September 2008

  • On the Program - Sep 5th 2008

    Anything Goes! Friday

    Hour One -"Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders

    Hour Two - Actor/Activist Mike Farrell Topic:Help Joe innocent man in prison for a crime he didn't commit

    Guest: "Caught You Doing Something Right" John Garcia Topic: Saving the Michael Vick Dogs"

  • Where's the News

    Where’s the News?

    As I could have predicted, the corporate mainstream media is falling all over themselves to congratulate Sarah Palin on her speech. The well known truth is that Palin's speech has galvanized the conservative base. The media is not and most likely will not ask the tough questions like…

    --Why does Sarah Palin continue to lie unchallenged by the media about her support of the “Bridge to Nowhere?”

    --Why did Wasilla rarely received few any earmarks before Palin became mayor? She actively sought federal funds and hired a lobbyist with close ties to Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who made funneling money to Alaska his hallmark.

    --Why did Sarah Palin not walk out of her church when just two weeks ago, she sat there while her pastor gave a anti-Jewish sermon?

    --While the McCain campaign has stressed her command of the National Guard – Why has Sarah Palin has never issued a single order to them?

    --How do the American people sit with Palin’s claims that American soldiers have been sent to Iraq "on a task that is from God?"

    --Why is Sarah Palin involved with AIP? Several days ago the chair of the AIP, a secessionist party, said that Palin attending the 1994 convention. “she was there.”


    Neither ABC nor CBS aired analysis from Democrats, Democratic strategists, or progressive media figures during their live coverage of the second day of the Republican National Convention on September 2 (the first day of the networks' live coverage of the convention). By contrast, both networks aired analysis from Republicans and conservatives, as well as from Democrats and progressives, during coverage of the second day of the Democratic National Convention on August 26.

    Let the media know we’re sick and tired of the corporate and “conservative” bias that doesn’t serve, “We the People.”

    Thom Hartmann

  • August 29 2008 show notes

    Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

  • Transcript: Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar at the RNC. 02 September 2008

    Thom Hartmann talks with Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul about their arrests and those of other members of the press, the protests, and the "preemptive raids" on peaceful non-protesting groups.

  • Republicans: You Can Leave Your Hat On

    In response to Hurricane Gustav on the opening day of the RNC convention Cindy McCain said "As John has been saying for the last several days, this is a time when we take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats." I just would like Cindy and John McCain to know many of us never take off our American hats. Our “American hats” are aware of the daily economic, health and environmental hurricanes of…

    n 45 million people with no health care and 16 million underinsured in America.

    n According to Ted Kennedy “We have 36 million Americans that are going to bed hungry every night. 36 million Americans! And 12 million of those are children!" in America.

    n In the first six months of this year, a total of 438,000 jobs have been lost, bringing unemployment to 5.5% in America.

    n Melting polar ice hits 'tipping point,' nears record loss in America.

    n The national average gas price is $4.09, up 33% from this time last year . Gas prices are now expected to hit “$4.25 by the fall and then stay at more than $4 a gallon until the end of 2009” in America.

    n U.S. food prices rose 4 percent in 2007 making it the fastest rise in 17 years in America.

    n The value of the dollar is declining: The dollar “has been declining steadily for six years against other major currencies, undercutting its role as the leading international banking currency” in America.

    So please Republicans – do try to keep your American hats on more often and help restore America to it’s founding phrase “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    ~Thom Hartmann

  • August 28 2008 show notes

    Show live from the Invesco stadium at Mile High.

    Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

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