Republicans Are Loudly Telling Americans Who They Are – Is Anybody Listening?

Thom plus logo Big business in America has informed the Republican party that their top priority is making sure that if they essentially force people back to work, provide them with a workplace lacking protections against the coronavirus, or negligently expose their customers to coronavirus, there will be no way to hold them legally responsible.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican senators are willing, on behalf of America's largest corporations and monopolies, to pass out a trillion taxpayer dollars to unemployed people in exchange for making their donor corporations exempt from very clear laws governing workplace and consumer safety.

McConnell has gone so far as to say that without this multi-trillion dollar big wet kiss to his largest corporate donors, there's no way even a penny is going to get through him to unemployed Americans.

Every day we get another example of how corrupt, sold-out, and complicit elected Republicans have become. From their fear and trembling before the throne of Trump, to their enthusiasm for taking corporate and billionaire money while passing out tax cuts and legal loopholes, to their enthusiasm for gutting Social Security and any other government programs that only help average people instead of the billionaire class, the GOP tells us every day who they are.

The question is, how many Americans are listening?



Legend 3 years 40 weeks ago

You can be sure the Trump base is too blinded to understand the implications. How many went to Sturgis because they believed Trump and his playing down the Covid-19? Basically all of them. How many died from this virus because they listened to Trump call it a hoax or Kung Flu. How many lies did he tell and his based believe him.

hankgagnon's picture
hankgagnon 3 years 40 weeks ago

I have been a Democrat my entire life. I beleive the Corrupt leaders running the Democratic Party have gone too far. This scaring everybody to death and shutting down the economy over a virus that 99.9% of the people who get it don't even experience symptons is wrong. Every Democrat media outlet PLASTERS ONLY two numbers all over the place on a daily basias: 1-An inflated fraudelent amout of deaths, 2-The useless number of how many positives cases. Where is the 2 other important numbers of people who get this virus and experience ZERO symptoms, or get a little sick for 3 days and fully recover? The corrupt DNC rigged and stole the primary election twice from Bernie Sanders the only candidate got his money from the people and had far more support than any other candidate in the Democratic Presidential Primary. The Democratic Party are the "RepubliCON LITE Party". Thom Hartmann always supported Bernie sanders and now he has deserted Sanders for the corrupt Dirtbags running the DNC aka REPUBLICON-LITE . If that isn't bad enough the corrupt DNC media continues to fight to keep the economy closed just to win an election. Its a crime and inexcusable. All they had to do was let the process run and Bernie Sanders woukld have won easy and he would be cruising to victory against Trump. But nooooo! Instead they force an incompetent old frail senile Creepy Joe Biden on us. Same happen in 2016 the corrupt DNC froced Hillary Clinton on us knowing half the party hated her! The Democrats are ruining millions of peoples financial lives for power and greed. They are not any better than the RepubliCONS! Thom......trying to change the Democratic Party from the inside is too late. The Party has been taken over by corporations and big donors. They talk a good Democratic policy game but do actually nothing in congress but bicker over foolish things and divide us further. This strategy "Trump Bad,Biden" good isn't working. Hiden Biden is useless. #GreenParty2020

FJL's picture
FJL 3 years 40 weeks ago

While you are correct in many ways, you are wrong with this- 'They are not any better than the RepubliCONS!' They are not lemmings and have hearts. The older Dem's know they need the $$$ support where they can get it. SCOTUS decided this in '76 & '78. I raise the question... Is anything more important than ? $$$$$$ in politics is the deepest root of all that is wrong in our government and our society today.

Legend 3 years 40 weeks ago

Bernie lost because both times he was run down by the Mainstream Media. The Mainstream Media does not want a POTUS that will get moey out of politics. They make way too much money off of the ads.

We currently have a choice of 2. Trump or Biden. You can vote to destroy your country or turn it around. Be positive and vote.

From your stance on Covod-19 I suspect that you are not a Democrat and have been duped by Trumps lies. If you are a Democrat you will research your false figures and report back.

whatabout's picture
whatabout 3 years 40 weeks ago

Trump doesn't need to tell Americans who they are, the democrat party is busy graphically showing most true Americans who they aren't.

We aren't spending our nights walking around with backpacks and umbrellas looking for something to loot and then burn.

We true Americans are not the ones sitting in a restaurant just hoping to keep the owner in business and have a crowd of angry "peaceful protesters" pass by shouting in our faces and demanding we raise our fists in support while they take the food from our plates and then flip the table.

We aren't the ones marching through the streets calling out homeowners and demanding they come out in solidarity.

We aren't the ones trying to rewrite history.

We aren't the ones who dress up in vagina costumes or pussy hats and march in the streets like a bunch of clowns.

We aren't the ones who come up behind the elderly and wack them in the head with a skateboard and make sure there is video to post on the internet to show how tough they are.

We aren't the ones organizing a national scream at the sky day.

We aren't the ones always looking for a cause.

We aren't the ones always ready to blame others.

We aren't the ones constantly using the word racism and white guilt.

We aren't the ones tearing down statues of American history whether we revere the purpose for it being displayed or not.

We aren't the ones seeking the elimination of the traditional nuclear family ala the blm movement.

We aren't the ones pushing for a socialist government.

I could go on and on but suffice to say the hard left has absolutely no idea of what real true Americans feel.

On a lighter note,

Excuse me, it is morning and time to first display my American flag and head off to work.

Willie W's picture
Willie W 3 years 40 weeks ago

Lately, nothing makes sense to me. No doubt, this virus is world wide. Thousands of new cases are reported every day, but no one tells us how many of those people are actually sick. Can't gauge the severity of the disease without those numbers. People wait for hours to get tested, but the results could take days to get. If you tested positive but you're not sick, then what? Or, does the state come and tell you what you must do. If you tested negetive, but picked up the virus the next day at the grocery store, then you've wasted your time getting tested.

vetinla's picture
vetinla 3 years 40 weeks ago

@ 5; But, you are the ones who back an anti-democratic sociopathic liar, who cares not for rule of law, or our constitution, but only for his lust at increasing his, and his family's wealth.

@ # 2; You said a bottom line truth when you said; "The party has been taken over by corporations and big donors."

That's fascism at it's very finest....

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