Will Trump get away with killing more Americans than have died in all our wars since the end of World War II?

Thom plus logo All his life, Donald Trump has been able to escape responsibility by blaming others. Whenever his dozens of businesses failed, from his airline to his vodka company to his steak company, he always blamed it on incompetent management. When his casinos failed he took a $44 million paycheck as his investors lost over a billion dollars, then he blamed it on the economy and then-President Clinton.

Now, in a desperate attempt to avoid responsibility for killing over 100,000 Americans by Election Daythrough his incompetence, Trump is trying to blame the Chinese. He has instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to lead an effort through America's spy agencies to find evidence that the coronavirus escaped from a lab in China.

The world's scientists say the genome of the virus indicates it jumped from an animal in a wet market, but Americans don't really care where this started. This deadly virus is here, now, among us and Americans want our government to provide widespread infection and antibody testing so we can get it under control. In this, Trump continues to fail.

He was able to walk away from blame for all his many business failures through bankruptcy, and now he's bankrupting America to try to avoid blame for his incompetence killing so many of us. This time, he's not gonna work. Or will it?



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avn013 14 weeks 5 days ago

Not sure if it is going to work or not. Perhaps, we are not as smart as you (think). Maybe we need an extra four years to come to our senses.

In the mean time, do we vote in the senate and house of representatives both at local and federal level, honest & decent people willing to abide by the "of, by and for the people"?

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rmgassen 14 weeks 4 days ago

According to David Frum, Trump wants to open up the economy now so that it will be on the uprise through the 3rd quarter, in time to benefit him at election time. That potentially tens of thousands more Americans will die needlessly in the interim doesn't matter. But Frum points out that this strategy is unlikely to succeed.

Strongly recommend reading Mr. Frum's recent articles on this and other subjects in The Atlantic, especially the one discussing the reasons Mitch McConnell is advocating for states to go bankrupt.

Legend 14 weeks 4 days ago

Trump tweets support for Michigan protesters.

Boogaloo Politics in Michigan. Trump supporters.

We are the legs for the virus. It works 24/7 365.25 days per year. The virus loves crowds. The comments are especially interesting.

Deaths in general are much higher than what Covid-19 is adding.

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deepspace 14 weeks 3 days ago

Lay the blame at Republicans' feet where it ultimately belongs. They didn't read the memo:

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have little." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

And now, Republicans don't even want to provide life itself for the downtrodden who enjoy none of the benefits or the respect lavished upon the rich. "Reopening" to Wall Street "takers" means that the working poor are forced to make a Hobson's choice: either they starve slowly as unemployment insurance, welfare, healthcare, food pantries, religious charity, and goodwill dry up or they slave away at nonunion starvation wages, risking their petty lives to provide for the abundance of those who have much -- too much!

Unbounded greed will never stop, not even for human life, not even for all life on Earth. Modern-day Republicanism/corporate fascism is not a legitimate political ideology at all, and neither is it a healthy worldview nor a righteous personal philosophy. It is evil incarnate. 💲

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Dr. Muscle 14 weeks 3 days ago

Well Said, Condition of US is worst now a days and there isn't any proper lock-down. But we need a medicine I think, Lock-down isn't the solution to get rid from COVID-19. The situtions are not under control, we can't stay in homes for very long time because productions needs to be continued. Economy of many countries goes down in this period. Hope for the best in this month.

Legend 14 weeks 3 days ago

REopening is being handled the way everything has been handled from the beginning. Completely wrong. If we had started with masks requirements and enforced it we would be much better off today. Taiwan has 24 million people, 432 cases, 6 deaths, total. That is an example of how it could be handled in a hot spot. We are opening at the peak of this virus. One estimate is 233000 additional deaths due to this. Georgia is opening Tattoo Parlors and Bowling Alley's at the top of the list. The high tech sector in Georgia. Slowly we are seeing more mask wearing, but it is only effective if all wear masks. But our Vice President will not even wear one in a a medical facility. The new hot spots are Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. The Florida Governor has decided to alleviate the problem by not reporting Covid-19 deaths. In California people protest in crowd to open beaches. This virus loves crowds and works 24/7 in them. I am staying hunkered down during this legal carnage of our population. The Republicans see reopening as a way to reduce Social Security and Medicare costs and nothing could be better.

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deepspace 14 weeks 1 day ago

Yup, I'm staying hunkered down too, fortunately in a valley surrounded by large tracts of state and national forests, including several hundred square miles of designated wilderness areas (more of that evil socialism). Improved campgrounds with toilets are closed of course, due to heavy maintenance requirements, but the roads and trails are still open.

Social distancing is not a problem in these remote areas, and, with a few notable exceptions (teenage parties, uneducated tourists, criminal activity, etc.) most people who enjoy the woods also respect it. That means common-sense fire safety (first and foremost), pack in/pack out (no littering), back-country toilet hygiene, no negative impact on flora and fauna, no vandalism ...basically, no trace of the human-animal ever having passed through a fragile ecosystem. These are things every child should be taught.

I feel bad for our fellow citizens cooped up in the mega-population centers that, in the interests of greedy developers, have not had enough open public land set aside for the little people to spread out and enjoy life more fully. Most cities are designed to pack 'em in like rats, even when they recreate.

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