December 2022

  • Wednesday 21 December '22 show notes

    • Will America keep our word to Ukraine?
    • Trump's tax returns in context - on facebook & twitter
    • Sen. Sanders's new position as Chair of the Senate's HELP committee - Senator Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator (I-VT) / Chair of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions / 2 time candidate for President of the U.S.
    • Are the bipartisan retirement proposals mostly just More Tax Cuts for the uber wealthy? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System (now also available as an e-book) & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • A new medicare advantage audit shows it's ripping off retirees and the government
    • Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine, Phil Ittner, on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine - Phil Ittner, Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine
    • The future of carbon capture? - carbon drawdown project - Matthew Sniff, Matthew is a technology entrepreneur w/a degree in Geology from William & Mary - Natalie Marcotullio, digital marketing professional making climate action more accessible to the masses
  • Tuesday 20 December '22 show notes

    • The Dirty Game Republicans are Playing with Desperate People's Lives
    • How the News Dies.
    • I donate to this charity and you should too - one of the best to help the children of Ukraine. Dr. Irwin Redlener is on about their good works.... - Dr. Irwin Redlener, Pediatrician & Child Advocate / Sr. Research Scholar-Columbia University - National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) / Author, The Future of Us and Americans at Risk
    • News you need to know....omnibus spending, Russia/China joint drills and Jan 6th probe...oh my
    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) / Member & Former Co-Chair-Congressional Progressive Caucus / (Committees: Appropriations / Also, Education & Labor)
  • Monday 19 December '22 show notes

    • Should a Handful of Billionaires Own More Wealth than the Bottom 50% of All Americans?
    • How car repossession and fascism go together...
    • GOP wants you to believe a "woke army" is coming, instead of white supremacists on the rise
    • Coverage of today's final hearing of the J-6 Committee...
    • Thom's take and your calls...
  • Friday 16 December '22 show notes

    • What the Final Stage of Reaganism Looks Like
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • When Twitter bans journalists - does it hurt Twitter or democracy?
    • Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine - Phil Ittner, Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine
    • More voter suppression on the way due to Dem run-off wins
    • Will Puerto Rico become a state? Why not DC first?
    • Crazy Alert! Yes - You are going to jail for an NFT Salesman...
    • The hope and tragedy of climate change - Dr. Michael Mann, University Distinguished Professor & Director of the Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media, University of Pennsylvania / Author of a number of books, most recently, The New Climate War
  • Thursday 15 December '22 show notes

    • Why Doesn't America Have $10 Broadband?
    • Once You See the Truth About Cars, You Can't Unsee It
    • India's renewable plans includes exporting it globally
    • Investigative Journalist Greg Palast joins Thom for a FULL Hour on all things "voting" related... - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author & Filmmaker - latest film is "Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman"
    • Hill Hearing on Anti-Democratic Extremist Groups Threats + January 6th Committee final report and criminal referral - Peter Montgomery, Senior Fellow - People For the American Way (PFAW) / Managing Director - Right Wing Watch
    • GOP doesn't want protections for journalists...why?
  • Wednesday 14 December '22 show notes

    • Breaking down the Jan. 6 committee's possible referrals — criminal and beyond
    • Powell should think twice about raising interest rates... Is Powell pushing a recession that will help the GOP/2024?
    • How Do We Stop Wealthy Rightwing "Christians" from Bribing the Supreme Court?
    • Is Brazil having a Jan 6th dictator moment?
    • Good News! OR Gov Commuting all death sentences to life without parole
    • DeSantis is calling for a grand jury to investigate Covid vaccines...really?
    • On the spread of domestic terrorism - Keisha Deonarine NAACP Director of Opportunity, Race, and Justice
    • Branding Democrats: A Top to Bottom Reimagining of Campaign Strategies - Ken Weber, President at Weber Asset Management, Inc. & author previously of Dear Investor, What the HELL are You Doing? - Daryl Weber, brand strategist & author previously of Brand Seduction: How Neuroscience Can Help Marketers Build Memorable Brands
  • Tuesday 13 December '22 show notes

    • Trump Isn't Our Biggest Problem: It's the Authoritarian Fascist Movement He Launched
    • There were loads of Oath Keepers working in the DHS on Jan 6th....What were they doing?
    • This group wants to expand and improve Medicare—not destroy it with backdoor privatization
    • New JFK Docs to Be Released Thursday...or WILL they? - Lamar Waldron, Political Commentator / JFK Historian & Author of numerous books, including Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA.
  • Monday 12 December '22 show notes

    • Is America Blind to Trump's Genocide?
    • MTG and Bannon brag they would have succeeded on Jan 6th with arms...treason?
    • Musk sends the far right after Fauci as Fauci blast cowards harassing his wife & children
    • Geeky Science! Can a fusion breakthrough boost clean energy?
    • Voters want Congress to raise taxes on big corporations, not cut them - Frank Clemente, Executive Director - Americans for Tax Fairness
    • Anti-ACLU group is working hard to make sure white people stay in control
  • Friday 09 December '22 show notes

    • Did Kysten Sinema switch to an independent to become a better"corporate lobbyist?"
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • Democrats Have Enough Votes to Get Gigi Sohn On the FCC—Will They Succeed?
    • Georgia Runoff Vote: There was no record turnout but a voter collapse - here's why... - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author & Filmmaker - latest film is "Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman"
    • Are electrical substation attacks the new coming terrorism?
    • Oregon epidemiologist is pleading for all to wear a mask
    • Geeky Science! How insanely destructive sugar is to the body
  • Thursday 08 December '22 show notes

    • How To Kill and Get Away With It
    • The Right Wing is melting down about Griner being freed...
    • Trump wasn't that bad... other than when.
    • Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine, Phil Ittner, on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine - Phil Ittner, Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine
    • What have the Kushners done?
    • How Oregon plans to deal with gun laws and forces arrayed against us - John Hummel Deschutes County District Attorney and Measure 114 Committee Member

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