Full Show 4/16/14: Time to Bring Back the Middle Class Reagan Destroyed

Thom discusses the latest news with Cliven Bundy's "range war" in Nevada with Radio Host and Attorney Mike Papantonio and tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" dis...

Why Ordinary Citizens Have No Say

America could be leading the movement for clean and green economy. So - What's keeping us from taking the actions needed to protect the future of the planet and the human race?

Politics Panel - Can journalists be traitors?

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / MoveOnUp.org & Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator & George Landrith, Frontiers of Freedom joins Thom Hartmann.

Politics Panel - Bundy and the right wing fringe

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / MoveOnUp.org & Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator & George Landrith, Frontiers of Freedom joins Thom Hartmann.

How do we stop paying for foods that are killing us?

Jeffrey K. O'Hara, Union of Concerned Scientists' Food & Environment Program.

While the World Watches the Ukraine - South Sudan is in conflict

Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show, joins Thom Hartmann. While the world watches the crisis in Ukraine unfold - another conflict is brewing thousands of miles...

The perfect storm for the right wing fringe

Ultimately, the whole Bundy ranch controversy is really just one big hustle - a hustle that - like all libertarian freak outs - fits in nicely with the inter...

America No Longer has a Functioning Democracy

Washington doesn't give a crap about you....unless you're a billionaire bankster or oil tycoon. How did our democracy get so corrupted by money and greed - and how can we re-claim control over...

How to have orgasmic meditation?

Joining Thom is Nicole Daedone - Founder of One Taste, and author of the book: "Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm." There's still a great deal that both sexes don't know about...

How big of a risk are rising seas?

Joining Thom to talk more about the effects of climate change and the world's rising seas is Dr. Radley Horton - Associate Research Scientist with the Center for Climate Systems Research at...

Full Show 4/15/14: Why Isn't America Leading on Climate Change?

Tonight's "Politics Panel" discusses the Koch brothers' role in supporting the Cliven Bundy "range war" in Nevada, "The Guardian" and "The Washington Post" b...

Full Show 4/14/14: The Supreme Court Vs. Democracy

Thom discusses whether GOP states will actually listen to their constituents and expand Medicaid with Conservative Commentator David Hogberg, the Koch brothers role in supporting the "range...

Full Show 4/10/14: BofA to Pay $800 Million for Duping Customers

Thom discusses the passing of Paul Ryan's austerity budget with Congressman Mark Pocan and Bank of America's $800 Million penalty for illegal credit card pra...

Climate deniers using same tactics as tobacco industry

A new report published by the conservative think thank the Heartland Institute says that climate change is nothing to worry about. Who's behind this report? ...

Lone Liberal - How do Americans work if we don't create jobs?

Rusty Humphries, The Rusty Humphries Show & Scottie Nell Hughes, Tea Party News Network join Thom Hartmann.

How the GOP Is Going After ObamaCare Now

With House Republicans reportedly putting the finishing touches on a compromise deal, the GOP healthcare plan is officially back from the dead.

But don't get your hopes up - the new Trumpcare is just as bad as the old Trumpcare.

In fact - it might even be worse.

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