Is Every Single Part Of the Trump Presidency a Con?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump swindled his father's estate for several hundred million dollars and turned himself into a phony billionaire. We now know it was all a con.

The Trump administration, according to today's New York Times, was leaning on the CDC to provide any kind of evidence, no matter how thin or meaningless, that could be used to justify opening schools. We now know that was all a con.

Two hundred thousand Americans are dead and 7 million now have a pre-existing condition because Donald Trump didn't want to take the time and trouble to seriously challenge the coronavirus. He insisted everything would be wonderful and "like a miracle" it would disappear. It was all a con.

Trump insists the forest fires on the West Coast are not the result of global warming, but because Californians and Oregonians are not raking their forests. It's all a con.

Trump said he was going to bring our jobs home, and threw a few cheap and easy tariffs on Chinese goods. It wiped out thousands of farmers, and actually made our trade deficit with China worse...and Trump is still making his products in China, including his Magat hats. It was all a con.

Trump claims he's worth $10 billion, but now we find that he is massively in debt and has been relying on foreign criminals to support his lifestyle. It was all a con.

The Trump administration is arguing before the Supreme Court, a week after the election is over, that Obamacare is unconstitutional and should be entirely thrown out. He says that he's going to replace it with something bigger, better, and cheaper. It's all a con.

Donald Trump handed almost $2 trillion to the wealthiest people in America with his 2017 tax cut, although his followers and people who watch Fox News think most of the tax cut went to working people. It was all a con.

Trump took over $1 million from Turkey last year, and when Turkish president Erdogan demanded that the United States withdraw its troops from Syria so he could attack the Kurds or he'd stop the money flow to the Trump crime family, Trump rolled over and stabbed the Kurds in the back. Our allies, who had put their lives on the line, were slaughtered because Trump's pretend patriotism was all a con.

Although there's absolutely no evidence of voter fraud ever having changed in American election, and voting by mail is actually one of the most secure systems that is used all around the world, Donald Trump is trash talking our election system so when he tries to steal the presidency through the courts or Congress, people will be more excepting of it. It's all a con.

Now he's saying that we will soon have access to a wonderful vaccine. America is praying it's not just another con.


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