Insurrection: A reckoning is essential for the real & powerful villains

Thom plus logo While everybody is discussing how the FBI is trying to hold to account those who invaded the US Capitol building and several state capitols on January 6, very few national media outlets are supporting or even discussing the idea of holding the true perpetrators to serious account.

The media narrative today is that "right wing crazies" are the only people involved in this attempt to disrupt Congress and even kidnap or murder some of our elected representatives. But they're missing, almost entirely, the big question: Why did so many people show up?

Imagine it's November, 2024 and election-tally reports from Secretaries of State around the country indicate that Senator Tom Cotton has beaten Vice President Kamala Harris for President of the United States.

While CNN and Fox News are congratulating Tom Cotton for becoming the new president-elect, MSNBC reports that there were, in fact, massive election irregularities in six swing states, which strongly suggest Kamala Harris actually won the election. They include intricate details of exactly how the irregularities and frauds were perpetrated, including multiple witnesses and video.

While the New York Times and the Washington Post are all-in on President-elect Cotton, the Guardian, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Raw Story, AlterNet, Common Dreams and other news and political commentary sites all lay out in detail exactly how the election was stolen from Kamala Harris, right down to identifying the perpetrators. And it's obvious, they say, that Republican politicians and their billionaire donors are behind the whole thing.

You turn to Facebook, which most of your life has been a comfortable place where you stay in touch with family and friends, and you figure must be an independent arbiter of the news, but because of the way Facebook's algorithm works all you see are posts from people all over the country sharing stories about how the election was stolen from Kamala Harris. There are also lots of ads from Biden and the Democrats documenting the theft of Harris's rightful election as president.

You check Twitter, and every tweet the platform's algorithm shows you is about how the election was stolen from Vice President Harris. You talk to a few friends who you think are pretty well informed, they watch the news and read the newspapers and the web, and they're all convinced the election was stolen. Anger is building fast.

The horrible truth dawns on you: a small coterie of rightwing billionaires have bought off Republican politicians, who, in turn, have corrupted the vote counting systems in their own states to throw the election to Tom Cotton. The fact that he's not the legitimate winner is now obvious, and the country is in danger.

In fact, it's a coup, an attempt to utterly destroy America and turn it into a full-blown fascist state, and it'll finally' successes on January 20, when Senator Cotton is sworn in as President Tom Cotton.

President Biden and Vice President Harris both again speak to the nation, saying that the election was stolen from Vice President Harris by corrupt Republican politicians in a half-dozen swing states. They say there is ample evidence of election irregularities, and they've initiated dozens of lawsuits to stop America from being stolen by Senator Tom Cotton and his Republican and billionaire cronies.

Now even The New York Times and the Washington Post are reporting on those lawsuits, and video of ballots being destroyed and ballot boxes being stuffed is all over the Internet, as friends you've known all your life are going out into the streets to protest.

What do you do?

What did good, patriotic Americans do in 1860 when traitors tried to take over America? Good Americans took up arms!

What did Americans do in 1776 when the British cranked their screws down on the city of Boston? Americans engaged in a million-dollar act of vandalism, the Boston Tea Party, that led right to a multi-year shooting war, the American Revolution, which we celebrate every year on the Fourth of July.

You drive home from work and the talk-show host on the radio is pounding his fist on the table, saying that if they're going to steal our government, dammit, we must fight back.

You turn the dial and another host you've listened to for years is saying the same thing, complete with multiple audio clips of President Biden and Vice President Harris saying that Senator Cotton engaged in a massive conspiracy to steal the vote.

And they're not the only ones. Fully 57% of all the elected Democrats in the House of Representatives, and a dozen Democratic senators are speaking out on social media and in the news, including on all the major television networks and Sunday news shows. They're saying they belive it's possible that Republican operatives in those swing states flipped the election to Senator Cotton and stole it from Vice President Harris. A few say they're certain of it and have the proof!

The Democratic leadership, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, don't outright endorse the conspiracy theories, but say that those allegations have credibility and they're deeply concerned. They plan hearings in Congress into if or how the election might have been stolen.

Isn't fighting back, saving the nation, the talkshow hosts and media pundits say, what American patriots have done in every generation when American democracy was threatened?

Vice president Harris calls for a march on Washington DC and, even though there are some single-issue groups who are clearly exploiting the situation to amplify their own importance, including "black block" protestors and anarchists who revel in vandalism, most of the people you know who're going are average Americans who are worried that their country has been hijacked.

What would you do?

I write this not to defend the people who stormed the capitols in DC in multiple states. Many of them are those single issue people - in this case the racists and Nazis - who are exploiting the situation. And the lawbreakers and, in particular, those who planned and executed this violence, must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But the fact is that none of those people would have been there if it wasn't for Trump, Pence, a dozen Republican senators and over 140 Republican members of Congress, three different television networks, multiple "news" websites, and at least 100 talkshow hosts around the country all saying that Joe Biden and corrupt local Democratic officials in swing states, funded by democratic billionaires, stole the election.

The focus now, rightly, is on the criminals who invaded the capitol building and killed five people while trying to capture, kidnap or even murder Democratic leadership and Vice President Pence.

But without the President and Vice President of the United States, 57% of the Republican caucus in the House, a dozen senators, and this vast media machine put together by rightwing billionaires over the last 30 years, none of these people would've shown up in Washington DC in the way that they did.

Lower-level individuals who broke the law must be found and prosecuted. But let's not repeat what has become so common in America since the Reagan Revolution: giving a pass to those with wealth, elected power, and huge microphones across the radio and TV spectrum, who are even more culpable.

These are the same people who brought average Americans across the country out into the streets early in the Obama presidency to protest "socialism" in the form of the Affordable Care Act.

They built and primed their citizen army, both to earn advertising revenue and to expand their own Republican political power so they could get more deregulation, cheap labor and tax cuts.

The real villains here are those at the senior levels of the Republican Party, social media algorithms and rightwing media. And they must be held to account, as Arnold Schwarzenegger so eloquently points out.

The senators and congresspeople who promoted, and continue to promote, Trump's big lie must be expelled from Congress.

The President and Vice President, who promoted this lie for months, must be impeached.

And the thousands of media outlets and social media companies that carried and repeated these lies literally millions of times must inform Americans now exactly how our election result was accurate and that the outcome is truly fair.

A reckoning is essential, but if it's limited to low-level racists and average Americans who were fooled by Republican politicians and rightwing media, we're merely setting up the next cycle of political violence.


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Shadows's picture
Shadows 3 years 23 weeks ago

the rich are out in force. They are petrified that people are on to their lies and are working together to get justice for all people. and the rich pay their fair share.

We as a people cannot let the right wing and the mob get away with their tactics and hate. Killing that police officer was insane! I believe in peaceful protest and we as a people have to stand against these domestic terrorists. Don't let the terrorists scare us! we are the majority and want to help all people not just a those with hate and killing and crazy ideas and follow a leader that treats them like fools-he did not join them when he said he would last week

Shadows's picture
Shadows 3 years 23 weeks ago


I enjoy your show on youtube and on siriusxm. I also donate to free speech tv

I have a question. Who runs your chat board on youtube each day? and assume on any other format you broadast on for the day. I was very disappointed in the rude attitude by the person that stated he was moderator for the chat. Something like the letters gabbert but not that word for certain. Anyway, he did not like I was correcting Judy for her saying that U.S. during 30's or whenever way back when people were concerned about taxes. I thought this sounded like a right wing statement and called her out on the tax statement. I said that was a lie that right wing always use against people and meant it was unfair. Judy then corrected herself and stated the tax issue correctly and I praised her for that. This man that claimed he was moderator on your chat scolded me again for telling him that I did not like rightwingers that always use the tax issue and try to scare people. He then proceded to ban me from the chat for a few minutes for mainly using the lie word to Judy even after Judy and I were getting along just fine. I would like to see someone else moderate your chat on youtube instead of this person. He sounds righwing to me. Dont like him

DrRichard 3 years 23 weeks ago

You are absolutely right but it's hard to see the bulk of these people getting the traction and support they needed if there wasn't a deep level of frustration and despair in this country. Americans who are afraid of losing what they have (that is, the Middle Class) know they are being screwed even if they cannot quite articulate it. Wages are stagnant, power seems to be slipping away, and the country is steadily losing its primary influence in the world. Trump exploited this in the most vicious way, but whether he's here or not these conditions are not suddenly going to change.

Sadly the Democrats haven't done much to turn any of this situation around either. Indeed, the arrogance showed by Hilary Clinton not only cost her the election but hardened the lines. We should definitely go after the people who perpetrated, encouraged and laid the groundwork for this outrage. But if we don't get at the fundamental problems beneath it then another, more effective, Frankenstein's monster will arise.

DrRichard 3 years 23 weeks ago

Of course he didn't, Shadow. Trump is, like most bullies, a coward. Whenever something horrible happened because of what he said he could "plausibly deny" he ordered it. And yes, he has contempt for the world. What I don't understand is why all his enablers--and these are smart people--didn't get that he would turn on them in time. His wives, his investors, his contractors, his earlier associates in government, every one of them was shafted by him. Why should Pence or Graham think they were immune?

Riderpaul's picture
Riderpaul 3 years 23 weeks ago

This scenario already happened in the 2016 primary against Bernie Sanders including the direct video evidence, media collusion, well documented proof and it happened in state after state, but because it was the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign against the Bernie supporters, the blame was flipped on its head.

The irony is that the Bernie supporters would have had a legitimate reason to storm the capital, but they quietly retreated when faced with the relentless shaming that claimed how rude they were. Some Bernie supporters even tried the legal route (for example in Florida), but the DNC claimed that they didn't have a legitimate claim because the primary vote is only a recommendation and the DNC can nominate whomever they like no matter what the voters say. The result of the election fraud was that the DNC medaling resulted in the nomination of one of the least popular candidates in modern times over an enormously popular candidate with a YUGE following, practically handing Donald Trump the election. Yes HRC won the popular vote in California by 5 million votes, but lost the popular vote by 2 million votes outside of California and Trump legitimately won the electoral college vote and the election in 2016.

Bush vs Gore is another glaring example where the left had a legitimate reason to storm the capital. In that case Gore won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote, but refused to fight and as a result we got Bush Jr along with his campaign promise of a war in Iraq and all of its fallout.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 3 years 23 weeks ago

Certainly, the DNC lied like hell about Bernie in the 2016 primary. At least, some of the DNC officials (not all) were called out, albeit too late. But the dishonesty on the Democratic side of the aisle pales in comparison to the Republican side.

Legend, at the end of the last thread, also drilled down to this basic truth of America's most corrosive element of political strife at the present time:

"The real cause of these riots are Trumps lies. lies that get repeated by Guliani and his law team in court and shot down 60 times. But the lies continued. Repeated on mainstream media and right wing fringe media. Repeated on Social Media. Repeated by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley before and after the riots. Repeated by almost every right winger until the base believed it. I will give an ounce of credit to Mitch to saying they were lies before the riots. Now many lives are destroyed by these lies."


The Big Truth of Trump's Big Lie is that it's the primary glue that holds the disparate groups of radicalized wingers together -- a completely false conspiracy theory of widespread voter fraud that stole the election. Screaming hysterically across the fringe (now mainstream Republican) bubble-sphere, right-wing liars at all levels of society have supplied Trump with his personal army of irregular stormtroopers, spitin' mad, ready and willing to fight an asymmetric war against "da guvmut" -- meaning "DemocRATS", of course, those "child-molesting, baby-eating Satanists!"

And, needless to say, they're also held together by shit-storms of racism, hate, lust for violence, and willful ignorance taken to the nth degree.

Stirring up violence and chaos among their most extremist elements by constantly broadcasting the Big Lie -- Joseph Goebbels-style -- is also the common denominator of every treasonist strongman insurrectionist in the history of traitorous uprisings ("enemies within"). That is exactly what our founders tried so hard to prevent by formalizing the basic structure and laws that should govern a free and democratic yet civilized society, e.g., respecting the results of elections and the peaceful transfer of power -- the very core of the apple.

Sure, it's the "People's House," as the Capitol insurgents repeatedly chanted. But you can't just come in and trash the place, or beat up and kill the guards and housekeepers ...or steal our favorite Speaker's podium, for chrissakes! This house belongs to the rest of us too, you stupid assholes, and we don't give you permission to break our rules. Now get out! Someone call the cops!

The president, our most powerful public servant, broke the sacred trust, and so has every person in this country who, after everything despicable thing Trump has done, still supports him, including every Trumplican politicians in D.C. and all their brothers-in-arms running the Trumplican states. It can't just be remodeled and repainted; the entire Republican house of cards has to be torn down and rebuilt as a brand new party -- based on truth and factual reality.

Realistically, are there even enough competent Republican elected representatives with hearts in the right place and brains left intact to attempt such a top-to-bottom recommitment to basic principles, i.e., following truth instead of lies? It's highly doubtful given that most red-state politicians live in primal (and primary re-election) fear of angry Frankenstein mobs of their own creation, called "The base" (fittingly, the literal translation of "Al Qaeda") ...and of losing greedy billionaire financial support.

As complex as politics can be, it's actually based on pretty simple things, such as the ease of brainwashing gullible people trying to make sense of the economic and political unfairness of an American plutocracy, as DrRichard points out.

"There is no redemption without repentance. There is no repentance without accountability. There is no accountability without consequences." - David Frum

lalex's picture
lalex 3 years 23 weeks ago

DrRichard, I think they absolutely know for a fact that Trump can turn on them at any time at the drop of a dime. However, the Republican party currently is riding the wave of the Trump supporters, both mainstream and fringe. As long as he has almost half the country, minus 7 million, voting for him, standing up to Trump right now is political suicide for Republicans unless a majority of Republican leaders do it in tandem, which is very unlikely even after the events of last Wednesday.

They're literally between a rock and a hard place. If more of them had a spine, they would stand up for what's right as a group, but they're a convictionless, amoral, weasely, power-hungry, greedy, and hypocritical crowd that backed themselves into a corner and for whom I have less than zero sympathies.

Steve S56's picture
Steve S56 3 years 23 weeks ago

You are absolutely correct. Another issue is that the Republican Party has become the "God party." When you truly believe that you are on God's team, compromise becomes very difficult.

JosephQueen's picture
JosephQueen 3 years 23 weeks ago


Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

Where did the $$$$ come from? Thousands of low life people bought airplane tickets and flew to one of the most expensive cities in the world (in January) and stayed in expensive hotels. The people that they are arresting for the most part do not have jobs or have low paying jobs. When you are broke, flying to DC is not a normal thing. There is a lot to investigate.

Remember when Trump lost to Cruz in the first Iowa primary. He called it election fraud. In 2016 he could not lose unless there was election fraud. Now it is election fraud again. Why do people even listen to this baffoon. Lots of people destroyed their lives on the 6th. Jail and lawyer fees will destroy them. Many have lost their jobs because of it. On the 20th others will probably join them. Why?

On a side note, Sheldon Adelson, a Republican mega donor died at 87 years old. Reading his biography, he was Trumps largest donator and had huge losses in Las Vegas Casinos from Covid. Perhaps he is why Trump ignored Covid.

Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

The main reason so many Americans have had Covid is Republican Stupidity. Republicans that refused to wear masks in the Capitol spread Covid. The Republican terrorists did not wear masks and are easily identified. This virus does not just kill. It has long term affects. It will be a huge medical burden (including $$$$) for a long time.

Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

Curious how others are battling this. News websites that want a subscription to read an article. Granted it is usually not much $$. In one recent case 99 cents for 1 month. They made money up until recently off of advertising. Now they want advertising plus a subscription. I personally do not want to place my credit card at risk for 99 cents. Plus lots of times these type of subscriptions are hard to cancel. To read the articles that I would want to read I would have to have dozens of subscriptions. Currently I am killing the site and moving on.

Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

Deepspace, Thanks for the recognition. What I do not get is how do I understand this and so few others do? Part of it, is I do not watch Fox News. The number 1 spreader of fake news and opinion news. Now there is a worse media in Newsmax and OANN. Plus the web and right wing radio and podcasts. They are brainwashing America.

cuz's picture
cuz 3 years 23 weeks ago

Thom, I find it interesting you fondly reference Facebook who is in the process of censoring individuals that THEY deem to be unworthy. You of all people should be totally against that practice. Apple wouldn’t unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter but in less than 24 hours they ban Parler?

Right now there are two kinds of people in this country

  1. People who are celebrating their political opponents being purged from social media.
  2. Those who have studied history.

You are a history buff and you should know better. Like or dislike the opposition, you embarrass yourself with your silence on big business censoring anything. You have spent the last decade railing on big business and now we hear nothing?

What if I told you the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird?

Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

Are you saying that a private business should not be able to conduct business the way that it wants to. Parler is still available, Apple is just 1 company that does not want to carry it. Do you want to force Apple to carry it? Companies such as Twitter have standards that not followed results in denial of service. Happens in many forms.

Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

The Trump administration just lowered the age to 65 to get the vaccine. At the rate that my state is receiving the Vaccine it will take 8 weeks with perfect distribution to vaccinate the population >70. Now you have just added another large block of the population. Plus the next step was supposed to be 60 to 70. So everybody now gets to recalculate.

rostasi 3 years 23 weeks ago

I hope "Fred Flintstone" reads his email tomorrow on his show that he surely got from the "Trump Army."

It's freakin' hilarious.

rostasi 3 years 23 weeks ago

The comment above about how these poor people traveled to DC:
There were something like 170 buses chartering many of these people
that were provided by Clarence "Coke Can" Thomas' wife - and Charlie Kirk
provided something like 70 or 80 more and even offered to pay for accommodations.
Remember, too, that there really were a large number of well-to-do delusionals as well.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 3 years 23 weeks ago

à la #14:

The two kinds of people: ignoramuses who don't understand free speech and the First Amendment; revisionists who purposely misinterpret history. (Actually, there are 332 million kinds of people in the United States and 7.8 billion in the world.)

"Free speech protection under the First Amendment to the US Constitution applies only to the government censoring speech. It doesn't mean private companies can't decide what types of speech they allow on their platforms. Companies can and do have their own standards and policies that users must follow.

And they can remove users who violate those standards." - c|net

If someone told me the "left-wing" (Democratic issues reflect the majority sentiment) and the right-wing belong to the same bird, I would flip the bird. 🐔


Legend 3 years 23 weeks ago

If 170,buses were chartered by 2 indviduals I would think that there would be interstate (thus federal) charges. But Snopes says that they did not. Clarence Thomas wife did have the permit and fired up the crowd in an early speech. Many individuals did fly from western states.

norgotoad's picture
norgotoad 3 years 23 weeks ago

Much of the Republican party is acting like a criminal gang waiting to see how vigorous, or most probably, non-vigorous the "push back" is. They know they can get away with more and more. Reagan did Iran Contra (selling arms to a known foreign enemy to fund right wing contra insurrectionists against the Sandinistas who were basically thugs). Result: mostly nothing. Pardonings by Pres Bush 1. No push back. Nixon prior. Some punishment of cabinet officials, but Nixon was pardoned. Minimal push back. W who used 9/11 to gaslight the nation in order to invade Iraq, divest in the common infrastructure, and invert the economy resulting in the crash of 2008. Result: Obama's "let's look forward"and no pushback or accountability. Oh, one bonus of the Obama admin.: the labor-production "middle class" was totally replaced by the financial sector and cheap labor seeking. Now we have Trump. Invasion of the Capitol by the American version of brown shirts aided by police, high ranking officials, and the majority of the Republican party. Pushback has been tepid anemic at best. I expect there will be a few symbolic "arrests" for minor charges like tresspassing. Murders did occur and planned assassinations. Thousands should be arrested, but will not. Criminal gangs always look for exploits and the severity of any consequences. Right now they realize that the country is ripe for the taking. There is an enormous cost of this little Neo Liberal and Neo Fascist social experiment that many Americans have no idea of. Next move? Republithugs get back the congress, then the presidency while blaming all the future woes on the Dems (like blaming the trashing left over from a wild party on the janitors who have to clean it up). Anyhow, looks like checkmate in two moves.

norgotoad's picture
norgotoad 3 years 23 weeks ago

Yep. I doubt there will be much of a push-back at all. Currently most of those who organized insurrection are being charged with misdemeanors. Oh some may lose jobs and such. They will probably sue the gov't for such loses. The crime scene was totally compromised, so any physical evidence from that will be challenged. Much of the video evidence was from Iphones which are not secure, hence may be challenged. Now there may be months of attempting to coordinate multistate arrests which will cost millions and will persist for months and probably years. Accompanied by legal challenges all along the way funded by wealthy Republican donors. Meanwhile the meter is running and the evidence is aging rapidly. They prettty much got away with it. And this criminal Republithug gang is definitely taking notes on how far to take the next exploit. Doesn't look good.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 3 years 23 weeks ago

I hope you're wrong but fear you're right.

rostasi 3 years 23 weeks ago

OK, I stand corrected on the buses.
It really is difficult trying to keep up
with all of this. Sorry for furthering it.

SueN's picture
SueN 3 years 23 weeks ago

Everything you know is wrong?

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