Is Trump About to Commit his Ultimate Treason?

Thom plus logo The Founders' greatest fear, when it came to the president, was that a man would be installed in the office who was in debt to, or loyal to a foreign government. It's why they put the Foreign Emoluments ban in the Constitution.

Jared Kushner visited with the Saudi's and the UAE just before they blockaded Qatar; within a few months an investment fund heavily financed by Qatar gave Kushner the billion dollars he desperately needed to save his failing real estate empire, and the blockade ended.

Trump also helped prevent efforts to hold Saudi dictator MBS responsible for his murdering Jamal Khashoggi, and stabbed the Syrian Kurds in the back when Turkey's president told him to. Trump, of course, makes millions from his properties in Turkey.

Now, Trump is about to leave office with debts exceeding $1 billion, over $400 million of them personally guaranteed. So, what does he have or know that a foreign government might be willing to pay him $1 billion for?

Over at The New York Times, reporters Sanger and Schmidt note, about Trump's Pentagon shake-up: "The hires come as Mr. Trump and some of his aides have been pressing to declassify documents that would describe sources of information inside the Kremlin."

"American spies embedded inside the Kremlin" would be the way "sources of information" are normally described. Is Donald Trump preparing to sell out our intelligence officers and assets in exchange for liquidating his debt?



alis volat's picture
alis volat 2 years 28 weeks ago

The body count is of no consequence when someone views the Russians that work with us as objects. That is the behavior you can expect from a sociopath like Trump. I believe, this is one of the last but probably the most valuable thing that Putin plans to extract from his operative.

This is how they will neutralize any tactical insight President Elect Biden might gain from those sources to form Russian policy. It will hamstring Joe and make him look ineffectual. And isn't that the sort of revenge Donald lives for? It is probably a twofer in that it will harm Biden and maybe get Putin to ease-off or release him. I'm not sure Trump is a willing asset, but I think Vladimir owns him.

Make no mistake, Putin will kill those Russians implicated. He and Trump are sociopathic criminals who value few things: power, wealth, and loyalty to them. The big "get" for the media will be finding the truth behind Putin's leverage, which is likely what he can prove about or has offered to the soon to be Citizen Donald Trump.

We should salute these reporters and those worldwide for their bravery. In the last decade, close to 600 have died in the call of duty and that is just the pros. They estimate 21 were murdered by Putin.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 28 weeks ago

"The big 'get'" will probably be that Putin and his pet oligarchs were the crucial ingredients in helping to bail out the insolvent Trump Organization, and not just by purchasing units in his hotels or some dilapidated mansion (and here).

The biggest unresolved suspicion is that, in their quest to launder ill-gotten gains derived from raping their own economy, the Ruskies also back-stopped Deutsche Bank's hopelessly tangled-up private banking "deals," many of which were mysteriously afforded The Donald despite six major bankruptcies when no other bank in their right mind would lend another red-fcking-cent to one of New York's most irredeemable, tax-dodging, sleaziest real estate grifters of all time, which is a remarkable characterization even for the Big Apple and its Big Crooks.

Trump's sore winners make even worse losers.

The great and all-powerful Wizard of Oz has deep thoughts on why he actually won the election. His profound intuition is really quite ingenious in its sheer simplicity, which is why it's so deeply insightful -- whoosh, way over the head of mere mortals.

Ready? Okay, here goes... hang onto something in case such blinding brilliance makes you lightheaded: The 78 million votes cast by the evil and damned DemocRATS are, by definition, all-caps ILLEGAL; therefore, the 72 million cast by the blessed and holy Republicans are the only legal ones that should be counted.

There you have it. What else do you need? The evidence? Oh, well, of course, it's the fact that he "lost" the election ... by counting illegal DemocRAT votes!

See? Sheer genius, I tells ya. How can spellbound Republicans not fall in line behind such a powerful truth uttered from the blowfish lips of God's "chosen one," as smarmy as he is?

And fall in line they will. Without thinking. Naturally.

Legend 2 years 28 weeks ago

Still have Trump signs up in my neighborhood.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 28 weeks ago

We still have dead-enders roaring around in jacked-up 3/4 tons with oversized Trump flags flapping defiantly, like Toyota-truck terrorists in the Middle East. Perhaps they should lower their flags at half-mast now that Dear Leader is toast.

alis volat's picture
alis volat 2 years 28 weeks ago

I have been reading about terrorism, Putin and now Trump for years. For sure all the ingredients deepspace mentioned are part of the big picture. However, those things have been "gotten". I would also add that the oligarchs are not necessarily Putin's cronies; he owns them. It's pretty well known that he spies on them and controls them. It is an educated guess that Trump spies on the oligarchs for Putin. That could be at the core of the big "get", but my intuition tells me there's more.

From jump, The Trump Crime Family tried to distance themselves from Russians when they had associated with them over more than a decade. Maybe some of the kids are operatives too, serving as information couriers. And, if it is just about keeping track of Russian oligarchs, their money, and any plots against Putin, maybe they think they are not betraying our country. Murky water, no?

Riverplunge's picture
Riverplunge 2 years 28 weeks ago

Could someone who is fortunate enought to reach Thom on his show, PLEASE ask Thom if Biden ever gets into the White House: 'Will Biden get EXTRA DAYS for the DELAY of putting Biden in office, AND not being briefed on time??' Thank you very much!!

I don't think Thom has time to read these posts.

Legend 2 years 28 weeks ago

Thousands of militia, Maggots and conspiracy theorists attend rally for poor cheated Trump in DC. He waves at a few as his motorcade drives to the Golf Course. Do they think that he cares at all?

Charles Koch has a change of heart (not really). Must be dreaming about the grim reaper.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 28 weeks ago

In the public eye, Trumpism isn't going away any time soon ...unless Biden and the establishment Democrats -- working with progressives! -- make it go away!

And, no, it's not a matter of "persecuting your political enemies" -- that's the exclusive purview of the astoundingly hypocritical Republican Party, which found NOTHING on Hillary after years-long, nonstop investigations to smear her reputation and destroy her politically. So, all you clutch-your-pearls wingers out there in Lie Lie Land can cry me a river. Witness the fulfillment of your deceit as the Great White Hope of racist Meeerkkka crashes and burns.

If the Democrats don't win the Senate after the Georgia runoffs, there will be no progressive agenda, no election reform, no climate legislation, no economic betterment for workers, no getting money out of politics, no nothin! McConnell constantly reaffirms that sad reality in every word and deed. So what's left?

It's the pandemic, stupid -- the key to the golden kingdom in 2022. Getting COVID-19 under control will magically open the economy, something Trumpty Dumpty and all the king's stooges were too simple-minded to comprehend, let alone achieve.

For real: who're the "bad guys and who're the "good guys" in all of this? And will the finicky, distracted, and disillusioned voters forget, again?

It depends. Two years is a long time with hopelessly-divided politics blaring 24-7 on every device, sucking up all the mental bandwidth. That's an eternity for the anger-fueled right-wing lie-mongers to wage a massive disinformation campaign, blaming their own long, long list of failures on the feckless DumbocRATs, "who couldn't dispatch two fleas across a whore's ass without sending them both in the hole." (Sorry, old railroad joke.)

It depends. Can Democrats break through the wall of lies and present the direct truth of things in a manner that the public will sit up and take notice, and more importantly, will believe -- emotionally as well as intellectually? You'd think that shrinking the virus's footprint enough to safely open the economy and the schools would solve the two biggest problems in one fell swoop -- just as the scientists and the economic gurus have prescribed, passionately!

It depends. House investigations to get Trump's democracy-destroying crimes on the congressional record and into public awareness seems like a no-brainer. Exposing and prosecuting actual crimes -- with massive evidence -- simply cannot be considered "persecuting enemies," as Trump and his party of reprobates would certainly do, and have done, in a heartbeat -- with zero evidence!

But formal hearings can only be one part of a larger, nationwide effort to deprogram Trump cultists and to educate the electorate. That's obviously a huge undertaking considering almost half the nation is under the sway of an authoritarian leader/domestic terrorist responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. It does not portend well for the future when that startling fact alone does not do the trick of destroying fascism once and for all. The rest of the world asks in astonishment, "What the fck's wrong with America?!"

In summary, the path to the midterms: control virus; open economy; hold criminals accountable; educate, educate, educate! Most importantly, of course, don't give a damn bit of credence to anything Republicans might say or do. Unfortunately, this is the reality on Earth One in real America. They are the bad guys; this is war.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 28 weeks ago

This is war. People are dying. Democrats need more bumper-sticker slogans, like the tip of an arrow.

stopgap's picture
stopgap 2 years 27 weeks ago

What these shithead Trumpers should be asking themselves is, if Trump is such a great competent leader, then how could he have not, after 4 years in office, been able to expose and bring to justice all these millions of fraudulent voters that he claims have illegally stolen the election? How could he have not been able to uncover all those plots? After all, he controls all the powers of intelligence of the government that since 911 have been able to foil any number of plots against the US by tiny cells of foreign and domestic groups here and even abroad. Yet President Shithead couldn’t oversee the exposing and arrest of groups organizing millions of fraudulent voters?

How could such an incompetent shithead lead a country and keep it secure, when he couldn’t even uncover the massive cabals organizing the fraud of millions of illegal voters? But of course, Trumpers never ask themselves anything.

Legend 2 years 27 weeks ago

Deepspace, Controlling the virus in America is difficult asssignment considering how wide spread the Republicans have spread it. Yes a vaccine is around the corner. A very difficult vaccine to administer. Has to be kept in cyrogenic containers. Has to be injected twice, a week apart, Is reported to have serious side effects and distribution is currently being managed by the same people that managed the testing and PPE programs (hint: The Republicans). Trump has all ready threatened to cut off New York. We have to innoculate 330 million. We currently have a raging Fall wave with Winter coming. We have states that still have very little mask wearing because it is against their freedom. We still have large gatherings. We still have a POTUS that plans Super Spreader rallies. Even my state, where masks are mandatory you see lots of people wearing the mask below the nose, which makes it useless. We are approaching 200000 cases per day. If it stays that low, there will be 13000000 cases between now and when Biden takes over. Hospitals will be way past overflow.

stopgap's picture
stopgap 2 years 27 weeks ago

Maybe some of our Republican friends can help Jannanhk find the moderator or administrator?

SueN's picture
SueN 2 years 27 weeks ago

We've tried responding to such requests before, without response. I have to admit, I haven't worked out what they are really after. Any ideas?

deepspace's picture
deepspace 2 years 27 weeks ago

Der Präsident Scheissekopf is a wannabe Nazi at heart -- an incurable fascist who fundamentally does not believe in democracy. That's his whole political and economic life in one sentence.

It follows: "Stop the Steal" is a classic psychological projection on a massive scale. Herr Drumpf's storm troopers love to wrap themselves in the American flag -- and, yes, you can bet your prized Luger pistol that they're also carrying a bible somewhere on their mail-order tactical vests. Yet, Überkommandant Scheissekopf's good little Nazis are equal parts unAmerican, irreligious, and howling-at-the-moon mad. How about let's just throw out every single one of their obviously fraudulent and unpatriotic ballots?

I must confess that my capacity for empathy runs dry when Trump's fools, who are basically pleading with Mother Nature to contract a deadly disease, finally, inevitably get the disease, duh. So why are these stupid assholes who asked for it taking ICU beds away from the innocent patients who deserve them? At the point when hospitals reach beyond capacity, when people are left to die unattended in the hallways and waiting rooms, when bodies are stacking up in refrigerated food trucks, the ethics of triaging patients should error on letting suicidal Republican nutballs die first. Good thing I'm not a doctor, eh?


Legend 2 years 27 weeks ago

Good idea! If you are a Republican you will not be admitted to a hospital. Notice the lack of masks in the Million MAGA March (actually about 5000. claimed to be a million) last weekend.

A friend sent me an article from a Georgia Newspaper where they interview people about why they voted for Trump. It showed that Trumps constant lies worked. They believed everyone and literally quoted them back. No ability to seek the truth.

MagnusReputo 2 years 27 weeks ago

It seems my money was wasted with ineffectual messaging.

Maslow's Hierarchy:

1) food, water, shelter 2) safety 3) belongingness 4) esteem 5) self-actualization

Four years ago, in 2016, as soon as Hilary Clinton's "deplorables" comment became public, her bid for the presidency was doomed. Even people without a PhD know when the elites are looking down on them. Over 70 million Americans voted for Donald Trump. Until the Democratic elites want to know why (instead of assuming), elections will be close or lost like the 2020 down-ballot races. Not all 70 million are racists.

To the self-actualized Democratic establishment in DC, things like integrity, racism, sexism, birtherism, grift, and children in cages are the most relevant issues. For 70 million Americans who are on Maslow's bottom rungs, their experience does not change by voting for Democrats. The moral high ground is a luxury. Unfortunately, whether a Republican or mainstream Democrat is in charge, they are still shafted by the system.

Food, water, shelter: Working class jobs have been outsourced overseas in Republican and Democratic administrations. Real wages corrected for inflation are lower than in the 1970s. Drive from Chicago to St. Louis and count the closed strip malls. The job creators (Capital) used to need the wealth creators (Labor) but not anymore. Now the wealth creators are going homeless.

Safety: If all the news you hear is telling you that Antifa is coming to get you, your safety is at stake. 91% of talk radio in the United States is conservative. Why is it so hard to believe that people feel unsafe enough to decide to vote Republican if all their sources of information are from conservative propaganda? How safe does it feel when all the jobs are disappearing? There is no job security and little housing security.

Belongingness: Everything used be white, male, Christian and predictable. Now, if you listen to mainstream media and Democratic Politicians, the contrast with the old days might make it seem that they never mention any of the issues important to the white working class. If your needs for shelter, safety and belonging are not met, you will not be self-actualized enough to care about the difficulties people of color or LGBTQ+ or immigrants. Whites with privilege have the luxury of accepting that institutional racism exists, those whose standard of living has gone down for 50 years are less likely.

Esteem: There is an almost religious belief in American exceptionalism. Patriotism has been used so that the lower classes will sacrifice their lives for country while the well-off get their bone-spur deferrals, or like me, get college deferrals. When liberals point to the Native American genocide or U.S. imperialism or slavery as a moral failing not a difference of opinion, we become the enemy that is trying to tear down American esteem. Americans hold to their myths of a meritocracy where Trump earned his wealth and the DeVos family is wealthy because they are favored by God.

Even though their faith was built on myths, the working classes have lost jobs, safety, belongingness and esteem. The Democrats need to listen them and address their needs and figure out ways to restore those things so that they are not susceptible to jingoism or racism or the next Trump.

Legend 2 years 27 weeks ago

Here is a good one for Deepspace. South Dakota patients that die denying that they have Covid-19. Can't happen to me! Is that not the State that had 450000 bikers for the Sturgis Rally and the Republican Governor has refused any controls such as masks? Gee they are now at the top of the list for Covid cases. What goes around comes around!

Meanwhile not well covered. China just made a huge trade deal with a big chunk of the rest of the world. Trumps tariffs and tough talk evidently mean nothing. Farmers are screwed by Trump again.

Xfilerose 2 years 27 weeks ago

The president built himself a cult of Branch Trumpidians acting in direct opposition to the United States, it's Democracy and it's people, even secured himself a couple of isolation bunkers. Well if he and his republican party want to play out the enemy of the state scenario, they should probably consider whether they are prepared to be listening to Nancy Sinatra music and rabbits being slaughtered, because that arrogance didn’t work out so well for David Koresh where he and innocent women and children paid the price for his arrogance. Pity the ignorant's who followed him!

vetinla's picture
vetinla 2 years 27 weeks ago

High time for the Dems to get into the messaging game by using Twitter. Or, is it beneath them? Social media works well to inform, try it Joe...

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