Full Show 3/4/2015: Right-To-Work for Less Crushes the Middle Class

In tonight’s show, author Wendell Potter joins Thom on set to discuss the the King vs. Burwell arguments and their impact on the Affordable Care Act.

In the Big Picture Rumble, Andrew Kloster of the Heritage Foundation, David Anderson of the Empowerment Radio Network, and Sean Noble of American Encore join Thom on set to the future of healthcare in America, the GOP’s non-Obamacare alternative, the Keystone XL veto, student loan debt protests, and right-to-work…for less laws.

Author and contributing editor at Newsweek Eleanor Clift talks DHS funding bill and what to expect the rest of the way from the 114th Republican controlled congress.

Thom gives his Daily Take- Right-To-Work for Less Crushes the Middle Class - plus The Good The Bad and The Very Very Ugly.

Why Economists Are Demanding Universal Health Care

America needs universal healthcare and it needs it now. Fortunately - the framework for it is already in place...

Politics Panel: ObamaCare - People will Die if SCOTUS sides w/GOP

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up & Mike Malloy, The Mike Malloy Show & Jennifer Kerns, Washington Times / The Blaze joins Thom Hartmann. According to the American Public Health Association - almost 9,800 people could die if the Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell and strikes down Obamacare subsidies

The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Appetently Ugly

And the Very Very Ugly! Franklin Graham! During a recent appearance on the 700 Club - the right-wing pastor claimed that the Obama administration has been “infiltrated” by Muslims - tune in...

Politics Panel: Why is anybody listening to Bibi about Iran?

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up & Mike Malloy, The Mike Malloy Show & Jennifer Kerns, Washington Times / The Blaze joins Thom Hartmann. 13 years ago Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that invading Iraq would result in long-lasting peace in the Middle East. So why is anybody listening to what he has to say about Iran?

War...brought to you by climate change

Scientists are now arguing that climate change and a severe drought may have played a role in the 2011 Syrian uprising and subsequent civil war.

How Did WI Become Ground Zero For Right-Wing Union-Busting?

Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd district) joins Thom Hartmann. Scott Walker's war on unions keeps on chugging along as Wisconsin looks poised to become the nation's 25 right to work for less state. How did an historically progressive state like Wisconsin become ground zero for right-wing union-busting?

Full Show 3/3/2015: America Needs a Single Payer Healthcare System

In tonight’s show, Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI) joins Thom on set to discuss the DHS funding bill and Gov. Scott Walker’s war against unions.

The Big Picture politics panel discusses Israeli PM Netanyahu’s address to congress, Arizona GOP fighting for more gerrymandering, the King vs. Burwell Supreme Court case, Right-to-Work Laws, Corporate Dems shift away from Sen. Warren, and the Department of Homeland Security bill. Hughey Newsome of Project 21 Black Leadership Council, Mike Malloy, host of “The Mike Malloy Show” and conservative commentator for The Blaze and the Washington Times, Jennifer Kerns, join Thom on set.

Thom gives his Daily Take – America Needs a Single Payer Healthcare System. Plus, Your Take My Take Live, Crazy Alert, Geeky Science, and The Good The Bad and The Very Very Ugly.

Full Show 3/2/2015: Would You Like Crushing Debt with that Degree?

In tonight’s show, Thom talks Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on Wednesday.
Naomi Dann, Media Fellow & Spokeswoman for Jewish Voice for Peace talks about the much debated speech on Iran and nuclear weapons.

Karen Davenport, Director of Health Policy for National Women’s Law Center talks about the Supreme Court hearing arguments in the King vs. Burwell case and its potential impact on the Affordable Care Act. Jeremy Holden, Research Director at Media Matters & Host of Media Matters Radio talks about more lies for Bill O’Reilly. Tommy Christopher, White House Correspondent at the Daily Banter, talks about the short term funding extension for the Department of Homeland Security. Mary Anne Franks, attorney & associate professor at the University of Miami Law school tells us why Everything we Know is Wrong about revenge porn.

Thom gives his Daily Take – Would You Like Crushing Debt with that Degree?

Does Netanyahu Speak on Behalf of all Jews?

Naomi Dann, Jewish Voice for Peace joins Thom Hartmann. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington today - getting ready for his controversial speech before a not-so-joint session of Congress tomorrow. What's the real motivation behind the speech - and is Netanyahu really speaking on behalf of all Jews?

Everything U Know Is Wrong - About ‘Revenge Porn'

One of the most disturbing internet trends of the past few years has been the rise of revenge porn. At its simplest definition - revenge porn is a sexually explicit photo or video that someone shares online as a way to "get back" at their partner or ex-partner. Most of the victims of this phenomenon - 90 percent according to some estimates - are women. But while everyone agrees that revenge porn is a problem - not everyone agrees about the best way to fight it. Joining me now to talk about this is Mary Anne Franks - Attorney and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law.

Will SCOTUS Decimate Obamacare?

Karen Davenport, National Women's Law Center is a guest on The Big Picture. This week - the Supreme Court will hear arguments in King v. Burwell - the case that could take away healthcare from millions of Americans. What's the case all about - and how might the court rule on it?

Bill O's Nose is Growing Again...

Jeremy Holden, Media Matters for America joins Thom Hartmann. Bill O'Reilly is facing even more lying allegations - this time over his reporting from Northern Ireland in the 1980s. Is this the end for the Fox So-Called News host? Or is Fox so sure of the gullibility of their viewers that they don't care, just so long as O'Reilly keeps stirring up the racists, bigots, and freaks on behalf of elite billionaire Rupert Murdoch?

We're Now Destroying the Lungs of our Planet

The loss of tropical rainforests is a huge blow for the thousands of species that call them home - but it's also a huge blow in the fight to save our planet from the greatest threat it has ever faced.

Trump Is Going Back On His NAFTA Promise

Donald Trump won't be pulling the US out of NAFTA - at least not immediately.

But he's still permanently changed the debate about trade in America.

Donald Trump said yesterday that after speaking with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada, he's decided not to immediately pull the US out of NAFTA.

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