Is There A Global Movement Behind Donald Trump?

Is Donald Trump backed by international support aimed at nothing short but the merger of corporate and state power?

Is The Nuclear Industry Holding Democracy Hostage? (w/ David Kraft)

The Nuclear industry is forcing you to pay massive bail outs to a failed, expensive technology, and now they have democracy in a hostage situation!

Media Manipulation: Why Aren't Newspapers Challenging Trump?

Why aren't newspapers calling for Trump to resign? After everything he has done, it seems like the right thing to do!

Trump's October Surprise Could Be Explosive! (w/ Dr. Trita Patel)

Mike Pompeo is planning an October surprise. What surprise? Declaring an ‘election’ war on someone? Is the plan to start a conflict with Iran? Pompeo is said to be claiming to start UN sanctions which don’t exist, but why should reality affect an election war?

Can These Three Brothers Defeat Trump? (w/ Brett Meiselas)

Can media defeat Trump? What if there was a way to throw all the media coverage against him?

Is Herd Immunity Fake News?

Donald Trump's plan to use the already failed strategy of herd immunity might run into a problem.... Herd immunity doesn't really work how he thinks he does and millions could be lost before this is over

Will Trump's Heard Immunity Economy Crash? (w/Prof. Richard Wolff)

Donald Trump's plan for COVID-19 is herd immunity, and the effects of this dangerous policy could crash the remains of our economy, Richard Wolff joins in for this special and grim warning.

Trump’s Failure Could Kill Six Million Americans!

The Trump administration has decided pursue a herd immunity strategy to deal with the coronavirus.

Are Apocalyptic” Wildfires Just a Warming ? (w/ Dr. Gary Yohe)

As these fires continue to blaze, the consensus from experts is clear: the mounting climate crisis is already here and is exacerbating these wildfires, and climate action is needed to stop the harm from getting worse. Yet, our president continues to double down on his climate denialism.

Trump rolls out his final solution for COVID-19

Trump and his circle appear to be such virulent White Supremacists that even public health policy is contaminated by their deep-seated, long-held racism.
A new administration can’t come fast enough.

Is ICE Hiding Mass Rape With Illegal Eugenics Programs?

ICE has consistantly been accused of sexual assault, now they could be getting rid of the "evidence" through mass sterilization of imprisoned migrant women and girls...

Are You About to Be Evicted from Your Home? (w/ Judd Legum)

Despite the moratoriums, an increasing number of families are about to be evicted from their rented home, it into the winter weather. Who are the companies doing the evictions and are they your original landlord anyway?

Only Complete Defeat Can Stop Donald Trump's Cult

Donald Turmp's cult could be the most destructive force on the planet and the only way to stop them could be complete and total defeat in November.

West Coast Wildfires Could Have Been Stopped Easily

While the military uses Oregon's wildfire helicopters for war, Thom and a caller discuss the ramifications of money and greed and how a few airplanes could have stopped the west coast wild fires.... but no one wanted to pay for them.

Are Far Right Fake News Destroying Democracy? (w/ Jared Holt)

How dangerous are far right websites? What happens to a democracy when half the voters are working off of “outrage” and #FakeNews. Are these websites important to democracy or are they actually dangerous to our lives and to democracy!

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New rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer - Is it healthy?

On the Science Revolution this week - Will the virus stop the Trump Cult the way defeat in WW2 stopped the fascist cult? Also Dr. Michael Mann is with us on how the Trump administration boosts deregulation by undervaluing the cost of climate change. And Tony Corbo drops by- and there's a new rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer!.. Is it healthy? He'll let you know. Jenny Harbine informs us on a new lawsuit over Trump handing public land to coal leasing and why we must stop him. And in Geeky Science - School openings? Studies now show young kids could spread COVID-19 as much as older children and adults... Tune In!

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Trump's Latest Failure Could Kill 6 million Americans

Thom plus logo Although they haven't yet publicly acknowledged it in such stark terms, it's clear now that the Trump administration has decided pursue a herd immunity strategy to deal with the coronavirus.

Trump's new White House advisor on coronavirus, Scott Atlas, has said it on numerous occasions in multiple venues, and now our Attorney General, Bill Barr, is trying to argue that lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus are as bad as slavery. Trying to achieve herd immunity in the United States against the coronavirus, assuming it's even possible, would involve between two and 6 million Americans dying.
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