Will Trump Stop Us From Voting in November?

Thom plus logo Today is the anniversary of the Chinese government crushing popular dissent at Tiananmen Square.

This anniversary is happening in the midst of a week in which the President of the United States has militarized Washington DC and is calling for the crushing of dissent here in the United States.

This must be a wake up call to all Americans.

Fox News and Senator Tom Cotton are openly promoting fascism in the United States and, while there are a few dissenting voices, the White House, Republicans in the United States Senate, and "Conservative" judges in the federal judiciary all seem to have no problem with this.

America has arrived at a crisis point, and the next six months will determine whether our democratic republic survives or goes the way of so many other authoritarian regimes in recent years, a frightening echo of early 20th century Europe.

Will our votes be counted this fall, or will Trump succeed in crushing democracy?



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deepspace 32 weeks 1 day ago

Of course, no one (in this plane of existence anyway) can accurately predict a future that hasn't yet happened; however, just about anyone can reasonably infer, or at least vaguely suspect, that our future doesn't bode well given the reality of the present -- that whole cause-and-effect/karma thing.

The past can't be changed and the future is the result of both the past and, more importantly, the changes we make in the present for better or worse. So what we do today, individually and collectively, is all that really matters.

Trump and his Republican Party must be defeated or we are royally fckd! Most of the People realize that by now.

"Will Trump stop us from voting in November?" Or, more specifically, will he cancel the election altogether because of the pandemic, which is likely to be in full bloom once again, this time coupled to the flu season?

Is that why his death cult is so cavalier about "opening" the economy without the proper testing and safeguards -- because they can't declare martial law (euphemistically, an "emergency") in November unless there are piles of bodies rotting outside the hospitals and morgues?

And, ha ha, the Post Office can't handle the extra volume of mail-in ballots due to the Republican campaign of defunding public institutions (read unions) from which they can't profit ...ahem, or which might increase voter turnout thus decreasing a Republican's chance of ever holding office more prestigious than dump-yard dogcatcher.

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cacherm 32 weeks 1 day ago

Has anyone considered the possibility that Trump's lack of effort into responding to the pandemic is what he is counting on? That he is puposely not trying nor is his administration? This is if you believe he actually has the capacity to handle any crisis.....If the pandemic continues and worsens as he essentially is cheering on (from my perspective...encourament of the opening of the states too soon, shortages of PPE and testing supplies, delegating Kushner (Lord help us) to being the face of the pandemic "savior" or lack of...etc.) then he "could" make claims to possibly change the election process and invoke the 12th ammendment as you have theorized. Chaos is exactly what tyrants and dictators chomp on. With COVID, the economic crisis and now all the civil unrest, this is turning out to be exactly what he was bargaining for.

I do agre with you in your broadcast today, as there are a few conservatives that have started speaking out against Trump but not many, so why aren't there more? Either he has something on them or there is a plan in place. I 100% agree with you, it's smells fishy.

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deepspace 32 weeks 1 day ago

Send Trump a video birthday message.

Xfilerose 32 weeks 1 day ago

One thing is self-evident and it’s not our unalienable rights! This country is being intentionally divided by a man who has voiced his commitment to do it. If we get caught up in his divisionary tactics and cannot rise above that attack with a hard show of solidarity, he will crescendo by trumping the election again (“if you don’t elect me, I will cause civil war”) and we will lose everything to this coup. The republican senate is either complicit or is driving, and it appears #1 is not who we think it is. Trust in our government has been compromised by the leaders themselves, how we move forward from here will define us.

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Lantana 32 weeks 18 hours ago

Thom! PLEASE stop telling the repug assholes how to get drumpft elected using the 12 th amendment!!!!! You keep telling them over and over and they might not have glommed onto this insidious way , but you keep telling them over and over. Sorry this is making me nuts for our side to give them the way to defeat us. Stop. How about giving the numbers of people who are not going to vote for a dictator. How about giving the info about how drumpf took away the first amendment rights of protesters in this United States, and what we can do about that. Thanks and I love you.

Xfilerose 32 weeks 10 hours ago

On a more comical note; we may have another investigation coming on what I would dub Blue Tie Gate. If you notice that djt was wearing a blue tie on the eve of his trek to the church. The tie is good reason to believe the possibility of demonic possession since there couldn’t be any other logical reason for his iconic behavior.

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Benjamin M Vargas 31 weeks 5 days ago

Mr. Hartmann I read your book on Hidden history of guns and the 2nd amendment Watching the president from the rose garden telling the goveners if you can't control your protesters I will .Boom he released his Army into Lafeatty park.Gasing Americans shooting them with rubber bullets just so he can have a photo op of how you control crowds .Your book was spot on .You Provided the words Thrump provided the video .Trump don't undestand the 2nd amendment his standing army is not for him to make war on U.S. citizens

notirrelevant 31 weeks 5 days ago

I agree with cacherm and Thom. Dear Leader is giving every indication that he wants as much death and destruction as possible.

Why a little insurrection is no big deal to Republicans

Thom plus logo If their true scam is admitted, the GOP could wander in the wilderness for two generations

It seems inexplicable.

A group of Americans invaded the US Capitol with a plan to kidnap and kill the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, hoping that would throw the Electoral College vote to the US House, where Republicans would declare Donald Trump the winner.
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to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."
From Cracking the Code:
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