Trump's reelection strategy: let workers die

Thom plus logo Donald Trump put former Supreme Court rightwing crazy Antonin Scalia's son, Eugene, in charge of the Labor Department. Eugene is a lawyer who has spent much of his life working against labor unions.

Now Scalia's Labor Department is advising the states that if people are unwilling to come back to work because the workplace is not safe from coronavirus, the states should rat them out and pull their unemployment benefits.

The memo from his Labor Department said: "states are strongly encouraged to request employers to provide information when workers refuse to return to their jobs for reasons that do not support their continued eligibility for benefits."

Trump is determined to get the economy open again before the election, even if it kills America's working people. He doesn't care about anybody's life except his own, and never has.



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michaelward 35 weeks 1 day ago

That's (apparantly you need the www).

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michaelward 35 weeks 1 day ago

Have to say that you missed the truely important point of "Planet of Humans" which is that without population growth reduction there will be no time to worry about feeding and socializing everyone, let alone lighting their bulbs.

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deepspace 35 weeks 1 day ago

The armchair general safely back in his gilded quarters has ordered "his" shellshocked troops out of the trenches into withering enemy fire with no air support, no artillery, and no bullets. For Trump's "warriors" it's all “about freedom and opportunity.” (As if the poor bastards have a choice.) And what warriors do is die. "It is what it is."

Good liars at least know what motivates their victims, but these strutting chickenhawks have no clue why all the little people would risk their lives for their families for low pay and a miserable existence through no fault of their own. Of course, Trump would never do that, but "essential" workers" (especially in the meat-packing plants) had better, gawdamnit!

"Ding ding, now bring me my bucket of chicken and hamburgers! And ah... get tested first, wear a mask, and don't get too close to the Resolute Desk. Sorry, what's good for the gander ain't good for the goose, her goslings, or the rest of the filthy gaggle crapping everywhere."

Surely, even a pandemic is about freedom and liberty, whatever that means -- the freedom to go bankrupt or die, or both. But we'll cut benefits just in case. Lazy, money-for-nothin' Democrats -- we gotta motivate 'em. Onward, Christian soldiers!

One way or another, it's always about the number of the dead with these lying scumbags clinging to power.

Legend 35 weeks 1 day ago

A president that is not so vain to be seen in a mask.

And this article from a conservative Business publication.

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deepspace 35 weeks 1 day ago

Sparks are flying! Awesome hearing in the House today with whistleblower Dr. Bright on the Trump Administration's inexcusable failure in responding in a timely and responsible manner to the pandemic, and lifelong-Republican and mask-maker Mr. Bowen on his 15-year struggle trying to convince politicians on the importance of making critical medical supplies in America.

Not an empty suit, Bowen got really pissed at some of the Republicans and their dumb talking points. Will the media run with it or bury it? It should be a major game-changer for making stuff in America. But, like everything else, It depends on the government protecting our manufacturing base and supply chains for, at the very least, our medical system. Too bad it took a pandemic for people to wake up. This is a national security risk.

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