Sue's Daily Summaries

Monday 10 June '19 show notes

  • Impeach Trump... Bypass the Senate - Professor Laurence Tribe, Carl M. Loeb University Professor & Professor of Constitutional Law - Harvard Law School / latest book: To end a presidency : the power of impeachment
  • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • Social Security... all your questions answered - Alex Lawson, Executive Director - Social Security Work
  • Ice on Fire - Leila Conners, President - Tree Media / Director of the new HBO film "Ice on Fire"

Friday 7 June '19 show notes

  • In for Thom today - Jefferson Smith, host/owner progressive radio XRAY-FM, Portland, OR
  • Anything Goes Friday!
  • Is a Trump Recession Inevitable in 2020? - Professor William "Bill" Black, Professor of Economics & Law-University of Missouri-Kansas City / Author - The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One (Professor Black is a former bank regulator who led investigations of the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s)
  • The History of Women's Suffrage - Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner, Feminist pioneer, lecturer, author and story-teller of women's rights history.

Wednesday 5 June '19 show notes

  • In for Thom today - Jefferson Smith, host/owner progressive radio XRAY-FM, Portland, OR
  • The Secret Society Behind the Supreme Court's Obamacare Case... - Caroline Fredrickson, President - American Constitution Society (ACS) / Author - The Democracy Fix: How to Win the Fight for Fair Rules, Fair Courts and Fair Elections
  • Extreme Climate Change Calls for an Extreme Climate Leader...
  • How Republicans Plan to Rig Elections for a Decade - Alex Shephard, Staff Writer - New Republic

Tuesday 6 June '19 show notes

  • Who Pulled "The Internet Kill Switch" Over the Weekend & Why?
  • Guns and Healthcare... Which One is a Right and Which One is a Privilege? Thom vs. Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times - Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks
  • The Latest on Money In Politics - Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Move To Amend

Monday 3 June '19 show notes

  • America Needs to Recognize Fox-So-Called-News As Propaganda...
  • Is the Move Towards Trump Style Authoritarianism Provoking Civil War Worldwide?
  • Future of Brexit, Theresa May's Departure, New PM? Euro Elections and Baby Blimp's (Trump) Visit to U.K - Victoria Jones, Executive Director - DC Radio Company LLC
  • Guns - The Power of Life & Death...
  • Hope and History: A Memoir of Tumultuous Times - (former) Ambassador William vanden Heuvel, Attorney, former Deputy US Permanent Representative to the U.N.

Friday 31 May '19 show notes

  • North Korea Executes Their U.S. Envoy (and 4 Others) Who Organized Hanoi Summit w/Trump...
  • Trade & Immigration - Trump's Re-Election Campaign Rolls Forward...
  • Anything Goes Friday...What's On Your Mind? Thom Takes YOUR Calls

Thursday 30 May '19 show notes

  • The Mockery of Democracy in Texas - Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist/Author/Filmmaker, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
  • Our President Is A Crook and a Psychopath - When Will We Impeach Him?
  • Will Trump Try to "End" Iran? - Jamal Abdi, President - National Iranian American Council (NIAC)
  • China Trade Tariffs/NAFTA, etc.

Wednesday 29 May '19 show notes

  • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • JFK's birthday Anniversary - The Files Barr & Trump Are Hiding - Political Commentator/JFK Historian Lamar Waldron, author of The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination and Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA, and co-author with Thom of "Ultimate Sacrifice" and "Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination"
  • The End of Ice

Tuesday 28 May '19 show notes

  • Trump & GOP - Welcome To The End of The World...
  • Funerals for Miscarriages UpHeld By Supreme Court...
  • What Happened in the French Elections? What Does it Mean? - Cole Stangler, Paris-based Journalist / Contributor - The Nation & Jacobin (among others)
  • Do We Have 6 More Years of Trump & What Does That Mean For America?
  • Is Trump Trying To Get A Russian Spy Killed?

Thursday 23 May '19 show notes

  • A Small Tax on Wall Street to Make Big Change! - the honorable Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
  • How Do We Take Back the Military From the Billionaire Owned Military Industrial Complex?
  • Medicare For All and the Latest on the House Judiciary Committee - Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, U.S.

Wednesday 22 May '19 show notes

  • Why America's Green New Deal Could be a Boon for China....
  • The Trump Protection Society Exposed
  • The Trade War has begun, and Trump is handling it badly
  • The Bottom-Up Revolution: Mastering the Emerging World of Connectivity - Rob Kall, Host - The Rob Kall Bottom Up Show on Pacific Radio / Publisher - OpEdNews & Author of the new book, "The Bottom-Up Revolution: Mastering the Emerging World of Connectivity"

Tuesday 21 May '19 show notes

  • Could America Fall Just Like Rome?
  • Imagine this scenario...
  • What Do We Do When Our Elected Leaders Won't Adhere To the Rule of Law?

Monday 20 May '19 show notes

  • Should Mega Tornado Cities and Homeowners Send Their Bills to the Fossil Fuel Industry?
  • Why Millennials May Be The Lost Generation...
  • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • These 6 corporations are Financing the War on Women 6 States
  • The Mueller Report Surprises

Friday 17 May '19 show notes

  • The GOP's Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice May Be Coming Your Way...Sooner Than You Think
  • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • Anything Goes Friday - Thom Takes YOUR Calls...What's On Your Mind?

Thursday 16 May '19 show notes

  • In for Thom today - Jefferson Smith, host/owner progressive radio XRAY-FM, Portland, OR
  • Alabama Just Set Up the Challenge to Roe... - Dr. Leana Wen, President - Planned Parenthood, the first physician in nearly 50 years to lead the organization which provides vital health services to nearly 2.5 million MEN & women each year
  • Reaction to the Alabama & Missouri anti-abortion laws continue as callers share their stories...

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Trump - Dumb Luck or A Master Manipulator?

Thom plus logo Either it's an act of a master manipulator, or he has the best luck there is. Donald Trump wanted the Fed to lower interest rates, knowing that that would provide a solid and multi-year boost to the economy. But when Trump came into office, rates were already low and the Fed was not inclined to help.
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