What's It Going To Take to Break Trump's Followers' Obsession With Death?

Thom plus logo Even the professional war criminals, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, are not willing to show up to this weeks Republican convention.

Donald Trump has gutted his party, although we should probably be grateful.

He has exposed a 40 year long con job, first perpetrated by Ronald Reagan, and now everybody knows that the Republican Party exists only to support billionaires and big corporations.

It has become a death cult, where Trump's own supporters enthusiastically cheer his efforts to make America more brutal, crude, and deadly.

The final proof came this week when we learned that 57% percentage of Trump supporters are just fine with almost 200,000 people dead from the coronavirus, while reports flood in about his Sturgis bike rally followers spreading death and disease all over the country.

The question most Americans want answered is, "What's it going to take to wake up or defeat the members of Trump's death cult?"

Jim Jones led a death cult, as did David Karesh, Adolf Hitler, and Tojo. History doesn't offer us clear guidelines, although it is rife with warnings.


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