Americans Need To Stand Up To The GOP

Thom plus logo America is confronting a crisis like we haven't seen since 1930, and, just as happened during the Republican Great Depression (yes, that's what they called it in the 1930s), the GOP is committed to making it worse.

The Republican Party's latest 2020 scam gives Trump a tiny chance of hanging onto the White House while doing massive, permanent damage to American democracy and, as if they consider it a bonus, kneecapping and, in some cases, killing working class and poor Americans.

Covid diagnoses and deaths are exploding across the country; millions of Americans will lose unemployment benefits, eviction protection, and a pause in student loan payments the week after Christmas; and all Mitch McConnell will do is push more unqualified rightwing judges through the Senate.

Meanwhile, Trump is shifting his strategy to hang onto power and become America's first dictator away from challenging vote counts to asking Republican legislators in a few swing states to simply award him the presidency through the Electoral College, a strategy that held for three hours in Michigan.

He figures that even if he can't pull that off and stay in the White House, his scam has already convinced about 80% of Republican voters that he's a martyr, so they'll continue to follow him politically and keep sending him millions of dollars a month in the small donations.

The House of Representatives passed legislation back in May that clearly and quickly addresses most of the crises American families are facing, from ongoing unemployment payments and help for small businesses, to funding for hospitals and first responders in the states and cities to deal with Trump's Covid crisis.

Mitch McConnell, however, refuses to even allow a conversation about that legislation in the US Senate. And only four of his Republican members have acknowledged Joe Biden's victory, suggesting the rest are willing to go along with Trump's power grab and post-presidency fundraising scam.

If you are represented by any Republicans at the state or federal level, there has never been a more important time than now for you to reach out and demand that they fulfill their oath of office and stand up for the Constitution and the American people.


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