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Jeffrey C Clark 14 weeks 11 hours ago

This is a general question re a medical research item Thom mentioned about a month ago (which is why I place it here). Research which I can't find notice of from my own description here. Thom mentioned a research hypothesis that the body system may be able to regulate weight loss/burning of calories given enough data points throughout the day on the body's own weight. From standing and moving, not lying down or even sitting. So that mere exercise doesn't explain variable results in weight control. -- Something like that. I hope my memory isn't too far off in about when this commentary appeared....

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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SueN 13 weeks 5 days ago

I couldn't find it either, but it is bound to have been mentioned somewhere over at

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Jeffrey C Clark 12 weeks 4 days ago

Belated thanks, Sue. I'm checking

One further unrelated question now (in case I can't call in to ask it): A brief synopsis of Thom's challenge to listeners -- to find any legislation that benefits primarily working people that Republicans have introduced, passed with their own majority... and gotten signed by a president of their party? I'm not sure if I recall the the president has to be same party. Or even if the Republicans have to hold house & senate while doing it.

Any further help much appreciated!

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SueN 12 weeks 3 days ago

I'm not sure either, Jeffrey - obviously they need to be sufficiently in contol to be able to get their bill passed. You are going to have to call in!

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