The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Pygophilously Ugly

Today’s bad is just about the creepiest thing Thom ever heard a politician say.

FOX News Is The PR Department for ISIS

Earlier this week - Fox News made the decision to air the gruesome unedited video of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive by ISIS. In making that decision - Fox News became ISIS' new best friend.

The Secret Saudi Connection to 9/11

Robert Parry, Consortium News / America's Stolen Narrative comes on The Big Picture. Saudi Arabia says it had no role in the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 Americans - but new allegations from a former Al-Qaeda operative are casting doubts on that claim. More on those allegations…

What’s Really Going On In Global Oil Markets?

America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom. This isn’t the first time oil prices have dropped drastically - but what’s interesting about oil’s free fall this time around is that it’s happening at a time when there’s rampant instability in the Middle East - something that’s usually associated with higher prices. So what’s really going on in global oil markets? And how is it connected to the rise of fracking here in the United States?

Who Is The Real ISIS PR Team?

Thom talks with America’s lawyer and host of “Ring of Fire” radio, Mike Papantionio about what’s really going on in the global oil markets and the UBS tax evasion scandal.

Robert Parry of Consortium News talks about possible Saudi ties to Al-Qaeda and 9/11. Dan Diaz, advocate for Compassion and Choices, talks terminal illness rights in America following the passing of his with Brittany Maynard.

Author and American University Professor Clarence Lusane talks about his book, The Black History of the White House and American race relations.

Why the Mainstream Media Is Silent On SHAFTA

The mainstream media aren't telling you what you need to know about one of the biggest stories of the decade.

Rumble - Libertarian Restaurant - We Don’t Wash Our Hands!

Genevieve Wood, The Daily Signal / Heritage Foundation & Andrea Miller, People Demanding Action / Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) & Bishop Council Nedd II, Project 21 / Episcopal Missionary Church all join Thom Hartmann. Thom Tillis says that America is over-regulated and that regulations need to go - but by requiring restaurants to disclose that they don't force employees to wash their hands - guess what: YOUR'RE REGULATING THEM. Meanwhile - Tillis' remarks also bring up the issue of paid sick leave. America is the only country in the developed world that doesn't guarantee paid sick leave for its workers. That means that everyday - sick employees are showing up at restaurants - making and serving your food.

Rumble - EPA Comes Down Hard on Keystone

Genevieve Wood, The Daily Signal / Heritage Foundation & Andrea Miller, People Demanding Action / Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) & Bishop Council Nedd II, Project 21 / Episcopal Missionary Church all join Thom Hartmann. Instead of pursuing project that will speed up climate change - shouldn't be looking at project that will slow it - like creating a national cap-and-trade system? Plus….With his new budget - President Obama is trying to signal the end of austerity in America. But are Republicans willing to admit that austerity just doesn't work?

Is the Internet Being Reclassified As A Utility?

Matt Wood, Free Press joins Thom Hartmann. After months of debate - the FCC is finally ready to hand down a verdict on President Obama's proposed net neutrality rules. What has the FCC decided - and what does it mean for you and me?

The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Nudiustertianly Ugly

Robert Trivers! Trivers - a friend of Epstein who received grant money from one of his foundations - told Reuters Monday that the crimes Epstein is accused of aren’t that bad because “By the time they're 14 or 15, [teenage girls are] like grown women were 60 years ago.” In other words - Epstein couldn’t help himself because underage girls are just too attractive these days…wow.

Full Show 2/4/2015: Why the Mainstream Media Is Silent On SHAFTA

In tonight’s Big Picture Rumble, Thom talks China Cap and Trade and what the U.S. needs to do at home to help save the plant. Genevieve Wood - Senior Contributor with The Daily Signal at the Heritage Foundation, Andrea Miller Executive Director for People Demanding Action and Co-Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, Bishop Council Nedd II - Founding Member of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network debate President Obama’s 2016 budget, the EPA’s Keystone pipeline smackdown, Sen Tillis’s anti-hand washing, anti-regulation stand, and ISIS’s execution of a Jordanian pilot and why it all could have been prevented.

Matt Wood, Policy Director at Free Press talks the FCC’s siding with the White House on net neutrality. Rachel Butler of Greenpeace talks about the Koch Bro’s attack on climate change.

Thom gives his Daily Take – Why the Mainstream Media is Silent on SHAFTA

The Dalai Lama Awakening

Khashyar Darvich, Dalai Lama Awakening & Compassion in Action joins Thom. This week - his holiness the Dalai Lama is in Washington - and is scheduled to meet with President Obama. What is the importance of the Dalai Lama meeting with Western leaders - and what can we all learn from his work? Meanwhile - the Angelika Pop-Up theater here in D.C and its sister branch in Fairfax, Virginia are giving a special screening of two documentaries about the Dalai Lama's teachings called "Compassion in Action" and "Dalai Lama Awakening" Both narrated are by Harrison Ford and "Compassion in Action" features interviews with yours truly.

Technocracy & The New World Order

Patrick M. Wood, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation / The August Forecast & Review comes on The Big Picture. When most people think about the possibility of a dystopian future - they think of a world run by communism or fascism. But what if the real danger threat to democracy came from alliance between an organization devoted to world peace - the United Nations - and environmentalists? More on this conspiracy theory...

The REAL NFL Scandal

The Seattle Seahawks made a costly decision in last night's Super Bowl - one that cost them a championship. But in the long run - Pete Carroll's flub won't be nearly as costly to the rest of America as the NFL itself.

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