May 2008

  • May 20 2008 show notes

    • How long has the government been lying to us in order to impoverish the middle class?
    • Kentucky and Oregon voting today.
    • Guest: Hank Stern, managing news editor, Willamette Week. Oregon is one of the most normal states.
    • Guest: Mark Dice, founder of the Christian Group "The Resistance". Why is he boycotting the Starbucks' logo... does it really offend him or is he just looking for attention?
    • Guest: Jeff Sharlet, the Revealer, author of "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power".
    • "Full Monty Alert": Guest: Jennifer Moss. Naked activism.

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  • Obama vs. Hillary: Punishment or Healing?

    Last Sunday I wrote a short blog suggesting that Obama should consider Hillary Clinton as his VP

    What has startled me even more than the roughly 30/70 "good idea"/"are you nuts?" emails I've gotten in response is the ten percent or so (on both sides, but mostly the latter) who expressed concern that with Clinton (or any "establishment/machine" candidate) on the ticket (a'la LBJ) that Barack Obama would face a fate identical to that of JFK.

  • On the Program - May 23 2008

    Hour One: Guest: U.S. Senator (I-VT) Bernie Sanders

    "Anything Goes Friday"

  • On the Program - May 22 2008

    Hour One - Timothy Lee Topic: Why is American industry spending big bucks to kill unions?
    Hour Two - William Yeatman Topic: What should we save - the polar bear or Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson's 16.7 million compensation package? It's up 28% from the year before.
    Hour Three - Obama - Ask Hillary First
    Guest: Christy Harvey Topic: News Under the Radar
  • Obama - Is Oregon the Bellwether for the Nation or just a Bunch of Latte Liberals?

    By Thom Hartmann

    Last night I found myself screaming at the television. What the commentators seemed to be saying was "Well, yeah, those folks out in Oregon, those mostly white folks out in Oregon, they did vote for Barack Obama, but, you know, they're the exception in this country because they're just so weird. They are so liberal out there in Oregon. You can't use them as any kind of barometer or metric for anything about what could happen in the real election."

    Not true.

    I wanted to do a reality check. So, I checked in with Kari Chisholm of, which is the premier political blog in this state, the state of Oregon.

  • Obama - ask Hillary first

    by Thom Hartmann

    The issue at hand for the Democratic Party for winning in ‘08 is not losing to McCain but losing to a divided Democratic party. The first thing Obama should do if nominated is put Hillary on the ticket. Will the Republicans have a field day with her on the ticket? Yes! Is their some bad blood in the water due to some negative campaign strategies on the part of the Clintons? Probably. Can Hillary be a tough fighter able to play tough allowing Obama to stay higher above the fray? Yes!

  • Transcript: Kari Chisholm, 21 May 2008

    The day after the primary, Thom and Kari Chisholm debunk the idea that Barack Obama's win in Oregon can be discounted because Oregon "is such a liberal state". In fact, Oregon is as average as can be in many ways, and has a Republican Senator and a Republican Member of Congress. Oregon shows that Obama can win the country.

  • On the Program - May 21 2008

    Hour One - Kari Chisomm Topic: Does Oregon Put Obama's White Working Class Problem To Rest?

    Hour Two - Fred Lucas Topic: Election results through the lens of both conservative and liberal what?

    Hour Three "Everything You Know is Wrong" Dr. Stephen Frye Topic:"Twenty-Five Reasons to Legalize Drugs - We Really Lost This War"

  • May 19 2008 show notes

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  • On the Program - May 20th 2008

    Hour One - Topic: How long has the government been lying to us in order to impoverish the middle class?

    Hour Two - Guest: Mark Zussman, Editor in Chief, Willamette Week  Topic: If Obama clinches the nomination today, where do we go from here?

    Guest: Mark Dice Founder of the Christian Group "The Resistance" Topic: Why are you boycotting the Starbucks' logo...does it really offend you or are you just looking for attention?

    Hour Three - Guest: Jeff Sharlet Topic: His new book "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power"

    Guest: "Full Monty Alert" Jennifer Moss Topic: naked activism

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