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Monday 14 March '22 show notes

  • Should We Have Mask Mandates At All? Or Should We Be On our Own? Are you going to continue wearing masks or have you thrown caution to the wind?
  • The Death of Nature & the War On Ukraine are Part of the Same Thing
  • Russia Isn't As Powerful As We Thought
  • Should China Be Sanctioned for Helping Russia?
  • Trump Calls All Trumpers to "Lay Down Their Very Lives" To defend US Against CRT - Is Trump now the Grand Wizard of the KKK? Has anyone done more for racism than Trump?
  • Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to COVID-19 - Alexander "Alex" Zaitchik, Freelance Journalist focusing on politics, media & the environment / Contributor-The Nation, Jacobin, / Author of the new book, Owning the Sun: A People's History of Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to Covid-19.
  • In Good News - Denver Has Sent Mental Health Teams Instead Of Cops Over 2000 Times. No Police Back-Up Needed. Ever.
  • What Should America Do about Pro-Russian Trolls and TikTok War?

Friday 11 March '22 show notes

  • Wannabee Strongman DeSantis Deploys Election Police
  • Missouri is Now Suggesting Death Penalty as Punishment for Giving Abortions
  • Why Is Tucker Carlson and Fox News Being the "Stooges" for Putin?
  • Death Cult Alert! a GOP political strategist sent a message to the South Dakota AG days after he fatally did a hit-and-run, saying "At Least the Guy Was a Democrat"
  • It's Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 10 March '22 show notes

  • New GOP Plan to Raise Taxes on Working People & End Social Security & Medicare
  • A Decline in Hate Groups Shows How Deeply Extremism Has Spread
  • Why Isn't the Hidden Toll Of Covid Being Discussed?
  • Don't Say Gay Bill what? - Shevrin "Shev" Jones PhD, Florida State Senator / Executive Director-Florida Reading Corps / Former Chemistry Teacher
  • Who Will the New Election Police in FL Appointed by Ron DeSantis Go After?
  • You Just have to Ask - Why Is the GOP Working to Keep Gas Prices High?
  • Why We Should Be Concerned About the New Massive Mysterious Methane Plumes Occurring All Over America

Wednesday 09 March '22 show notes

  • The Trump, Putin & Saudi Connection to Raise Oil Prices Exposed
  • As Russian oil Sanctions Were Put Together, Fox & Friends repeated the network's top 4 lies about gas prices
  • Republicans Have a White Nationalist Problem': Florida Newspaper Lays Waste to the GOP
  • As US Education Secretary Warns Florida on 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Passage: 'All Schools Must Follow Federal Civil Rights - a Florida MAGA Senator Speaking in Support of 'Don't Say Gay' law says 'LGBT Is Not a Permanent Thing'
  • MAGA Lawmaker Wants Bill Banning Women From Leaving Missouri to End Pregnancies
  • Fox Newsers Love Rick Scott's radical GOP blueprint - His plan that would raise taxes on most Americans and put Social Security and Medicare at risk
  • GOP Death Cult Alert! QAnon/GOP Michigan Nominee's Weird & Deadly Agenda

Tuesday 08 March '21 show notes

  • The Economics of An Oil Embargo
  • Are We Watching the Downfall of Putin & Could It Happen Within 6 Months? And, Are We Seeing a New Swastika Emerge Our of Russia?
  • Can the World Learn from the Failure of the Budapest Accords?
  • Debate: Thom Vs The Freedom Convoy - People Are Dying In Ukraine to Defend Real Freedom & You Guys Are Burning Tons Of Diesel Fuel to Complain About Masks? How Pathetic Is that? - Michael Letts, Co-Chairman, Freedom Convoy USA 2022 / (Also, CEO & Founder, InVest USA - non-profit helping communities provide bullet proof vests for police
  • Is Tucker Carlson a New Tokyo Rose or a Worthless Piece of Crap for His Coverage of Putin?
  • The Hidden History of Big Brother in America: How the Death of Privacy and the Rise of Surveillance Threaten Us and Our Democracy
  • Geeky Science! Covid May Cause Changes In the Brain, A New Study Finds...

Monday 07 March '22 show notes

  • Warning of 'large-scale ecological disaster' - Joe Cirincione, Distinguished Non-Resident Fellow at the Quincy Institute (former President-Ploughshares Fund) / national security analyst & author of 7 books including Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World before It Is Too Late and Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons
  • Ukraine Again Shows Why Decentralized Energy is Essential
  • The Shock of Autocrats, Money & Corruption
  • Progressive Town Hall - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • COVID Memorial Day and New CDC Guidelines - Kristin Urquiza, MPA, Co-Founder & Chief Activist - Marked By Covid
  • Were the Truckers Punked by Russian trolls? Or are they just not that bright?

Friday 04 March '22 show notes

  • Ukraine/Trump/Authoritarianism - Are you feeling a Sense of Doom or Hope?
  • Why Big Oil & the GOP are Sabotaging Ukraine, America, Our Atmosphere & Our Next Generation
  • This is a "We'll See" Moment for the "Don't Say Gay" Bill in Florida
  • Why white evangelical Christians are Putin's biggest American fan base
  • How Trump Allies Are Plotting To Undermine Jan. 6 Probe

Thursday 03 March '22 show notes

  • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • Are Republicans Patriotic Enough to Support a Ban on Russian Oil Imports Without Turning It Into a Hustle?
  • Tucker Carlson Goes Off On Epic Racist Rant about Judge Ketanji Jackson Brown
  • Conversations with Great Minds: Kelly Weill - Kelly Weill, Journalist - The Daily Beast / Author of the new book, "Off The Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why People Will Believe Anything"
  • The Supreme Court Case that Threatens Federal Climate Action - Amy Westervelt, Investigative journalist & host the most-listened-to climate podcast Drilled and the new climate lawsuits podcast Damages (just launched this month)

Wednesday 02 March '22 show notes

  • As the Fourth Great Turning Unwinds, Ukraine has become the George Floyd of the World
  • 5 takeaways from Biden's State of the Union speech
  • Germany Is Prepared To Stop Buying Gas From Russia - Should the Entire World Stop Too?
  • What Will Rising Interest Rates Do?
  • Should Religion Be Allowed to Be Discriminate? - Ian Millhiser, Senior Correspondent - Vox / Author - The Agenda: How a Republican Supreme Court is Reshaping America
  • Indivisible to Senate Republicans Using Racist Dogwhistles: F**k Off - Meagan Hatcher-Mays, Lawyer & Director of Democracy Policy - Indivisible

Tuesday 01 March '21 show notes

  • Why Does Everything the GOP Touches About Death & Dying?
  • Why the EU May Approve Ukraine's Membership Today
  • Russian Police Go After a Pregnant Woman Who Posted On Facebook...
  • It's Despicable That Manchin Voted with the GOP to Control Women
  • How Big Oil is Exploiting the Crisis in Ukraine
  • Has Putin Lost His Mind or Is This Just How All Oligarchs Become? - Psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank MD, Psychoanalyst & Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science - George Washington University / Author - Trump on the Couch (Previous books include Bush on the Couch & Obama on the Couch)

Monday 28 February '22 show notes

  • Thom & Greg Do a Roundup On Ukraine - Greg Palast, The Guardian / Investigative Journalist/Author/Filmmaker & Puffin Writing Fellow, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy / His new book, How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America's Vanished Voters
  • Putin Is Dropping Immoral & War Crime Cluster Bombs that Kill Children in Karcev - Is he killing children as a negotiating strategy?
  • The GOP Bromance Of Putin Revealed - Eric Boehlert, Founder/Editor - PressRun.Media
  • The GOP Is Trying To Turn America Into Putin's Russia
  • CPAC Proves America Needs a History Lesson at the State Of the Union?
  • Transgendered Kids Are Being Terrorized By The Governor of TX?
  • The Risk to Ukraine's 15 Operating Reactors & Chernobyl - Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Specialist - Beyond Nuclear
  • The Scheme to Trick Voters Into Switching Parties Exposed

Friday 25 February '22 show notes

  • Republicans Siding with Putin Loathe Democracy & Honest Elections
  • The Brave Ukrainians & Russians Who Are Speaking Out & Being Arrested or Killed
  • Ukraine update
  • Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson?
  • Crazy and Ouch Alert! Russian space chief says he could let International Space Station crash into US if sanctions proceed
  • While You Weren't Watching FL Passed its Abhorrent "Don't Say Gay Bill"
  • Will Hackers Come to the Rescue of Ukraine?

Thursday 24 February '22 show notes

  • A War Against One is a War Against All
  • Is China Taunting Taiwan as the Ukraine Invasion Begins?
  • How Could We Have had Such a Sorry Piece of Crap, like Trump as President?
  • We Can't Look Away From Ukraine
  • Biden speech on Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • Putin Threatens Nuclear Attack on West?

Wednesday 23 February '22 show notes

  • Democracy Gets a "Fist on the Nose" in Ukraine but... That's just the Beginning...
  • Why Victor Orban & His Buddies at Fox News Are Supporting Russia
  • In Good News - A new Covid vaccine shows 100 percent efficacy against severe disease and hospitalizations
  • Truckers Are Invading DC
  • What Will Be the Impact of the Russia Sanctions on America? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System
  • The Scary New GOP "Contract With America" Is Emerging & It's Mean & Dangerous
  • How Social Media is Dominated By the far Right Wing - Journalist Judd Legum, Founder - (former founding Editor-in-Chief, Think

Tuesday 22 February '21 show notes

  • Is the Anti-Democracy Movement Reaching a Tipping Point in the US and Around the World?
  • Performance Art Is What the GOP Has Been Reduced To
  • Is It True We Won't Need a 4th Booster? - Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, Epidemiologist & Health Economist / Adjunct Senior Fellow - Federation of American Scientists
  • Is This How Bullies Win? Are You Tuning Out?
  • A New Study Links a 11% Rise in Gun Homicides to "Stand Your Ground" Laws - Will America Listen?
  • Police in NC Were Going Door-to Door Harassing Black Voters - When Will America Learn?

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