If you can't stop them from voting, just help them die?

Thom plus logo First, Georgia's governor Brian Kemp, as Secretary of State, did everything he could to keep hundreds of thousands of Black and Hispanic voters in Georgia from having their votes counted or even being able to vote at all.

In the months running up to his own race for governor, he conducted massive purges of the voting rolls, closed polling places in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, and refused to certify the recent voter registrations of about 50,000 African Americans.

Now it appears he's decided that if he can't prevent Black and Hispanic people from voting he should just help them die.

Kemp, like the entire nation, learned on April 7, when the New York Times and the Washington Post both ran front page stories about it, that Black and Hispanic people were dying at disproportionate rates from Covid 19.

No doubt purely by coincidence, that was also the week that everyone from right wing talk show hosts to major rightwing influencing groups to the Trump administration all pivoted from concern and caution about the coronavirus to the message, "It's time to open America back up and do it now!"

Trump tweeted "Liberate!" And white guys with guns and Nazi and Confederate flags showed up in state capitols to demand that all those disproportionately minority front-line workers get back to work.

It was as if the racists across the country, and Steven Miller and Donald Trump in the White House, figured out that if they wanted to actually reduce America's Black and Hispanic population, this was their chance. They could use this virus to, "Make America white again."

Call it the "Republican Party's 21st Century Eugenics" program?

Doubling down on this apparent strategy, yesterday Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp officially banned cities in Georgia from enforcing their own face mask requirements.

Georgia cities with large Black and Hispanic populations like Savannah and Atlanta had passed mask ordinances and their mayors were trying to enforce them.

Governor Kemp just put an end to all that.

As Georgia's hospitals are reaching capacity and the virus is ripping through communities of people who can't easily telecommute or work from home, the governor is taking an official step that could dramatically increase infection and death rates among low income and minority people across the state.

It's hard to imagine that elected public officials, even if they won by fraud like Kemp and Trump, would be so craven as to engage in policies that specifically target minority groups for illness and death.

There has to be another explanation, right?

I just can't figure out what it is.



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wigsalon 4 years 1 week ago

I've been saying Trump, once he knew corona would not magically disappear, wanted the virus to be REAL BAD in November. This is NOT coincidental.

This is my post on that. https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2020/07/05/contested-election/

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wigsalon 4 years 1 week ago

Neither the Virus Nor Trump-ism Can Be Wished Away

In order to beat the virus, we study science. In order to beat Trump-ism we need to study some political science. And that starts by knowing our enemies. Trump and his allies ( here and abroad) are performing as enemies to the founding principles of the Constitution. Why is that? Who are his allies?

Financial Criminals are the Masterminds Behind Autocracies

Americans can all agree we don’t want a dictatorship here in the USA. Yet there seems to be no facility or viable process to challenge our POTUS even after we hear his words siding with dictators over our allies – and even over our own intelligence. It is madness for us to permit this kind of behavior from anyone, let alone our military commander. How powerful is this cabal of global dictators that Trump seems to belong to? To understand that, this map is instructive:

https://englishcode.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/image.png?w=150 150w, https://englishcode.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/image.png?w=300 300w, https://englishcode.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/image.png?w=768 768w" style="box-sizing: inherit; max-width: 140%; vertical-align: middle; width: auto; clear: both; display: block; float: none; margin-left: -232px;" />The Dictatorship vs Democracy Map*

As you can see, Russia, China, and most of the Middle East and Africa are dictatorships. I’ve made the Trump USA orange, and dubbed it a dysfunctional democracy. You can see right away that the United States is the tie breaker for land area and financial clout in the struggle between democracies and dictatorships. Without the United States, democracies would control about 35% of the world’s financial resources, making it easy for the dictatorships to take it all in a short time. That is precisely what is at stake here. The entire world order is on the US ballot in November.

Dictators are not Trumpism’s only allies. There are also the sold-out large corporations, such as Facebook. many are beholden only to their bottom line and would prefer a world where there is no competition and people are just needy consumers. The unbridled capitalism paradigm also leads to large wealth gaps just as a dictatorship does. So yes, we need to stand up to the billionaires, as Bernie and Warren have said, but first things first.

The remaining allies of the authoritarians are the poorly educated. They are usually sold on “religious” and phony “personal value” talking points. That’s why state-run media is so important to a successful dictatorship. That’s also why Putin took Pravda early in his regime.

Protect The Vote

Trump seems to be losing the election badly as of today. But he has powerful allies and they are more than willing to cheat again. Today I went online and Googled “VOTE AGAIN” at GoDaddy. I think we should create a site where people can vote again or at least register their votes again. I realize that it will never be their official vote. But the site I envision takes ID, and secures the voter’s ID and votes with blockchain encryption. It’s rather easy to do these days. That way, when Trump challenges the election results, as he will certainly do if he is still a force to reckon with in November, we are armed to fight back.

When people argue we would only get Democrats to vote at this pretend vote site, I counter with, “if our numbers are a majority of all votes in any county or state, we won’t need the GOP votes to be counted”. This would be a site created primarily to count Democrat votes because we fully expect the GOP to cheat wherever they can.

We need Democrat votes to be registered somewhere else besides then current state run voting machines, which are known to be subject to hacking. We still don’t know if Hemp won in Georgia. Trump and his allies know the ballot box is the battlefield upon which the war to decide his fate and the fate of the planet will be fought on November 3rd 2020.


Why are not the three super billionaires – Bezos, Gates and Bloomberg ( I have given up on Zuck ) – announced a financial pact to save the post office and vote by mail? Don’t they realize that dictators seize media businesses first to stay in power? it feels like we are sleeping, partying and just hoping all with go smoothly on 11/3. It’s 120 days out; we should be firing on all cylinders. It’s also 30 days out from the supposed cutoff date to announce bad news on candidates. Trump will not honor that convention. He expects the Dems to however. I hope we prove him wrong on that. The gloves are off. This is a war. Maybe it’s a cyber war, but we can lose our democracy in this war. Isn’t that what WW2 was about?

*I fully believe Putin showed Trump this above map in Helsinki and explained to him that together they could rule the planet. I found this map with a simple Google search “dictator vs democracy map”. Putin knows Trump has no sense of history, but also that Trump needs to stay in power or possibly be exposed for all the crimes he has committed. Putin knew Trump would see the world like a RISK board once he showed it to him that way.

Democracies and dictatorships are like cats and dogs. They are natural born enemies because their philosophies are diametrically opposed. Nearly all dictators steal from their own people to amass power and wealth. That’s why you see such large wealth gaps in most dictatorships. Since dictators are essentially thieves, they all need to continue to hide their deepest secrets.

If dictators could align, they could wipe out the democracies and protect their secrets for the foreseeable future. So that’s why they think this US election is important in Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Their existence as dictators depends on the world not viewing democracy as the better way to go. Since its hard to have an Iron Curtain in today’s internet/social media world – their best hope is for Trumpism to prevail here.

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Hephaestus 4 years 1 week ago

Thom! Figure this... the explanation is that these people are abnormal

I'll bet they all attend a place of worship to make themselves feel better

Some wave upside down bibles in public as a photo opportunity

They believe this makes them look good in others' eyes

“What will a man gain by winning the whole world, at the cost of his true self?” Jesus Trumpo would say Jesus was a loser

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alis volat 4 years 1 week ago

Trump indicated today he is going to give them all they are asking for. I think by "they" he meant the radical right. So just like an abusive spouse, the most dangerous time is when you are leaving them. That's when most of the murders happen within a family or with folks dating.

Rachel Maddow finally cornered niece Mary into admitting she heard Trump say the "N"-word and make anti-Semitic remarks. Another Trump is cashing-in. Our library is sort-of open...she won't be getting my money. Even books are getting quarantined between lendings.

Unfortunately, Kemp will be around till 2023, so he is just getting started. Their legislature is 54% Republican. Let's see what that looks like in 2021. Dems could slow him down if they pickup seats. One can dream.

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whatabout 4 years 1 week ago

Democrat Stacy Abrams is Governor of Georgia.

Just ask her.

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avn013 4 years 1 week ago

whatabout:?? Sure??
"She (Democrat Stacy Abrams) lost to Brian Kemp in an election marred by accusations that Kemp engaged in voter suppression" , by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stacey_Abrams

What death has got to do with voting? I thought young people abstain from voting in relatively higher numbers than other age groups. I wonder "why?", but i do not thing that the leading causes of death, rellay prohibit young people from voting. The finding that young voters who intend to vote have a relative preference for Sanders and his policies (and Andrew Youngs' as well) rather points that the reasons for abstaining may have to do more with the despair that their vote will not change anything (will be wasted) than with covid-19 or other viruses or even death itself (unless what was meant was "death of hope (for change)").

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Pleader 4 years 1 week ago

The widespread deadly C.-19 pandemic underlies a strategy to reduce voter turnout on November 3. One’s focus on a supposed “V” financial recovery objective misses the gambit. A large turnout by seniors and minority groups, disaffected by Republican policies, is to be subverted. Encouraging more virus spread, organizing un-masked public events, pushing premature re-openings, and criticizing CDC guidelines, are subtly aimed to reduce turnout by demographics most affected by the effects of the virus, non-whites and seniors — who in larger percentages auger for a Trump/Republican defeat. Feeding saturation of the virus throughout the electorate will instill fear in the opposition keeping them at home rather than going to the polls exposing one’s self to infection. In its synchronized parallel move, the Republican cabal presses hard cutting off the alternative, vote-by-mail. The coordinated strategy serves the objective to limit voter turnout, all while hiding the baton orchestrating the result.

avn013's picture
avn013 4 years 1 week ago


If the plan to reduce the voters succeeds and is applied for every coming election, whom are the will-be-voted-in going to serve? How are the going to do it? (Ain't the voters usually the "someone who is actually doing the work"?)

And if reducing the voters is done selectively, so that we end up with a one-party system, how long till we figure out glasnost and perestroika (old "inventions" of the late '80s), and fallbackto our previous position "of the people, by the people, for the people" so that we (as a people) do not perish in "Lethe". (http://blogs.evergreen.edu/wordsthatburn/blog/2012/03/24/lethe-mavilis/)

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Lantana 4 years 5 days ago

Thom Please stop talking over callers. You may not realize you are doing this, but callers trying to make a point that you may already have an opinion on are being interrupted and talked over and then we cannot hear their point. I am mentioning this because it is happening more and more, and we, the audience, cannot hear either of you clearly. I tune in to hear ideas and reasoned arguments from you and callers, and actually want to hear both the caller and you, but not at the same time. Just saying...

lifesizedolls4c... 4 years 3 days ago

"Make America white again"? America was never all white. What about our Natve Americans? They have a right to be here. They were here before the white people started coming here. We need to get that monster out of office, as well as the rest of the Nazi eugenicists out of their offices, any way we can. Voting them out may not be enough.

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