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Wednesday 23 March '22 show notes

  • Judge Jackson Hearing Proves All the Sold-Out GOP Has Left is Performance Art
  • With this hardening of belief, how will this end? How can we even talk with them?
  • Geeky Science -Liquid metal, ruby and sapphire could rain down on huge exoplanet
  • The War In Ukraine Is Taking Place in the Worlds 5th largest Wheat Producing Nation - What Will that Mean Socially and Economically for America & the World? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System
  • As GOP Blocks Funds, Federal Agency Ends Covid Coverage for Uninsured - How any Poor and Uninsured Families Will Covid Devastate?
  • NeoNazis Plotted to Kill BLM Leaders and Blow Up the Power Grid - How different would the coverage have been if they were Muslims? Or Black people?
  • A New SEC proposal on De-Carbonizing the Planet - Could It Work? - Frank Dalene, Creator of the ICEMAN® Carbon Factor Index / Author - Decarbonize the World: Solving the Climate Crisis While Increasing Profits in Your Business & President / CEO - Telemark, Inc.
  • UN chief calls for extreme weather warning systems for everyone on Earth. What is it going to take to wake up enough Americans that they'll start voting for the climate?

Tuesday 22 March '21 show notes

  • A Middle Class Should Be a Dream and Not a Nightmare
  • Could It Be that the GOPers Don't Like Judge Jackson Because She Was a Public Defender?
  • Crazy Alert! - Dog Gets Dumped At Shelter For Being "Gay" - WHAT?!
  • Wealthy Countries Have 12 Years To End Oil & Gas Production - Yet None Have Plans To - Collin Rees, Senior Campaigner - Oil Change International & Oil Change U.S.
  • Colorado Pro-Trump Groups Are Sending Armed Members Door to Door to Intimidate Voters
  • Does Putin Have a Victimhood Narrative & If So, What Does That Mean? - Psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank MD, Psychoanalyst & Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science - George Washington University / Author - Trump on the Couch (Previous books include Bush on the Couch & Obama on the Couch)
  • Dictator DeSantis Is Eyeing Special Session to Target Black-Held Congressional Seats

Monday 21 March '22 show notes

  • Is America is Facing The "Doom Loop" of Democracy?
  • The "Unthinkable" is Happening & Scientists are Shocked as Polar Temperatures Soar 50 to 90 Degrees Above Normal
  • Finland Confronts America for It's Role in Putin's Invasion
  • Will the Hague Bring Putin to Account for His War Crimes?
  • The Republicans Have Revealed They Are Coming For Birth Control
  • Is it Now Clear that Trump's "Team" All Conspired to Encourage the Attack on the Capitol?
  • Putin's War Is Causing Europe to Convert to Electric Vehicles Faster - Can America Do the Same Please?
  • Anonymous Not Only Disrupts Putin's Propaganda to Russians but Show How Vulnerable Anyone Is to Hacking

Friday 18 March '22 show notes

  • Could Putin Be Failing Because of a Lack of Democracy?
  • Happy Vernal Equinox arriving Sunday 3/20 at 8:33am PDT
  • Is Putin Celebrating with a North Korean Style Rally or a Trump Styled Rally? Or Both?
  • Trekkie Alert! Stacey Abrams Appears in Star Trek as president of Earth?
  • Progressive Town Hall - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • The evidence is clear: it's time to prosecute Donald Trump
  • It's Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 17 March '22 show notes

  • What About the Zelenskyy's Proposal to Protect Democracies Around the World?
  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day
  • Why are Tucker, Fox News & the Right Wing Lining Up With the Authoritarian Countries Around the World? Is Putin Taking Lessons from Tucker Or It It the Other Way Around?
  • How One Small MI College Turned Into a Pivot Point for the GOP Culture Wars? - Kathryn Joyce, Investigative Reporter - Salon / Author of 2 books: The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking and the New Gospel of Adoption and Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement
  • How Many American Business' are with Russia Instead of America?
  • Roger Stone Has a Plan to put Trump Back in the White House without Being Elected
  • Conversations with Great Minds: Joe Madison - Joe Madison, The Black Eagle, Host-The Joe Madison Show (weekdays 6-10am on SiriusXM ch. 126 Urban View) and author of the new book, RADIO ACTIVE: A Memoir of Advocacy in Action, on the Air and in the Streets

Wednesday 16 March '22 show notes

  • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • President Biden speaks live
  • How Billionaires Picked Putin as "Russia's Pinochet" - Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist/Author - latest, How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America's Vanished Voters & previously, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
  • 40 Years of the Reagan Revolution's Libertarian Experiment Have Brought Us Crisis & Chaos
  • Trump Is All In On Authoritarianism

Tuesday 15 March '21 show notes

  • Congress Should Be Regulating the Corrupt Supreme Court? Where Are They?
  • Does Russia Want Alaska?
  • Why Don't We Have Cameras In the Supreme Court?
  • How Trump's Call To Ukraine Helped Putin
  • Why Is America Ignoring the Increasing Violent Rhetoric From the GOP?
  • Joe Manchin is Joining the GOP in Tanking Biden's Fed Nominee & Oh by the way - Manchin Doesn't see the Need for Electric Cars

Monday 14 March '22 show notes

  • Should We Have Mask Mandates At All? Or Should We Be On our Own? Are you going to continue wearing masks or have you thrown caution to the wind?
  • The Death of Nature & the War On Ukraine are Part of the Same Thing
  • Russia Isn't As Powerful As We Thought
  • Should China Be Sanctioned for Helping Russia?
  • Trump Calls All Trumpers to "Lay Down Their Very Lives" To defend US Against CRT - Is Trump now the Grand Wizard of the KKK? Has anyone done more for racism than Trump?
  • Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to COVID-19 - Alexander "Alex" Zaitchik, Freelance Journalist focusing on politics, media & the environment / Contributor-The Nation, Jacobin, / Author of the new book, Owning the Sun: A People's History of Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to Covid-19.
  • In Good News - Denver Has Sent Mental Health Teams Instead Of Cops Over 2000 Times. No Police Back-Up Needed. Ever.
  • What Should America Do about Pro-Russian Trolls and TikTok War?

Friday 11 March '22 show notes

  • Wannabee Strongman DeSantis Deploys Election Police
  • Missouri is Now Suggesting Death Penalty as Punishment for Giving Abortions
  • Why Is Tucker Carlson and Fox News Being the "Stooges" for Putin?
  • Death Cult Alert! a GOP political strategist sent a message to the South Dakota AG days after he fatally did a hit-and-run, saying "At Least the Guy Was a Democrat"
  • It's Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 10 March '22 show notes

  • New GOP Plan to Raise Taxes on Working People & End Social Security & Medicare
  • A Decline in Hate Groups Shows How Deeply Extremism Has Spread
  • Why Isn't the Hidden Toll Of Covid Being Discussed?
  • Don't Say Gay Bill what? - Shevrin "Shev" Jones PhD, Florida State Senator / Executive Director-Florida Reading Corps / Former Chemistry Teacher
  • Who Will the New Election Police in FL Appointed by Ron DeSantis Go After?
  • You Just have to Ask - Why Is the GOP Working to Keep Gas Prices High?
  • Why We Should Be Concerned About the New Massive Mysterious Methane Plumes Occurring All Over America

Wednesday 09 March '22 show notes

  • The Trump, Putin & Saudi Connection to Raise Oil Prices Exposed
  • As Russian oil Sanctions Were Put Together, Fox & Friends repeated the network's top 4 lies about gas prices
  • Republicans Have a White Nationalist Problem': Florida Newspaper Lays Waste to the GOP
  • As US Education Secretary Warns Florida on 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Passage: 'All Schools Must Follow Federal Civil Rights - a Florida MAGA Senator Speaking in Support of 'Don't Say Gay' law says 'LGBT Is Not a Permanent Thing'
  • MAGA Lawmaker Wants Bill Banning Women From Leaving Missouri to End Pregnancies
  • Fox Newsers Love Rick Scott's radical GOP blueprint - His plan that would raise taxes on most Americans and put Social Security and Medicare at risk
  • GOP Death Cult Alert! QAnon/GOP Michigan Nominee's Weird & Deadly Agenda

Tuesday 08 March '21 show notes

  • The Economics of An Oil Embargo
  • Are We Watching the Downfall of Putin & Could It Happen Within 6 Months? And, Are We Seeing a New Swastika Emerge Our of Russia?
  • Can the World Learn from the Failure of the Budapest Accords?
  • Debate: Thom Vs The Freedom Convoy - People Are Dying In Ukraine to Defend Real Freedom & You Guys Are Burning Tons Of Diesel Fuel to Complain About Masks? How Pathetic Is that? - Michael Letts, Co-Chairman, Freedom Convoy USA 2022 / (Also, CEO & Founder, InVest USA - non-profit helping communities provide bullet proof vests for police
  • Is Tucker Carlson a New Tokyo Rose or a Worthless Piece of Crap for His Coverage of Putin?
  • The Hidden History of Big Brother in America: How the Death of Privacy and the Rise of Surveillance Threaten Us and Our Democracy
  • Geeky Science! Covid May Cause Changes In the Brain, A New Study Finds...

Monday 07 March '22 show notes

  • Warning of 'large-scale ecological disaster' - Joe Cirincione, Distinguished Non-Resident Fellow at the Quincy Institute (former President-Ploughshares Fund) / national security analyst & author of 7 books including Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World before It Is Too Late and Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons
  • Ukraine Again Shows Why Decentralized Energy is Essential
  • The Shock of Autocrats, Money & Corruption
  • Progressive Town Hall - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • COVID Memorial Day and New CDC Guidelines - Kristin Urquiza, MPA, Co-Founder & Chief Activist - Marked By Covid
  • Were the Truckers Punked by Russian trolls? Or are they just not that bright?

Friday 04 March '22 show notes

  • Ukraine/Trump/Authoritarianism - Are you feeling a Sense of Doom or Hope?
  • Why Big Oil & the GOP are Sabotaging Ukraine, America, Our Atmosphere & Our Next Generation
  • This is a "We'll See" Moment for the "Don't Say Gay" Bill in Florida
  • Why white evangelical Christians are Putin's biggest American fan base
  • How Trump Allies Are Plotting To Undermine Jan. 6 Probe

Thursday 03 March '22 show notes

  • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
  • Are Republicans Patriotic Enough to Support a Ban on Russian Oil Imports Without Turning It Into a Hustle?
  • Tucker Carlson Goes Off On Epic Racist Rant about Judge Ketanji Jackson Brown
  • Conversations with Great Minds: Kelly Weill - Kelly Weill, Journalist - The Daily Beast / Author of the new book, "Off The Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why People Will Believe Anything"
  • The Supreme Court Case that Threatens Federal Climate Action - Amy Westervelt, Investigative journalist & host the most-listened-to climate podcast Drilled and the new climate lawsuits podcast Damages (just launched this month)

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