This Is NOT Who We Are…

Way back in 1863 - Abraham Lincoln signed an order - directing Union soldiers to treat prisoners of war with dignity and respect. In the months and years after 9/11 - America did anything but that.

Politics Panel: Senator Warren vs. Banksters

Marc Harrold, Observations of White Noise & Shelby Emmett, Project 21 & T. Neil Sroka, Democracy for America all join Thom Hartmann.

Your Take/My Take - Thom answers racist rant posted

If you want to get in on the conversation and ask me a question or make a comment post it on Twitter or Facebook. Today Thom answers this post - "Where is Thom's report on the black thugs attacking white cops? Where is Thoms's report on racist thugs like lebron James, Magic Johnson, Nikki Minaj, and their racist minions? Notice how these racist thugs never say a word about blacks who murder white people."

Geeky Science - Does fracking cause birth defects?

As fracking continues to spread across our country - more and more studies are revealing just how dangerous that process is. So - is fracking really worth the variety of environmental and health issues that come with it?

The Good - the Bad - and the Very Very Pultaceously Ugly

Tammy Bruce! On Monday - the Fox So-Called News contributor claimed that the Rolling Stone piece on rape at the University of Virginia was inaccurate because liberals are more interested in “romanticizing rape victims” than telling the truth. Tune in to hear.

Full Show 12/9/14: Torture Report Details and their implications for the United States

Tonight’s “Politics Panel” discusses the U.S. torture report and its impact in the United States and globally. Marc Harrold, Libertarian Political Analyst and author of "Observations of White Noise…an ‘Acid Test’ for the First Amendment", Shelby Emmett of the National Advisory Council-Project 21 and Neil Sroka, Democracy for America Communications Director discuss the torture report, the latest jobs report figures, Elizabeth Warren’s blocking of Treasury appointee Antonio Weiss, and the modern KKK in the south.

Richard Wolff, Economist and author of “Democracy At Work” talks with Thom about falling oil prices and their impact on global capitalism.

Thom gives his Daily Take on prisoner treatment, citing President Abraham Lincoln. Plus, “The Good, The Bad and Very Very Ugly”, “Geeky Science” and “Your Take My Take Live” with Thom.

Is There A Way To Bring Back the "Southern Democrat" ?

With Mary Landrieu's loss in the Louisiana Senate runoff - the Democratic Party is pretty much dead in the Deep South. But despite the bad news - there IS hope for Democrats in the land of Dixie.

Falling oil prices...what does it mean?

Professor William Black, University of Missouri-Kansas City/The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, joins Thom Hartmann. Oil prices are plummeting - and plummeting fast. Is this good or bad thing for the U.S. economy? And what kind of effect could it have on the world diplomatic scene - from Russia to the Middle East?

Torture & Gitmo Panel - Has Torture Ever Worked?

Alka Pradhan, Reprieve U.S. & Colonel Ann Wright, US Army (Ret'd) / Dissent: Voices of Conscience & Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK / Global Exchange / Drone Warfare, joins Thom Hartmann.

Torture & Gitmo Panel - Could this be the end of Gitmo?

Alka Pradhan, Reprieve U.S. & Colonel Ann Wright, US Army (Ret'd) / Dissent: Voices of Conscience & Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK / Global Exchange / Drone Warfare, join Thom Hartmann. The Obama administration has transferred six detainees out of the Guantanamo Bay detention center and sent them as refugees to Uruguay. So - could this be the beginning of the end for Gitmo?

Happy Holidays from...the Satanic Temple

Lucien Greaves, Satanic Temple joins Thom Hartmann. One of the most notable efforts was in Oklahoma - where supporters were successful in getting a monument of the Ten Commandments placed at that state's capitol building. But - if religious monuments are allowed in state capitol buildings - shouldn't that extend to all types of religious beliefs? Even satanism? So - if you think that satanism doesn't have a place is a government building near you - then everything you know is wrong!

YourTake/My Take - Bend Over for the Banksters

Your Take/My Take Live: Bend Over for the Banksters

Geeky Science - Nope! No Health Risks from Wind Energy

Geeky Science - Nope! No Health Risks from Wind Energy

Full Show 12/8/14: U.S. Torture Report and the Release of Detainees from GITMO

Tonight’s "Everything You Need to Know" panel discusses the release of six detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and what implications the U.S. Terror Report will have on GITMO and terrorism combat tactics.
Alka Pradhan, Counterterrorism Counsel for Reprieve U.S., CODEPINK Co-Founder Media Benjamin, and Ret. Col. Ann Wright discuss.
Author and Prof. William Black discusses the continued fall in global oil prices and its impact on economies worldwide. Satanic Temple Spokesman Lucien Greaves discusses religion and equal rights. Plus our "Your Take My Take" Live and Geeky Science.

Conversations w/Great Minds P1 Maya Schenwar - Should Prisons Be Abolished?

Maya Schenwar, Truthout / Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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