Is the Trump Death Cult Growing or Shrinking?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump just guaranteed more Americans will die.

Trump has been saying for some time that he wishes there was less testing for coronavirus in America, because that would reduce the number of cases that we find, which would improve, in his mind, his numbers compared to other countries.

So yesterday the Centers for Disease Control, under pressure from the White House, revised their guidelines to say that you should only be tested if you were physically sick. They made the decision while Anthony Fauci was unconscious under general anesthesia having minor surgery on his throat.

This decision will make it harder for people to get coronavirus tests, and will make it very difficult for people who are not hospitalized to have their insurance companies pay for those tests.

This is crazy. Half of people who get this disease and more than half of young people who get it, don't have symptoms but are still wildly infectious.

Apparently Trump is betting that the massive spread of disease from this policy won't happen until after the election, as there is a 1- to 2-month delay between initial infection and hospitalization and death.

Maybe he's thinking that he can leave all these dead people to Joe Biden. Or maybe he just doesn't care as long as it makes things seem better over the next month or two and thus wins him the election, which is the most likely explanation. This administration has politicized everything from policing to national security to public health, and Americans are dying, both here and overseas, as a result.

To describe the modern Republican Party as a "death cult" is pretty accurate.

Whether it is tearing children from their families and letting many of them die or be sold, promoting policies that caused nearly 200,000 Americans to die from this virus, or encouraging deadly violence against people protesting racism, Trump and the GOP are all in on brutality, violence and death.

They even had serious conversations in Cabinet meetings about installing "flesh piercing" spikes on the border wall, using a "microwave heat ray" against people seeking asylum in the United States, and building moats with alligators while shooting migrants in the legs for the TV cameras.

The question now is, "Will Americans who have fallen sway to this cult begin to wake up, or will the Trump cultists be able, using Facebook and lies on Fox News and the media, to get even more Americans into their cult?"



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stopgap 21 weeks 1 day ago

In the long term, fact may win out over fiction (“advance by crisis”). But in the short term, propaganda, especially in politics, the odds are at least slightly in favor of fiction, i.e. propaganda. The same odds that casinos rely on. The proof of this, is the cycle of destructive fascist and dictatorial governments that regularly rise out of populism until they collapse or implode under their own fatally flawed dogma.

Hard to tell if the “Trump Death Cult”is growing or shrinking, but Democrats will not win the battle with facts alone. To repeat the old saying: “A lie gets halfway around the world, before the truth can get its boots on.” Trying to refute or rebut every Trump lie with facts is a losing proposition.

World War Trump is a war that will be fought in the sewer and the gutter, and that is how it can won. Don’t rely on critiquing Trumps policy failures alone. In fact they will probably become more an more obvious on their own. But do focus and amplify his many, many crimes, business bankruptcies, character flaws, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, corruption, corruption, corruption, and so on.

Don’t say Trump will do and say thing to win or stay in power. But, say “Trump will say or do anything to stay out of prison.” “Trump will do or say anything to stay out of prison.” “Trump will say anything or do anything to stay out of prison….because that is where he and most of his family will be if he loses the election.” Focus on the fact that the only way Trump can avoid going to prison is to be reelected!!!

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stopgap 21 weeks 1 day ago

HOLY SHIT!!! Just caught a glimpse of Trump’s convention speech, with the mute on. It was bad enough that last night Melania was dressed up in her grandmother’s Nazi uniform. Tonight, Trump has gone full Third Reich with the background of a million flags, marble columns, and the grandeur of the Whitehouse setting. No doubt this is a Fox News lollaplooza!!…and the shitheads go marching along!!

Legend 21 weeks 1 day ago

Did you notice how few in the audience had masks on and how close together they were sitting. It is so predictable. Sturgis is now having a nationwide outbreak. Who could not see that coming. Interesting to see in a few weeks the outbreak of cases in that audience of Fat Cats.

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whatabout 21 weeks 1 day ago

Thom, as the election approaches it sounds like you are freaking out more and more every day. Calm down, however it goes, things will be OK.

I did notice the difference in convention themes between the two parties,

Speakers at the Democrat convention = Why we can't.

Speakers at the Republican convention = How we did.

Legend 21 weeks 1 day ago

Republican intent is too take away your Social Security and Medicare. Do you have any idea of what medical insurance will cost for someone 65+?

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vetinla 21 weeks 1 day ago

Whatever fevered thoughts spring from the mind of the gutter rat now POTUS, is the U$A's deserved justice, for decades of economic and military terrorism sown around the globe to enhance the fortunes of the U$A's mega-corps, and their enanblers, like some who post here, and I suspect, are paid to do so.

Hell, everyone deserves a job.

rowdyliberal 20 weeks 6 days ago

I've read that there are two people that have the Covid-19 virus for the second time. I received Osteomyelitis (staph infection in the bone from the metal plate and pins holding my leg together) from an auto accident. I was told that it would be dormant all my life and may come back with another trauma. Epstein Barr is another virus that lays dormant. The CDC doesn't know how the Covid-19 is going to affect people, long term. Putting restrictions on testing is criminal.

rowdyliberal 20 weeks 6 days ago

To stay calm, I tell myself that the House has enough trump crimes to Impeach him numerous times, until we take back the Senate and send trump packing. Hopefully soon enough that he can be charge and do jail time.

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vetinla 20 weeks 5 days ago

Clearly, only one party in this election believes in democracy, and DOES NOT actively support voter suppression. Biden sucks, but, he at least rhetorically, supports democracy.

Period, full stop....

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