If the 25th Amendment isn't invoked, what will Trump do next?

Thom plus logo TS Eliot famously said that the world will end "not with a bang, but a whimper." It's also how strongman dictator reigns typically end, and Trump is no exception. He's having his "Downfall bunker moment," and it could be very dangerous.

Meanwhile, the nation is discovering that large swaths of the Republican Party, from senior elected officials to media figures to working class people, are filled with neoNazi fascists, psychopaths, and gullible but well-armed conspiracy nuts, all egged-on by social media.

In the next month, Trump could start a war to try to provoke an emergency that might keep him in office. He could order the military to occupy the swing states to overturn the election results. He could bury hundreds more fascist wannabes in the federal civil service system.

Trump has now called over 150 elected Republicans asking them to steal the election and destroy the American republic. More than a few have been quite willing to go along with him. Day after day, he's discussing using the military to seize control of America.

If ever this country had a moment when needed a vice president and cabinet who would step up and invoke the 25th Amendment to stop a president who is threatening both national security and the lives of his citizens, it is now. Unfortunately, we have Mike Pence.

This is a historic turning point. If Trump started what turned into a nuclear war, it could end human life on earth. The few remaining Republicans willing to stand up to Trump must turn their attention to Mike Pence, the one man who can legally invoke the 25th Amendment and stop Trump now.


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