This Election Proves the Need for a Right to Vote

Thom plus logo America needs an absolute right to vote, like most other major democracies.

One legacy of slavery is that our Constitution does not contain an absolute right to vote for all citizens who have achieved the age of majority.

Our property rights are totally intact. If the government wants to take away your house or your car because, for example, you didn't pay your taxes, they have to go to court to do it.

Our gun rights are strong. If the government wants to take away your guns, they have to go to court and prove their case in front of a judge.

Our marriage rights are solid, at least until Amy Coney Barrett weighs in on the Supreme Court. If a government official tries to deny you a marriage license, that person can be sued or, in some states, even go to jail.

Our free speech rights have been so expanded that the Supreme Court has ruled that if billionaires want to buy politicians, that is totally legal and considered "free speech."

Our right to due process is still respected in America. If the government wants to put you in jail, they have to go before a jury of your peers and prove their case.

Voting, however, is not and never has been a right in America. Which is why the largest part of the Republican election strategy this year has been to prevent people from voting, and to try to block their vote from being counted after it's been cast.

Because we do not have a right to vote, the Postmaster General can delay your ballot without worrying about going to jail, and Republican politicians across the country can pass laws making it harder and harder for you to vote or have your vote counted.

Taking away our votes should be as tough a job for Republicans as taking away our homes or our guns.

America needs a 28th Amendment that establishes an absolute right to vote for all citizens who've achieved the age of majority. While we're working on that, we need laws that assert the right to vote in such emphatic language that courts can enforce it and reverse decades of Republican voter suppression.

Only then can America call itself a functioning democratic republic



Legend 2 years 30 weeks ago

We should also require a vote, like Australia and several other countries do.

We had the Trump trains driving around yesterday. Flags waving and honking horns. I am sure that is part of Trump praising the one in Texas that tried to run a Biden bus off of the road. Plus, one old man standing on an overpass on I-25 waving a gigantic flag back and forth. You really wonder if he realizes that Trump is going to take away his Social Security that he lives off of.

Dow is up 800 today on the news that Biden is probably the winner.

Suze O's picture
Suze O 2 years 30 weeks ago

My thoughts: Biden was way ahead in the polls for weeks and his lead was growing. Now we have a squeaker of a race. Were the polls wrong, or the election results? If they tell us the polls were wrong, I'm going to be sceptical. A Biden blowout would not have been a moneymaker for the media - given how much they would prefer a dragged out, very close, horse race, which is what we seem to have right now. Coincidence? Or by design? THE way to beat Trump would have been to have an overwhelming turnout among Democrats to enable a large lead. Well, we've had a record turnout, which has USUALLY favored the Dems. So what gives? Where are those overwhelming numbers? I've read Greg Palast, I've read other books on how to steal elections and I AM VERY SUSPICIOUS right now! I know the Republicans want "permanent majority rule" so badly they will do anything to bring it about - so how are they doing it? And how do we get a real democracy back?

avn013's picture
avn013 2 years 30 weeks ago

Postal votes were supposed to take time.Do the projections take these into account?

Legend 2 years 30 weeks ago

I am equally suspicious of the counts and polls. Joe is in a squeaker and Several Senate Candidates did not even come close to the polls. Moscow Mitch blew out Amy McGrath. Joni Ernst won, when behind in the polls. Susan Collins won by large numbers. Lindsey Graham won by large numbers. Something does not add up. All were incumbents and incumbents are hard to beat. Still the pollsters need to give an explanation.

I have a hard time understanding why anybody, other than the 1%, would vote Republican. Wish that someone would explain it to me.

vetinla's picture
vetinla 2 years 29 weeks ago

Thom you're right. The right to vote HAS to be protected at all costs. Trump is history, there must be a GOD. Now, it's time for Biden and Harris to work for the working class.

Number one should be working on COVID-19, and it's effects on the economy by proposing a massive relief package for workers and SMALL business. Next, protecting the vote is paramount. Hopefully, Biden and Harris can rise above their inclinations to assist the nations corporate oligarchs, and work for main st. instead of Wall st.

We'll know soon by the folks Biden picks for his cabinet and advisiors.

Warren and Sanders most notably.....

vetinla's picture
vetinla 2 years 29 weeks ago

And maybe, could anyone explain to me why the debate is always capitalism or socialism, when clearly, all 1st world countries economies run on MIXED economies? And, even the economies we're taught are socialist, are, in reality MIXED economies..

Could some one, anyone in authority, please make the idiots in the U$A aware of that fact, or ask them what elements of socialism here in America, they want to do away with;



public schools

Social Security


Grab a clue Democrats.....

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