The blowback over masks is just the latest faux conservative outrage

Thom plus logo The bizarre "conservative" idea of "freedom" has struck again.

Margaret Sullivan reported in the Washington Post on a new study that shows what we all intuited: people who get their news from Fox and right-wing hate radio-both promoting the idea that the economy is more important than your health-are less likely to understand the reality of COVID-19 and therefore more likely to get sick and cause themselves and others to die.

This bizarre dynamic of putting profits over public health has played over and over again throughout the years.

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andy96 21 weeks 1 hour ago

Breathing - The Air we live in, Facemasks, Hypoxia Hyperbole

First of all let's understand the air we breathe: The atmosphere is composed of oxygen gas, water vapor, nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and the other gases that occupy 0.97 % of the air volume. Oxygen represents 21 % of the air volume. Carbon dioxide gas represents about 0.03 % of the volume of the atmosphere. Nitrogen is 78 % of the volume of the atmosphere. That’s where we start the breathing process.

So what comes out as we exhale? What we exhale is still 78 percent nitrogen, now 16 percent oxygen, 0.09 percent argon, and 4 percent carbon dioxide. So, our exhaled air still has Oxygen that is four times greater than the CO2!! In addition the oxygen exhaled (16%) is still three times more than what was taken by the body (21-16 = 5) during that breath. I could re-breath the same breath 3 times before depleting the available oxygen from our air.

Now Imagine breathing with a facemask exposed to the same ‘fresh’ air. A small portion of what you exhale, which still includes three times more oxygen than your lungs will absorb and more CO2, that is not used, remains between the mask and and your face. This left over exhalation is then mixed with regular air with higher oxygen content from the surrounding air during your next inhale.

If i were placed in an air tight container like a cave where the entrance has collapsed, I would eventually suffer hypoxia and eventual die. However, with a face mask, and unlike the cave, I still have access to normal air and it’s ever present oxygen.

I also have an oximeter and it showed no difference in my blood O2 levels between wearing and not wearing a face mask. Now I understand why that works out that way. There’s plenty of oxygen available.

I really wish we could ignore the evil that is tearing our nation apart and dividing us with nonsense, pseudo-science, and outright lies.

Everyone left of the TEA Party needs to ignore this BS and unite to defeat the evil destroying America!!!

Legend 21 weeks 1 hour ago

I have written and called several retailers and stated that by not requiring masks they are not protcting their employers or customers. They repsond that they are following required laws. The laws need to be changed. But Costco does required masks and it protecting its employees and customers.

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whatabout 20 weeks 6 days ago

Thom, you sometimes confuse the word profit with the word survival. A functioning economy is necessary for the survival of us all.

Wear your mask for personal protection and as a signal to others that you are being a responsible person.

Do not march in protests. Mayors all over the country are admitting that the recent protest marches have been a huge contributing factor helping to spread this virus.

Don't follow the path of those in countries like Taiwan where many feel masks are not needed.

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deepspace 20 weeks 6 days ago

"Wear your mask for personal protection and as a signal to others that you are being a responsible person." -- whatabout

"Mayors all over the country are admitting that the recent protest marches have been a huge contributing factor helping to spread this virus." -- whatabout

"Don't follow the path of those in countries like Taiwan where many feel masks are not needed." -- whatabout

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vetinla 20 weeks 5 days ago

Ayn Rand would be so proud of the"conservative" mantra that surrounds the wearing of masks today. The "screw everyone else" attitude that has infected so much of the public today is totally consistant with her lifelong belief that society is non-existant, and only belief in the wants of self are important, dispite the fact she died on medi-care and social security.

So much for "rugged individualism".

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Trump's also actively damaging the ability of the incoming Biden administration to aid Americans during the Trump Depression, and to get the virus in check. In this, he has help from Steve Mnuchin and Mitch McConnell.
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