Will Trump Stop Us From Voting in November?

Thom plus logo Today is the anniversary of the Chinese government crushing popular dissent at Tiananmen Square.

This anniversary is happening in the midst of a week in which the President of the United States has militarized Washington DC and is calling for the crushing of dissent here in the United States.

This must be a wake up call to all Americans.

Fox News and Senator Tom Cotton are openly promoting fascism in the United States and, while there are a few dissenting voices, the White House, Republicans in the United States Senate, and "Conservative" judges in the federal judiciary all seem to have no problem with this.

America has arrived at a crisis point, and the next six months will determine whether our democratic republic survives or goes the way of so many other authoritarian regimes in recent years, a frightening echo of early 20th century Europe.

Will our votes be counted this fall, or will Trump succeed in crushing democracy?


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