Only Radical Change Can Stop Capitalism's Biggest Crash Yet (w/ Richard Wolff)

Economist Richard Wolff is suggesting that without radical change, we are in for a huge crash....

The Real Tragedy Behind The Feds Illegal Lending (w/ Richard Wolff)

Is the Fed illegally lending money? Richard Wolff and Thom Hartmann reveal the disturbing truth.

The Dangerous Reason The Stock Market Rises When The Economy Falls (w/ Richard Wolff)

Has the market decoupled itself from reality, the stock market is soaring but working people are about to experience a depression....

Trump's White House Ignored Pandemic Preparation Information (w/ Richard Clark)

Was data ignored by current and previous government on pandemics? Obama used the PPE equipment, to help Ebola in Africa. When Congress was asked to replace the stockpile, funding was denied.

Scientist Warns Of Oncoming Catastrophe Worse Than the Dinosaur Extinction (w/ Dr. Andrew Glikson)

Dr. Andrew Glikson joins the Thom Hartmann program with a warning about the future of humanity and the earth.

Could Trump's Ignorance Lead To An Extinction Level Event?

Donald Trump's mishandling of COVID-19 is enough to convince a former National Security Officer that Trump is so ignorant, he is a danger to the human race itself!

How Many Americans Will Die Because Of Citizens United?

Brutal capitalism is being exposed in these historic times, as families are being left with nothing to pay rent while corporations are getting bailed out.

Is It Too Late? Has Fascism Taken Took In America?

One caller doesn't want to know if we can stop fascism from taking root in America, but wants to know how to unroot it.

Does Trump Still Have A Chance in November?

Has Trump done something so ridiculous that even Republicans are losing confidence in him?

Three Things The United States Can Learn From Oregon's Vote By Mail (w/ Jefferson Smith)

Vote by Mail in Oregon and the rest of the US, may be the only safe way to vote nationally in 2020. Does it favor one party over the other?

How Much Damage Can A Psychopath President Do?

A caller calls President Donald Trump a psychopath and goes into what it means to have a psychopath as president.

How Australia Vanquished COVID-19

Australia may end up being virus free... why can't this happen in the United States?

How Trump Stole 2020 (w/ Greg Palast)

The Republicans do not want Democrats to vote. They will remove people from the voter role. Will the 2020 election have to use Vote by Mail?

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What Can We Learn From a 17% drop in Greenhouse Gas Emissions During the Coronavirus?

On the Science Revolution - President of Mercy For Animals, Leah Garcés drops by about the millions of animals that will be culled by suffocation, drowning, and shooting. She is concerned about the inhumane way we are dealing with the closure of meat plants and so am I.

Author & Professor, Seth Abramson is here on Trump's taking dangerous drugs during the Coronavirus pandemic- and why! And finally, Sierra Club's Ben Cushing is talking to me about the banks under fire for fossil fuel financing - when will it end?

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How Do We End the Looting?

Thom plus logo Looting is the word of the day, on the lips of every newscaster, the president, and elected officials across the country. And, indeed, looting is a major problem in America.
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