The GOP is No Longer a Legitimate Political party: it's a Cult

Thom plus logo It's becoming increasingly clear to Americans that the Republican Party only stands for one thing: the privilege and power of wealthy white men.

Over the last 40 years they have devised increasingly byzantine rules to prevent low income whites and people of color from voting and are now trying to outright throw out ballots in Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

They've worked for decades, at both the state and federal level, to make it harder for women, particularly low income women, to get access to birth control, women's health services, and abortion.

When the coronavirus hit, most developed countries made direct payments to unemployed workers; Republicans only tolerated that here for a few months, and the price was trillions, which continue to flow, to fat cats and big corporations.

They've worked for years to gut workers rights and destroy labor unions, while holding the minimum wage below starvation levels.

They put the profits of polluting corporations above the rights of average Americans to have clean air and water and a safe food supply.

They fight to help monopolies and giant corporations control market share, while wiping out small and medium sized businesses across dozens of sectors.

They're working as hard as possible right now to destroy America's national parks and wild areas so their fossil fuel donors can extract more profits from land that was wisely put in trust for all Americans decades and centuries ago.

They openly promote lies about global warming to help those same fossil fuel donors, at the expense of a possibly civilization-ending environmental catastrophe.

They have supported a president who lied about masks and other simple public health measures, while the wealthy and billionaire class live safely cocooned on their palatial estates and travel on their private jets.

Their "Law and Order," "Save Our Confederate Statues and Military Base Names," and "Jobs Not Mobs" campaigns and slogans have openly targeted people of color for more than a half century. From Nixon's Southern Strategy to Birtherism, hating on Black people has been their polestar.

While the majority of people in this country illegally came in as tourists and overstayed their visas, they have supported an ineffective wall on our southern border as a proud symbol of their racism.

It's become impossible, for over 40 years, to name even a single major initiative or piece of legislation promoted and put into law by Republicans that benefits average Americans.

To the contrary, they have worked tirelessly to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and eliminate food stamps, school lunches and other programs the support people trapped in poverty.

Now, to hang on to enough suckers to keep them in power, the GOP has resorted to embracing Nazis, religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists.

The GOP is no longer a legitimate political party; it has become a race and wealth-based cult that pathetically hangs onto slogans like "small government" and "fiscal responsibility" that they completely ignore when actually governing.



DrRichard 2 years 26 weeks ago

Let's not forget going down to ridiculous vote fraud theories put forth by a man whose bad hair day made him look like a lunatic. But the very fact they would assume that their opponents use such tactics rather than win fair and square says a lot about their mentality. The fact that nationally close to half the voters--in some areas well more than half--buy into this says a lot about America today. None of what it says is good.

tbonin0328's picture
tbonin0328 2 years 26 weeks ago

It's disturbing. What's worse is that, people like me (the choir, so to speak) are the only ones really hearing the messages Thom preaches.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 26 weeks ago

Check out Netflix's new animated WWII documentary series The Liberator. Like Band of Brothers, it's the brutally honest account of a unit fighting through Europe, an unapologetic and unflinching true story of combating fascism. I wonder what those guys, who bled and died trying to preserve democracy for future generations, would have thought about Trump's racist, authoritarian America. Perhaps 72 million fellow citizens need to relearn their history, and then engage in some serious self-reflection.

Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 2 years 26 weeks ago

deepspace - It is very sad... history of any form is not taught anymore... it's too difficult for idle teachers to teach

Moreover, the dumbing down of education is intentional

Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 2 years 26 weeks ago

It is a source of wonder why, so called, criminal activity by republicans is not investigated and prosecuted

One e.g., why is Barr not debarred for obviously abusing the post of AG?

Also… how come a POTUS can not be convicted of crimes whilst in office?


Several amendments are required

Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 2 years 26 weeks ago

The morbidly obese golfer (part time potus) will with any good fortune meet his maker rather sooner than later… perhaps moscow mitch will fulfil his destiny as the grim reaper after his evil death mask of a face is finally booted out of the senate… evil, pure evil!

alis volat's picture
alis volat 2 years 26 weeks ago

Bill Maher's latest "New Rules" also addresses the cult issue. If you are a real hater, you will not agree with his conclusion. I thought it was beautiful, something Bill is not known for. It was a "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding" moment.

I read "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science — and Reality" a long time ago in a effort to understand the opposition. It helped me in that regard and so many more. Mr. Mooney's conclusion was interesting to say the least, and I am not sure if I agree. He wrote it in 2012, pre-Trump takeover.

The GOP did sell their soul to the devil. That never ends well in literature. Their story has a few more really interesting chapters to go. They are not a monolith. Let's see what they do with the cultists. May want to try to get a seat ringside.

Legend 2 years 26 weeks ago

Never thought that I would be for a Roger Stone idea!

Legend 2 years 26 weeks ago

Trump is taking thousands of acres of land by eminent domain for the border wall

atchelka's picture
atchelka 2 years 26 weeks ago

On Hulu I watched the documentary Panama Papers which is about an international consortium of investigative journalists following the money trail of illegal offshoring of income for purposes of tax evasion: the Trumps and Steve Mnuchen figure prominently. Also the UK and the US both sadly have illegal tax havens, not just the Cayman Islands. I believe the Trumps should be investigated and prosecuted to the nth degree. We should also be concerned about insider trading by members of Congress: several years ago they passed a bill against it, then the following year they rescinded the legislation 100% on both sides of the aisle!

Legend 2 years 26 weeks ago

I am no saint of a driver. I lived overseas for about 7 years. If you want to drive fast move to Europe. Even South Korea on the freeways is faster than here. But in 54 years of driving I have had 2 tickets. Both were minor. Both were back East (I am a Westerner). Both were unjust but I will not go into detail here. One thing for sure is the cost of a ticket is minor compared to what it does to your insurance rates for 5 years. This brings us to The Governor on South Dakota, Kristi Noem. One of the world hot spots for Covid-19. A responsible Republican that should believe in the rule of law. From Wikipedia:

"Noem has received 26 traffic citations, including 20 speeding tickets from 1989 to 2010,[136] stop sign and seat belt violations, no driver's license, failure to appear notices, and two arrest warrants. She has said, "I'm not proud of my driving record, but [I've] been working hard to be a better example to young kids and young drivers out there." She has paid her fines and penalties."

MagnusReputo 2 years 26 weeks ago

Masks: my body my choice like Drunk Driving: my body my choice?

Pardon Trump who killed 100,000 why not Bin Laden who killed only 5,000?

Legend 2 years 26 weeks ago

It is a law in most states that a hunter wears so many square inches of Flourescent Orange. Most hunters are proud to wear this even if it is a law. Many pose for pictures in their gear. Some would say that they look like clowns. Some would say that it protects lives. The point is, very few object to helping to protect lives.

"All firearm deer, elk or antelope hunters must wear a head covering and outer garment above the waist with at least 500 square inches of clothing of which 400 square inches must be Hunter Orange. The camouflage orange pattern is legal as long as there is at least 400 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange."

Riverplunge's picture
Riverplunge 2 years 26 weeks ago

Gee, I thought the $$ GOP$$ was an ARMY AGAINST THE HAVE-NOTS.

And Don't foget the Book of Trickle Down Theory by GOPee

vetinla's picture
vetinla 2 years 26 weeks ago

"The fact that nationally close to half the voters--in some areas well more than half--buy into this says a lot about America today. None of what it says is good."

DrR @ #1 ended with this statement about the "Trump leg humpers", and the criminal they revere. Absolutely spot on!!

And IMO, the clown DJT will go scott free.

What does that say about the U$A?

We'll see.....

Calson's picture
Calson 2 years 25 weeks ago

For the past 400 years it has been the elites that have ruled over this land and used the military to massacre indigenous men, women, and children, so that there land could be sold to newcomers for profit. This includes the founding fathers, Washington, Jefferson, and Thomas Paine, and then the slavers like John Hancock. The wealth of a few has depended on the theft of the lives and labor and property of others. Small wonder that they created a form of government that would insure that they could stay in power. With Citizens United the full corruption of the Supreme Court became obvious and Congress jumped on the bandwagon. As bad as it is in the USA it is far worse in the hundreds of nations subject to our country's imperial rule and the destruction of one democracy after another. At the core is a need to establish and perpetuate racism to justify the barbarous actions of the elites and those who do their killing and looting while in various uniforms.

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