 6 weeks ago

The consequence of growing up with the "American Dream" is the illusion of the happy ending. This has been djt’s greatest asset. He is selling the happy ending while coordinating with the republican senate to rob the country blind. A true leader doesn’t sell “beautiful” but rather win’s confidence by deeds. The voting public who wants to believe in the happy ending could very well dance their way into a beautiful darkness. Republicans are asserting an observable downward force on the US and if not met with sufficient opposition may be successful in forcing a system collapse. Don’t dream it away, it may already be out of control. One thing for certain, a core group who are leveraging to amass wealth during this opportunity will be the ones who emerge to rule in the aftermath... read your history.

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gulfshor 3 years 6 weeks ago

An article in USA Today yesterday stated Governor Lee of Tennessee has received a bunch of testing materials. Now they're going to do unlimited testing by county whether you have symptoms or not no appointment needed. Sounds like they're looking for stats to open up Tennessee.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago


On Monday's blog and again today, Tinhip has been purposely skipping his comments ahead of others, a dishonest tactic that puts the thread out of logical order.

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

What Tinhat has done is edited his post and added to it. It automatically jumps ahead then.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

His childish manipulation of the thread was not an inadvertent consequence of mere editing; it was deliberate. I tested that theory on Monday's thread where he repeatedly jumped ahead of my reply by hitting the edit button without editing.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Not true! On the April 13 thread, you deliberately and dishonestly moved your comment several times without editing. You and I both know that's the truth.

Live with that fact.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Tin News episode #6, now #7: "Good thing Trump is stopping the US from funding these turds?"

Answer: No! That is not a good thing! And neither is a dearth of reading comprehension in the link you provided. WHO is merely pointing out for the general population that wearing a mask does not necessarily protect the person wearing it, as would be expected in a hospital setting; therefore, one must still follow all the other recommended precautions and not become complacent just because one is wearing a mask or gloves.

However, WHO does not dispute the fact that you wearing a mask protects others from your droplets should you sneeze, cough, or just breathe in their presence. That's the whole point.

There are two primary factors to consider when contemplating whether to wear a face-covering during a pandemic: One, the mask protects you not me; TWO, SARS-CoV-2 is a particularly virulent coronavirus that is easily transmitted by asymptomatic, presymptomatic, or mildly symptomatic infected people who have no clue that they are carriers of a deadly pathogen. Given that disturbing revelation, only testing those presenting symptoms is almost pointless.

That second fact took the scientific community by surprise, and they now suspect that that is the main reason COVID-19 has spread so far and wide so rapidly. Without adequate testing of the population, we are blind-sided by an invisible enemy, like a fighter pilot attacking out of the sun's glare.

To be clear, until they develop an effective vaccine, our main defense is to stay as far away from other people as humanly possible, to wash our hands obsessively, and not touch our faces (good luck with that). When in public, strictly adhere to at least six-feet social distancing. (A recent study conducted mostly in hospitals captured air samples containing aerosolized SARS-CoV-2, albeit not as virulent, up to 13 feet away from those infected during certain procedures, such as intubation.) And, wear a mask to protect others in case you are infected but don't know it.

Knowledge is key, so one of the most effective ways to combat the pandemic is to quit listening to Trump the Liar, Fux News, Hate Radio, the Swamp Net, and all their flying monkeys. Keep their drool to themselves!

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

Masks only work if all wear masks. If Trump had ordered this from the beginning we would be like Taiwan and have minimal cases and deaths. Best method to not touch hands to the face is to have a drink in each hand.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Ha! Agreed!

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

This graph posted by deepspace is a great example of wearing masks and the effectiveness. I have worked in Taiwan, South Korea and China and they wear masks when needed. But Americans cannot pay attention to what works in other countries. We are paying a severe price for having a President that "knows more about pandemics than anybody else". We would be reopening the economy if the masks were required and out Government leaders lead by example. But when Trump suggested wearing masks the next words out of his mouth were "he was not going to wear one".

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Ding, ding! Haha, sure got a rise out of Tinhat this time.

@#17 (unless you skip ahead again):

Well, look at who the big whiner is now! Whatever, dude. Go for it. Defend yourself. I'm sure the webmaster is eager for that chore. >:-(

Admittedly, I didn't study every minor "alteration" you may or may not have made that didn't significantly alter your salient points. Why would I? Anyway, the salient point here is the underhanded tactic you employed, not the supposed editing.

Oh, I get it now; that's your transparent excuse for altering the sequence? Because it's obvious you wouldn't or couldn't argue the merits fairly, point by point? Who knows or cares what the inner motives of a troll are, but why not just post a succeeding comment like normal? And why skip ahead so many times after I did so only to correct the sequence and to test your tenacity for intellectual dishonesty? Do you not care if the public record is correct? Or do you only care that your pithy comments are, ah, "edited" to your exacting standards? So many questions! Enquiring minds want to know. Not.

Besides, the "preview" button is where one usually edits before committing to a public forum, so as not to disrupt the flow of conversation once others have posted afterward. Why does no-brainer etiquette need to be explained out loud? I edit a lot, even after posting, but would never intentionally do so after someone else had already posted, unless to retain the original sequence if possible. If there's still something major that should be changed, why not simply post another comment to correct that particular part of the record? That just seems like the proper way to do it; otherwise, chaos would ensue -- right?

But then, I'm me and you're you. (Thank God!) This is not a difficult concept and has nothing to do with whether there are "people that think differently than [me]." (#12) See, that's an unfounded insinuation on your part, which is yet another lie in different clothing. Seriously, guy, you should swear off Fux News.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

#18: Sláinte! Here's to two-fisted drinking... Can't touch my face but can still feel it.

Legend 3 years 6 weeks ago

"The admin has all the posts and history." Post them.

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deepspace 3 years 6 weeks ago

Agreed -- but on my terms.

Post all of it: every time the editing process was used to skip over legitimate responses, especially from the April 13 blog. Let's count just how many times Tinhip hit the edit button to play leapfrog as a way to dodge and weave through a thread once others posted after his original comment. If that doesn't clearly and fairly demonstrate just how petty Tinny's troll tactic is, by deliberately messing with the proper sequence and therefore the public record, for whatever reason and no matter the excuse, then I'll never haunt these halls ever again. And I'll eat my hat to boot. (No worry; it's organic and I'm a horse.)

Allowing trolls to manipulate conversations because they can't handle the truth or can't realistically defend their right-wing talking points would be too much like episodes of Fux News. Why bother with it?

I'll presume that "the deal" immediately above will be reciprocal.

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deepspace 3 years 5 weeks ago

Does he have a "mommy complex?" Enquiring minds want to know.

Once more, Tinhip the "whiner" cites the moderator who warned about personal attacks -- while he is engaging in another one of his personal attacks! Check. Will he likely try to ignore or lie his way out of that naked hypocrisy too? Check.

And now, not so subtly, he is deflecting blame for his own bad behavior on the April 13 blog, and this one, by trying to make it about me simply for calling him out. (Heehaw, if that makes me a "loudmouth" so be it.)

To whom it may concern: The following is not intended as a personal attack but as an analysis of events that strive to set the record straight beyond the egos involved ...okay, and maybe with a wee bit of colorful commentary to boot all in good fun:

What Tinhip judiciously refers to as my "claim," as if he might be innocent, was, in fact, an actual occurrence in real-time that was witnessed firsthand, the cause and effect of which is still quite evident in black and white on the thread primarily in question. That would be April 13, Exhibit 1. This is not merely a "claim" but also a very loud, distinct, and unwavering "charge!"

[All the following #s refer to this thread unless otherwise indicated April 13.]

That makes Tinhip the defendant, not the prosecutor, and a perp doesn't get to dictate the terms. He takes "the deal" (#23) or no deal. Screw six months -- it's a life sentence, buddy! "Put up or shut up!" What's he so afraid of if he's so innocent? (Go figure: the same question applies to Tinhip's mentor and daddy figure, The Donald, Boss of the Trump Crime Family.)

Since the original charge hasn't deviated in essence and is still germane to the discussion, it is Tinhip who has "moved the goalpost" (nice try) by changing the story to a case of why he did what he did, and to what he basically admitted (#s 12, 17). And, of course, the thread of April 13 is also submitted into the record as indisputable evidence of the central charge of felony "Edit Abuse." (I'm sure it's in common law somewhere.)

So, how did April 13 post #3 "magically" become #6, rendering the two contrary responses illogical at first glance by forcing them out of order, thereby confusing the casual reader? Tinhip "claims" it was because he was just, la-dee-da, innocently "editing." And, dang it, wouldn't ya know it, when one edits after posting, well, ya see, the dumb program just "magically" moves the comment to the end of the thread. Huh, weird. Not to be fooled just once, Tinhip does the same thing at least seven more times all within the same short thread like a little brat with a new popgun -- edit, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit!

Is he a slow learner or what? Can he throw himself at the mercy of the court and plead ignorance if not insanity?

Then, to pile unbelievability on top of unbelievability, each edit just so happened to follow immediately, "magically," right after each response that he evidently did not appreciate, understandably so. };--)) But why not be a man and defend all those ludicrous, Fux News-inspired, off-topic talking points deemed important enough to eagerly share for the scrutiny of all on a liberal social media site?

Nope. Instead, Tinhip runs and hides, shucks and jives with the new little edit-toy he found. To hell with adult responsibility and objective truth! Let's make this gawddamn liberal backwater blog just another stupid knock-off of Fux News.

Trump, Trump, Trump! Make Americans Sick and Dead!

How does it add up to seven edit-jumps in one little thread (possibly more when no one was looking)? The thread itself is prima facie evidence of three. To get there though, Tinhip jumped past what is now #3 twice and #'s 4, 5 once apiece. Then, when it became quite obvious Tinhip's little game was afoot, which he thought was so clever, I played leapfrog with him to confirm my suspicion, I think at least three more times.

Now, let's get to the rub:

In #s 12, 17, after getting caught redhanded and called out rather loudly (haha), he changes the whole story ("moves the goalpost" -- so to speak in his words, which is another classic case of knee-jerk projection), as guilty people are wont to do, to be a narrative about why he committed the offense he is charged with rather than the offense itself.

Do you see that? Bam -- right there! Tinhip grasps at the suggestion in #10, and, poof, "magically" it's suddenly all about his, shall we say, "faulty" editing process and not the underlying "crime" (as long as we're being judicial and all).

"Oh, well, you see, ahem, I was doing some very important, uh, "editing" that just couldn't be posted in a logical order with a succeeding comment like normal. No, no, this was much too important for all that nonsense. Tut, tut, who cares that other people, those damn liberals, "think differently"; they're not as important as editing MY very, very important comment at their measly expense. I'm a so-called conservative -- that whole white privilege thing we're all supposed to accept -- so I get to go to the front of the line ...ah, like when I call into Thom's radio program?"

(That's a parody of the accusation against Tinhip in the tradition of Adam Schiff, and I think it captures the essence just as his editorial did at the start of the impeachment proceedings much to the chagrin of the Senate Trumpets.)

Regrettably, I played into that narrative unintentionally because the initial charge (#s 9,11,13) was not accurate in one detail: I said he had moved his post without editing. Although I admitted that in #19 and went on to explain, I will say further that from my perspective it did not appear that he edited a damn thing because, from what I could tell anyway, he did not "alter" his main points. Having already read them the first time in his original post I didn't bother to scrutinize the minutia of every little detail he may have changed during his succeeding jumps. My bad; mea culpa.

Nevertheless, that error does not dismiss the more fundamental charge of screwing up the sequential flow of a thread so that it becomes nearly unreadable. The prosecution therefore and thereby to wit and whatever does hereby charge that Tinhip aka Tinhat, Tinhorn deliberately and dishonestly manipulated the public record. (The horror, the horror!) Mmm... well, this is Thom's blog, so I suppose that means Tinhip destroyed private property, which to a Republican probably sounds even worse.

It's up to the jury now -- which one is the real story, the more important one? That is if by important we mean keeping the public record straight, or "unaltered" in the euphemistic lexicon of Tinhip. For instance, can you imagine how much more meaningless (sorry) this interminably long post (sorry again) would be, containing so many numbered references to other posts, if everyone could just higgledy-piggledy skip their comments ahead on a whim or while in a panty-wad because he or she didn't like someone else's thoughts, however harsh? ("Politics ain't beanbag.")

It seems to me, that once someone else submits a subsequent post after yours is already on record then editing should no longer be an option. That would halt the abuse that Tinhorn seems to have so readily adopted. Can the word processor and/or comment-section program be tweaked a little perhaps to make that happen? Or is that a big problem?

How many times, I wonder, would he have done so in this thread had he not been directly called out? Isn't that a consciousness of guilt that Tinhip seems to be no longer "editing" in such a contemptuous fashion that shows regard for neither his fellow commenters nor for the hapless reader who happens by Thom's Blog?

Of course, Tinhat is free to choose the easy way out and take the red pill. (Dammit, or was it the blue one?) He can stick with his story of deflection and denial, which is nonsensical in so many ways as expounded upon in #19. And I'll stick to mine, which is God's honest truth as best as I can recall and retell, and which I will swear to on my deathbed, hopefully not with COVID-19, please God! (Unless I have too many other more important things to swear to in all those last-minute confessions before the sand runs out. Hey, life was interesting.)

The prosecution rests its case.


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