Thom Hartmann: Live from the Netroots Nation Conference in Minnesota

Thom talks to Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers Union, at the Netroots Nation Congerence in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thom Hartmann: Netroots Nation Conference in Minnesota

Thom talks to Markos Moulitsas, founder and publisher of Daily Kos / author, "American Taliban: How Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists to the Radical Right", at the Net Roots Nation Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Website:

Thom Hartmann: Live from the Net Roots Nation Conference

Thom talks to Erica Payne, Founder & President of The Agenda Project,, at Net Roots Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thom Hartmann vs Wayne Root- Tax Fraud by the Left?

Thom Hartmann debates Wayne Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee, on "How are tax increases for millionaires & billionaires "tax fraud by the Left?!"

Thom Hartmann: Ohio GOP Sen. Defends Budget That Favors The Rich

Thom talks to Cliff Schecter, Progressive PR strategist / Huffington Post Contributor & Author, "The Real McCain".

Thom Hartmann on the News: 06-14-11

Progressive Radio Talk Show Host, Thom Hartmann gives the News report for June 14, 2011.

Thom Hartmann on the News- June 13, 2011

Progrerssive Radio Talk Show Host, Thom Hartmann, gives the News report for Monday June 13, 2011.

Thom Hartmann: The Coming Crash of 2013 (What would Reagan do?)

Thom talks with Peter Ferrara, General counsel of the American Civil Rights Union / author of the forthcoming book "America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb".

Thom Hartmann: School choice? Gov Christi orders for profit corps to take over 5 failing schools

Thom debates with Dan Gainor, Vice President & T. Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow at the Business & Media Institute, on school choice. Website: Twitter: @dangainor

Thom Hartmann: Sustainable Development / Development Issues

Thom talks to Under Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan, the number 2 official at the UN Development Programme & Former Vice President of Costa Rica on sustainable development / development issues.

Thom Hartmann: The United Nations view on the War in Libya & climate change

Thom talks to Ambassador, Sir Mark Lyall Grant, UK Ambassador / British Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on war in Libya & climate change.

Thom Hartmann: Pawlenty stimulus plan for millionaires...Bush tax cuts on steroids

Thom debates with David Selig, Conservative Commentator / Federal Tax practitioner & advocate / Fox News Contributor, on Pawlenty's stimulus plan for millionaires

Thom Hartmann on the News - June 09, 2011

Progressive Radio Host, Thom Hartmann, give the news report for Thursday, June 9, 2011.

Thom Hartmann vs. Mark Williams: We've never cut our way to prosperity!

Thom argues with Mark Williams, tea party activist, about whether it's possible to cut our way to prosperity.

Cliff Schecter: Our Own Private Mumbai

Thom talks with Cliff Schecter, progressive PR strategist, about "Our Own Private Mumbai."

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Science Revolution

New rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer - Is it healthy?

On the Science Revolution this week - Will the virus stop the Trump Cult the way defeat in WW2 stopped the fascist cult? Also Dr. Michael Mann is with us on how the Trump administration boosts deregulation by undervaluing the cost of climate change. And Tony Corbo drops by- and there's a new rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer!.. Is it healthy? He'll let you know. Jenny Harbine informs us on a new lawsuit over Trump handing public land to coal leasing and why we must stop him. And in Geeky Science - School openings? Studies now show young kids could spread COVID-19 as much as older children and adults... Tune In!

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Everything Trump Touches Dies - Including Trade & Bringing Jobs Home

Thom plus logo This just in from Lori Wallach, Director Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch - In his speech now underway at Whirlpool in Ohio, Trump claimed to have met all of his trade promises from 2016. NOT!
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