Will Trump get away with killing more Americans than have died in all our wars since the end of World War II?

Thom plus logo All his life, Donald Trump has been able to escape responsibility by blaming others. Whenever his dozens of businesses failed, from his airline to his vodka company to his steak company, he always blamed it on incompetent management. When his casinos failed he took a $44 million paycheck as his investors lost over a billion dollars, then he blamed it on the economy and then-President Clinton.

Now, in a desperate attempt to avoid responsibility for killing over 100,000 Americans by Election Daythrough his incompetence, Trump is trying to blame the Chinese. He has instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to lead an effort through America's spy agencies to find evidence that the coronavirus escaped from a lab in China.

The world's scientists say the genome of the virus indicates it jumped from an animal in a wet market, but Americans don't really care where this started. This deadly virus is here, now, among us and Americans want our government to provide widespread infection and antibody testing so we can get it under control. In this, Trump continues to fail.

He was able to walk away from blame for all his many business failures through bankruptcy, and now he's bankrupting America to try to avoid blame for his incompetence killing so many of us. This time, he's not gonna work. Or will it?


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