Sue's Daily Summaries

Friday 19 April '19 show notes

  • Anything Goes Friday... Processing the Mueller Report... What Do You Think About It? Thom Takes Your Calls...
  • Anything Goes Friday... If It's Time To Impeach Trump (and It Is)... Pence & Barr Should Also Be Impeached... Thom Takes Your Calls
  • Anything Goes Friday - What Happens If We Don't Impeach Trump? Thom Takes Your Calls...

Thursday 18 April '19 show notes

  • Today's Barr Press Conference On the Release of the Mueller Report...
  • The Mueller Report is Out... What Do We Do Now? Thom Shares His Thoughts & Takes Your Calls...
  • Is It Time to Impeach... Bill Barr?

Wednesday 17 April '19 show notes

  • Is the Move to Authoritarianism the Worst That Trump Has Done?
  • Is There a Retail Apocalypse or Is Retail Going the Way of the Buggy Whip?
  • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • United Healthcare is Working to Sabotage Medicare for All - How long are We Going to Let Greedy Corporations Control Our Politics?

Tuesday 16 April '19 show notes

  • Is Trump Creating His Own Private Police Force?
  • Trump Continues Attack on Omar "She's Got A Way About Her That's Very Very Bad for Our Country"
  • Did Bernie On Fox Just Show Progressive Politics Are Widely Beloved?
  • Why Mueller's Investigation Into Trump Collusion Was Deeply Flawed - Kenneth F. McCallion, Attorney / Author of several books including his latest, Treason & Betrayal, The Rise and Fall of Individual

Monday 15 April '19 show notes

Thursday 11 April '19 show notes

  • How Bernie Pays for Medicare for All?
  • Warren's New Corporate Tax Plan
  • Did Julian Assange Sabotage Wikileaks?
  • What About Fractional Reserve Banking? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work/Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown
  • Conversations With Great Minds: Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom - Professor David W. Blight, Professor of American History and Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance & Abolition-Yale University / Author or Editor of a dozen books...

Wednesday 10 April '19 show notes

  • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • Vicky Ward - new book, Kushner Inc.: Greed, Ambition, Corruption - Vicky Ward, Editor at Large - Huffington Post / Author of the new book, Kushner Inc.: Greed, Ambition, Corruption
  • Censorship... Just Like China... Here in the U.S.? - Nandan Joshi, Attorney - Public Citizen Litigation Group

Tuesday 9 April '19 show notes

  • The Barr Coverup Continues
  • We Now Have a Lawless President & Lawless GOP - Is the Coup Complete On the GOP Side? What Can We Do?
  • Should There Be a Law that Says Anyone Running for President to Release 10 years of Tax Returns - Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks
  • Are Drug Prices Higher Because Congress Has Invested in the Stock Market?
  • $1 Billion Wasted by DeVos and Department of Education on Charter School - Jeff Bryant, Chief Correspondent & Writing Fellow - Independent Media Institute

Monday 8 April '19 show notes

  • Do We Need a Marshall Plan for Central America?
  • Is Trump Saying America is Full for Only People of Color?
  • Surprising Reveal In His "Finding Your Roots" (Catch the full episode Tuesday night on PBS) - Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show/SiriusXM Urban View
  • How to Defeat the NRA... - Igor Volsky, Executive Director -Guns Down America & Author of the new book (out tomorrow), Guns Down: How to Defeat the NRA and Build a Safer Future With Fewer Guns

Friday 5 April '19 show notes

  • Anything Goes!

Thursday 4 April '19 show notes

  • Revealed: Connection Between Bill Barr, MLK's Murder & Coverup - Political Commentator/JFK Historian Lamar Waldron, author of The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination and Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA, and co-author with Thom of "Ultimate Sacrifice" and "Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination"
  • Why Aren't Interest Rates Going Up In a World of Massive Debt - Economist Dr.

Wednesday 3 April '19 show notes

  • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • What the right calls Christianity isn't Christianity...screen cover for bigotry & tribalism. True Christianity only exists on the left - David Horowitz, Founder - David Horowitz Freedom Center / Author of numerous books, latest is Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America
  • Trump Considering Kris Kobach For Immigration Czar...

Tuesday 2 April '19 show notes

  • Will Trump's Secret Plan for Healthcare Help Him Win in 2020?
  • "In the Event That I Die From Gun Violence - Please Show the Photo of My Death"
  • 'Time to Act': Nationwide Protests Planned If Barr Fails to Release Full Mueller Report By Tonight - Zac Petkanas, Spokesperson -

Monday 1 April '19 show notes

  • Joe Biden... Reflecting the Patriarchal Culture He Grew Up In?
  • Cecile Richards - To Make Change, You Have to Make Trouble - Cecile Richards, National Leader for Women's Rights and Social & Economic Justice / Former President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund / Daughter of the late Governor Ann Richards
  • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • Politics, music - Roy Zimmerman, Musical satirist, latest album is RiZe Up.

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