Tom Hayden - Avoiding a “Forever War"

Tom Hayden, The Nation / Inspiring Participatory Democracy

The Smartest Kids in The World

Amanda Ripley, The Smartest Kids in The World...and How They Got That Way, joins Thom Hartmann.

Bigger Picture Panel P2: MO...Police State?

Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show & Thena Robinson Mock, Advancement Project join Thom Hartmann.

Bigger Picture Panel P1: MO...Police State?

Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show & Thena Robinson Mock, Advancement Project join Thom Hartmann.

War Always Comes Home...

Thom Hartmann's daily take

Media ok in Iraq...but not Ferguson, MO?

Jeff Cohen, RootsAction.org / Park Center for Independent Media joins Thom Hartmann.

Full Show 8/19/14: How to Get Out of Iraq For Good

Tonight’s “Politics Panel” talks the latest from Ferguson, MO, how people are smearing Michael Brown and whether Rick Perry’s mug shot will end his presidential ambitions. Thom discusses how to get out of Iraq with Author & Activist Tom Hayden and how Honduras children have been killed after being deported from the U.S. with Mary Small of the Jesuit Refugee Service USA. In tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom discusses how we need to stop the culture of poverty and violence in America to protect future generations.

Full Show 8/18/14: National Guard Deployed in Ferguson

Thom discusses the latest from Ferguson, MO with “The Nation’s” Mychal Denzel Smith, the latest from Iraq with Middle East Professor Edmund Ghareeb and how solar fuel can save the planet from climate change with Dr. Andreas Sizmann of SOLAR-JET. In tonight's “Daily Take” Thom discusses a new study revealing how people are happier with a bigger government.

Full Show 8/15/14: The Bigger Picture: Ferguson

Tonight’s “Big Picture Rumble” discusses the latest news coming out of Ferguson, MO, the stepping down of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and whether Obama should counter sue the House GOP over gerrymandering. Tonight’s “Bigger Picture” panel discusses the questions about race and justice in America today following the killing of Michael Brown.

Full Show 8/14/14: Ferguson Police Department Taken Off Job

Thom discusses how the Ferguson PD has become the poster child for America’s militarized police with Attorney and Radio Host Mike Papantonio, how the Ferguson PD has been treating reporters with Journalism Professor Jeff Cohen and what kids in Eugene, OR are doing to fight climate change with Our Children's Trust’s Julia Olson. In tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom discusses how Congress is to blame for the militarizing of our nation’s police forces.

Full Show 8/13/14: America’s Internet Is Slower Than Estonia's

Thom discusses the latest on Africa’s Ebola outbreak with Dr. Tara Smith of Kent State University and why employee freedom week isn’t really about freedom with AFSCME’s Jane Carter. Tonight’s “Lone Liberal Rumble” discusses how the Ferguson, MO police are restricting the press, the rise of the KKK and whether the lawsuit against Obama will help or hurt the GOP in November. In tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom discusses how a small coastal town in Maine is providing internet to their residents.

Advice for Meet the Press

Thom Hartmann's daily take

Log Cabin Republicans…GOP Supports Gay Games

Gregory T. Angelo, OH Log Cabin Republicans joins Thom Hartmann.

Keystone XL…Worse Than Predicted

Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen's Energy Program, joins Thom Hartmann.

Full Show 8/12/14: Hillary: The New Face of Neoconservatism

Tonight’s “Politics Panel” talks Hillary Clinton’s attack of Obama, how Fox has distorted Obama’s record on the economy and the riots and unrest in Ferguson, MO. Thom discusses how the Keystone Pipeline’s climate impact could be four times greater than the State Department claimed with Public Citizen’s Tyson Slocum and gay marriage with Gregory T. Angelo of the Log Cabin Republicans. In tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom discusses how “Meet the Press” can once again be great.

GOP Tax Myth & Junk Economics

If there's one thing all Republican politicians are really good at, it's straight-up lying through their teeth about how their tax cuts for the rich are actually tax cuts for the middle-class.

Reagan did it, George W. Bush did it, and now that he's officially unveiled his own so-called tax reform plan, Donald Trump is doing it, too.

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