March 2008

  • On the Program Today - March 31 2008

    Hour One - Guest: Yaron Brooks Topic : Is John McCain's modern version of Reaganomics destroying not only the middle class but America itself?

    Hour Two - Guest: Professor Bradley Schiller Topic: His recent Opinion piece in the WSJ "The Inequality Myth" Is America's middle class being wiped out?

    Hour Three - Guest: Howard Simon, Executive Director, ACLU-Florida Topic : Are we losing our privacy with spy drones, wiretapping, fingerprinting, etc...or are we becoming more secure?

  • WWRL contacts

    Contact for WWRL or Access 1 that owns WWRL.

    Air America is proud to announce that the Thom Hartmann Show has been picked up by four new affiliates -- 940 WINZ in Miami, Fla.; 1460 WZNZ in Jacksonville, Fla.; 1120 WNWF in Destin, Fla.; 930 KBAI-AM in Bellingham, Washington-- while 1600 WWRL in NYC (AccessOne) has bought the Ed Schultz Show outright and put it on in Thom's place in New York.

    While Thom is still available on XM and Sirius and can be streamed at, we look forward to finding a new home for him in New York City even as we continue to place his program on more major affiliates like WINZ in Miami.

    -- Mark Green, President, Air America Radio

  • The Thom Hartmann Program - Weekly Report

    New Darfur photos on "Thom's Blog" - click on that link on the right side of the page...
    Welcome on board to our newest affiliates...
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    Mar 31 - Apr 4 2008 Radio Guest Highlights for the Week...
  • Southern Sudan/Darfur 2008

    Photos from our trip to Southern Sudan on the border of Darfur in March, 2008:


    Joe & Sherry Madison and Thom on the border of Darfur at Gok Machar, Southern Sudan

    Darfur 2

    Thom recording a story from people who's villages were burned.

    darfur 3

    Thom and some friends (the local commissioner's security detail)

    Plane landing in Got Machar

    This is the plane landing to pick us up from the Southern Sudan / Darfur border.

    Children in Gok Machar

    Monica and her uncle

    One of the slaves returned to the nearby village was Monica's (the commisioner) uncle. He had been a slave since the early 80's.

    High officials in a remote area

    These are the high officials and chief (black cowboy hat) of a remote area we traveled to and delivered aid. He became very emotional when thanking us. He also promised to find the families of the recently returned slaves to his villages.

    The boys going through their 'sacks of hope.'

    The boys (newly freed slaves) going through their 'sacks of hope.'

    slave interview

    This boy was tied to a bench and raped by his master's son. He is being interviewed by CSI.

    freed slaves

    These boys are all former slaves. There are few older people in these pictures. At a certian age they are often killed and replaced by younger slaves.

    woman in west

    This woman is a former slave. Many times these childeren were the products of rape.


    These pictures are of abuse the children recieved as slaves. Many were stabbed, burnt, or beaten.

    abused woman

    Almost all the women went through genital mutilation. This woman refused and is telling the story of how she was beaten because of it.


    In this area 45,000 people share one well.


    This girl has a bad wound (below) in her leg. This will be the first time she's ever seen a doctor.


    sacks of hope

    "Sacks of Hope" we flew in to Gok Machar in the cargo plane with us. To donate a "Sack of Hope" click here:

    There are more photos of Darfur from Mia Farrow's site and on Ellen Ratner's Talk Radio News site at ...

  • March 27 2008 show notes

    • Melt down in Iraq. McCain's perspective in his speech, some of which really concerned Thom.
    • Guest: Larry Adelman. "Unnatural Causes" Documentary. Why Americans get so sick.
    • Guest: Carrie Lukas, Independent Women's Forum. Climate Security Act.
    • Progressive advertising feature: Guest: Huma Gruaz, the Shark Steam Mop.
    • Guest: Former Comptroller General of the United States David Walker.
    • Guest: Christy Harvey, Center for American Progress. "News Under the Radar".

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  • Thom Hartmann in Hustler Magazine on GOP Double Speak

    Thought for the day:

    "The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

    --Hunter S. Thompson

  • On the Program March 28th 2008

    Hour One - Guest: Gov. Brian Schweitzer & Senator Jon Tester

    Hour Two - Guest: "Brunch with Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders

    Hour Three - Guest: Rep. Jim McDermott Topic: Iraq visit funded by Saddam, Iraq 5 years later, and his trip to India about energy (just returned Wednesday

    Guest: Senator Max Baucus

    Minneapolis talk show host Jack Rice (along with Rusty Humphries and Joe Madison) accompanied Ellen Ratner, Dan Patterson, and me in South Sudan and on the Darfur border. Here's one of his interviews with John Eibner, the director of CSI (to donate, here's the link: :


  • March 26 2008 show notes

    Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

  • On the Program - March 27th 2008

    Hour One - Guest: Mark Mathis Topic: Thom and Mark Mathis debate - Florida Public Schools Forced to Embrace Darwinism and Silence Academic Freedom…Will This Set A Precedent For The Country?

    Hour Two - Guest: Carrie Lukas Topic: Thom is challenging Carrie who is here saying - America's Climate Security Act Bad for the Economy

    Hour Three - Guest: Former Comptroller General of the United States David Walker Topic: Expert insight, analysis and commentary into the recent market and economic crisis. Is there a limit on what Bernanke can do? What more can the Bush Administration do to restore credibility? What are the short-term and long-term problems and solutions?

    Guest: Christy Harvey Topic: "News Under the Radar"

    March 28 - Missoula, MT - Thom live from affiliate KMPT 930 Missoula, MT & 2 p.m. on the 28th Hartmann will give a talk at the Holiday Inn Parkside at 200 S. Pattee St. in Missoula. The talk is free and open to the public and Hartmann will be available to sign copies of his books. Guests: Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Senator Jon Tester & Senator Bernie Sanders "Brunch with Bernie" all here on Friday.

  • March 25 2008 show notes

    • Is it time for the democrats to begin using the 'D' word?
    • Violence is flaring up between al Sadr's forces and the government in Iraq.
    • Nuclear attack on Iran?
    • Guest: Congressman Mike Capuano (MA-08), co-chair of the Congressional Sudan Caucus.
    • Guest: Dahr Jamail, independent journalist reporting from the Middle East.

    Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

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