How Should the Crime of Weaponizing a Virus for Political Purposes be Punished?

Thom plus logo Trump's rally in Tulsa this weekend and his moving the Republican convention to Florida both demonstrate that he is more than willing to take actions that will kill Americans in order to get his ego stroked and increase his chances of reelection.

A new book by Trump's niece tells the story of how Donald Trump cut off payments for his nephew's medical treatment, who had cerebral palsy, as a negotiating weapon to extract more money from his father's estate.

Meanwhile, scientists report that if more than 80% of Americans simply wore masks, the R transmission rate would go below one, and the virus would begin to fade out.

These three separate data points are not really separate. They are all the same thing.

Donald Trump is willing to take specific, willful, intentional actions that will lead to the deaths of other people in order to get what he wants, even when they are members of his own family.

If Trump had simply reacted to the coronavirus in January like South Korea did, or in February like Australia, New Zealand, and most of northern Europe did, there would be at least 60,000 Americans still alive today. Instead, because he lied and blustered and ignored, those people are dead and another hundred thousand will probably die before the election.

Trump and Eugene Scalia, the Labor Secretary, are working together to cut off unemployment benefits to millions of America's most poorly paid but at-risk workers in order to force them back to work.

He doesn't care how bad the epidemic gets or how many people die, as long as most of the deaths happen in the weeks and months after the election.

Every other country in the world that is not run by a strongman dictator and has a functioning government is executing a specific plan to protect their citizens from this deadly virus.

Trump and Republicans are not only ignoring the need for a plan but are actively working against the advice of their own scientists, putting politics and Trump's ego above the lives of American citizens.

The cruel and willful brutality of Trump and Scalia's strategy is shocking, and the rest of the world looks at us with horror. Yet the Republican Party seems to think that this is all just fine.

Some have even suggested that the coronavirus will help Republicans this fall, because Democrats are less likely to go out and vote, causing several Republican controlled states to do everything they can to block mail in voting.

Weaponizing a virus for political purposes is a crime against humanity, and it is being committed right in front of our own eyes against our friends and neighbors, coworkers and family members.



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deepspace 14 weeks 1 day ago

It is way past the time to hit Trump's base where they live and to expose why in nearly all cases they support Republican depravity on nearly all fronts: They have been radicalized into believing a false religion that has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ, adopting the mere symbols and outward appearance of Christianity while actively promoting hate against their fellow human beings, which is the exact opposite of the Gospels but which is perfectly aligned with the relative goals of the most extreme Islamic terrorists -- two sides of the same coin.

It's a death cult, pure and simple. Their 2020 pandemic genocide is just the latest iteration of the truly evil attitudes and belief systems that have been plaguing humankind since our pissant ancestors first looked up at the sky and arrogantly proclaimed that they know who God is and what "he" thinks ...and then went on to beat the nonbelievers into submission, kill them outright, or just let them die because it's God's will and/or the proper realignment of a "free" market (The Great Famine).

This is not a new story. There will always be transactional politicians like Trump and McConnell et al. who don't believe in anything except their own personal wealth and power but who know how "their" people think and how to exploit them.

The punishment should be to strip unpatriotic and irreligious hypocrites of all power and respectability and to banish their felonious and immoral leadership forevermore. Trump, who incessantly touts law and order yet who is the worst lawbreaker of all, whether it be societal law or purported divine law, should of course be extradited forthwith along with his top lieutenants to The Hague and the International Criminal Court to answer for their monstrous crimes against humanity.

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whatabout 14 weeks 1 day ago

Thom, you appear to be upset over another Trump rally spreading the virus but yet we heard no condemnation from you over the lack of care for others given during the protest marches and subsequent riots, looting, and burning or businesses followed by gatherings all over the country honoring the life of George Floyd.

Looking at the thousands who participated in any of his many memorial services I saw shoulder to shoulder seating and masks pulled down to allow for breathing in the heat of the day.

To be fair I would think you would share your concern equally by coming out and voicing your disdain for both types of careless behavior by putting literally millions of people at risk.

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wigsalon 14 weeks 1 day ago

Donny Trump indeed likes the virus. One man's problem is another man's treasure trove. That's why Donny used that phrase. Trumps and Kushners see this as an opportunity. read above. thanks. I went to school w Donny, which was what we called him at Penn. He cheated then too.

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wigsalon 14 weeks 1 day ago

spot on. you'd like my posts, take a look.

Legend 14 weeks 1 day ago

Paul called in and said that it was perfect legal for the Atlanta driver to pass out drunk in his car in the drive thru lane at a Wendy's because it was on private property. He is dead wrong. He was at the controls of a vehicle and even if it was not moving and on not on a roadway he is guilty of DWI. A real legal issue on this is people with motorhomes that are parked and they are caught.

Legend 14 weeks 1 day ago

Post #4 Whatabout. I object to the crowds at rally's possibly spreading the virus. The fact that most that I saw were wearing masks. in fact I personally saw very few without. Social distancing was compromised which is wrong. Most were outdoors which helps. Trumps rally will be indoors. impossible to maintain social distancing. And if they follow Trump and Pence examples they will not wear masks. Also they have to sign a waiver that they cannot sue if they get the virus by attending the rally. What does that tell you.

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Lantana 14 weeks 1 day ago


Dear Thom

Just reading a e book about the plot to assasinate George Washington during the revolutionary war. I never knew that and in addition there was the weaponizing of the disease smallpox by the British to kill and sicken the Colonials and the soldiers so that they would not be able to fight. Washington was immune from smallpox since he had contracted the disease when he was in Barbados with his brother, Lawrence . So. weaponizing disease is not new.

In addition, please read books by David Cay Johnston who knows all about Donald from way back, and you will see that Donald has been a colossal asshole since he was born. Donald has been a bastard to his family, has adgrandized people who are mafia and is completely without human emotion or empathy. I continue to wonder why people love him. There is something terribly wrong with the psyche of some in this country.

Love you! Take care my friend.

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Rudicus 14 weeks 1 day ago

Trump and his party are killing Americans. This is systematic planned Genacide and Crimes against humanity. All his actions point to this and his cabinet of enablers are also aiding and abetting this criminal genacide.the World is seeing this genacide and this governments criminal act's.Amercans need the help of the World Now! We must report this crime to the World Crimal Court the ICC, UN, we need action form other countries now, send in the UN PEACE KEEPERS INTERPOL TO STOP THIS MASSACRE! Put them on trial in the Eu international criminal Court to be prosecuted for the World to see, just like after WWII NAZIS.

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Rudicus 14 weeks 1 day ago

Right-on! Just read your post after posting my "rant" about the ICC HAGUE, Great to see people who know, empathy and understand if Jesus was here today he would be attacked by Trump for his "left wing progressive" ideals and for taking side with the oppressed, and perhaps lynched by the "Rightous Right" Again.


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