Republicans Are Loudly Telling Americans Who They Are – Is Anybody Listening?

Thom plus logo Big business in America has informed the Republican party that their top priority is making sure that if they essentially force people back to work, provide them with a workplace lacking protections against the coronavirus, or negligently expose their customers to coronavirus, there will be no way to hold them legally responsible.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican senators are willing, on behalf of America's largest corporations and monopolies, to pass out a trillion taxpayer dollars to unemployed people in exchange for making their donor corporations exempt from very clear laws governing workplace and consumer safety.

McConnell has gone so far as to say that without this multi-trillion dollar big wet kiss to his largest corporate donors, there's no way even a penny is going to get through him to unemployed Americans.

Every day we get another example of how corrupt, sold-out, and complicit elected Republicans have become. From their fear and trembling before the throne of Trump, to their enthusiasm for taking corporate and billionaire money while passing out tax cuts and legal loopholes, to their enthusiasm for gutting Social Security and any other government programs that only help average people instead of the billionaire class, the GOP tells us every day who they are.

The question is, how many Americans are listening?


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