September 2006

  • Transcript: Libertarians, Unbreakable Rules, and Prevention, Sep 22 2006

    Jeff in Denver, Colorado asked Thom: "Listening to your guest and listening to other Objectivists and Libertarians, they seem to be very much against rules, yet there are some rules where they adhere to more than anybody. I'd be very curious, because they keep saying, 'That's not right', what are those things, you know, what is that fundamentalist thing, what are those fundamental rules that they feel that you can never break? They keep talking about the individual."

  • Transcript: Two kinds of cons, Sep 11 2006

    They consider themselves great American patriots. They love this country just as much as you and I do. Their vision of how it should be is different than ours - their rationale and their reasons are different than ours - but they think that they are doing the right thing. In fact, they so think that they are doing the right thing, that even if it involves lying to achieve their ends, that the ends justifies the means...

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Hello All

Today, we are closing Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

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