Trump & The Republicans Say they Are "Prolife" But Really Are A Death Cult

Thom plus logo Donald Trump is running around the country encouraging people to congregate and behave in ways that spread the coronavirus, and not a single Republican in Congress is warning their constituents about the dangers.

How is this different from Jim Jones encouraging his followers to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid while his enablers stand by? Isn't it just a matter of severity?

Jones's exhortation killed virtually everybody who listened to it, 909 people. Trump's decisions, words and behavioral example have killed two hundred thousand people, and the number is rising rapidly.

And now we have Republican senators who have been exposed to and, in one case tested positive for, the coronavirus and they insist on hanging out with elderly colleagues without masks at the Supreme Court hearings.

Down in Texas, a former Trump follower who didn't take the coronavirus seriously because of what Trump said ended up infecting 14 people and killing two, all in his own family, as well as ending up in the hospital himself. "I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family," Tony Green said.

"I'm falling on my sword," he added. "It's humiliating, embarrassing and hurtful and it's just reminding me constantly, you know, what our family's been through. So I'm doing that basically for awareness. I want to stop the spread."

Occasionally Republicans, like Green, wake up. Sadly, the Party continues to reach out and recruit new and gullible followers.

Donald Trump is running a death cult. He called for the death penalty for five innocent young men in New York City years ago, and continues to assert that they should be put to death even though another person has confessed to the crime and all the evidence proves they had nothing to do with it.

He largely ignored Puerto Rico during a time of distress, leading to thousands of deaths. He wants to strip healthcare protections away from Americans, which Harvard researchers say could lead to an additional 40,000 to 60,000 deaths. He continues to protect the fossil fuel industry from cost or liability and support their subsidies while they are actively destroying our atmosphere, something that today is killing Americans and people all over the world.

And now he's actively spreading a deadly disease around the country, and encouraging others to do so.

And he is doing all of this with the active support of the Republican Party.

Republicans love to celebrate the term "life" when they put it in the context of the state controlling women and their bodies. But in every other regard they are a death cult.



alis volat's picture
alis volat 2 years 33 weeks ago

What could be scarier than having a true sociopath for President? One that serves during a national emergency! His cult followers were told by experts about his "condition". They were warned about what his decisions would mean concerning the pandemic . This outcome was probably inevitable and sadly it's ongoing. Those of us who believe in science dreaded it anyway. I know I most certainly did not want Mr. Green and his family to suffer or Herman Cain and others to die.

ABC just had a spot tonight where they showed the President's rally. A woman attending said Trump was there to show the virus was not that bad. The next shot was of a covid patient on oxygen in hospital. He was disparaging Trump and telling how awful the illness was.

People often like scary or disaster movies, well now they get to actually live one. Some are into dangerous activities; they are probably at a party every chance they get. This virus keeps mutating, we need to do the same. One last thought: D-A-R-W-I-N

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 33 weeks ago

It's like a really bad idea for an episode of Star Trek that would just not happen in any conceivable reality, even from the minds of the best fictional writers.

It isn't that "we live in interesting times" as the saying goes; it's more like we've been sucked through a passing wormhole into an alternate universe with backassward physics, where a ...well, where a fake-billionaire reality TV star with daddy issues, a demented clown responsible for uncountable deaths and unimaginable suffering, who every morning cakes on makeup everywhere but on white puffy eyebags framing creepy crazy eyes that know the inner truth, peeking out from under a swirling golden hairdo, almost an effeminate look that belies a B-rated tough-guy persona -- basically, a washed-up old man with deep-seated psychopathies -- I kid you not, is the president, as in POTUS! Seriously.

Naw... way too weird. There's gotta be a glitch in the Holodeck. Computer, end program!

Legend 2 years 33 weeks ago

When the virus first broke out in China I knew it would be bad here. Millions uninsured, Millions insured with high deductibles, millions with no paid sick leave, millions of homeless etc. add up to a super spreader. Then you have the American mentality that could not pay attention to what other countries were doing to combat the virus. Plus, the super macho American that will not wear a mask. It is insane to see these rally's where people still cannot figure it out why we are number 1 with this virus. They are the ones that are killing the economy.

djgilbert 2 years 33 weeks ago

Jim Jones had followers drink grape-flavored Flavor Aid not Cool Aid. It was a cheaper alternative.

The analogy probably makes sense for what we are seeing.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 33 weeks ago

The analogy does make sense.

Don Trump would have his followers drink, or "inject" like you would disinfectant, naturally, the latest Trump-branded elixir, some roid-rage concoction ("free of charge" -WTF?) derived from harvesting the life-force of innocent babies (after sacrificing them to Satan and drinking their blood, of course) to make the evil virus magically disappear, for which Donny Pussgut was the test monkey. (How will QAnon spin that one, enquiring minds want to know?)

But the biggest bucket of piss Don Trump followers drink is: Achieve that elusive "herd mentality" (immunity) by basically ignoring the virus and doing nothing of consequence, allowing the little bugger to do its thing and run wild through the population. All nice and natural, the DemocRAT tree-hugging hippies will love that.

Six million more lives sacrificed for nothing on the altar of an egomaniacal demagogue? Doing nothing is a cheaper alternative. And Don Trump is a lazy, stupid, little man, which makes it all make sense.

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