For Profit System Can't Provide Healthcare During Pandemic (w/ Richard Wolff)

The private sector cares about profits and not investing in enough facilities to cope with emergencies. We are now living out the emergency, without the hospital beds we need.

Corona Virus Bail Outs Expose Flaws Of Capitalism

COVID-19 has exposed the flaws in our way of organizing society, will we have time to change?

Is Trump Completely Incompetent?  (w/ Kshama Sawant)

Seattle was the first area hit in the US with COVID-19, now a global pandemic. There are reports that there is a complete breakdown of healthcare and Kshama Sawant  from Seattle gave us her opinions.

Is Donald Trump Mimicking Dictators In Repose To Covid-19?

Trump is acting just like dictators i his response to the COVID-19.

Is COVID-19 In The Mail?

Could COVID-19 be transmitted through the mail?

The Thom Hartmann Program 3/18/2020

Latest Corona Virus Updates

Truckers Expose The Need For National Corona Virus Response

States are preparing different responses to the Corona Virus crisis but we need a national response

COVID-19 Gives Trump Immense Political Power (w/ Ken Klippenstein)

COVID-19 is an international emergency, and this has given Donald Trump immense powers

A Timeline Of Trumps COVID- 19 Lies

Donald Trump started lying about COVID-19 almost as soon as he knew about it, Thom Hartmann exposes a Timeline of Donald Trump's COVID-19 lies!

The Thom Hartmann Program 3/17/2020

-- Get in the F*cking Line Behind the Rest of us Human Beings Here

Are Democrats Returning To Kennedy Legacy? (w/ Kathleen Kennedy Townsend)

Eldest daughter of Robert Kennedy joined Thom Hartmann to discuss the return to the values of Robert Kennedy and how this will lead Democrats to a victory against Trump.

Should Paid Sick Leave Be Mandatory?

How can people survive when they are forced to go to work even when they are sick? Should paid sick leave be mandatory so people can continue living their lives without infecting everyone else?

Do Economic Downfalls Follow Pandemics?

What really caused the Great Depression? And did the Spanish Flu ten years earlier contribute to the historic economic crash?

Trump National Address Disaaster Lies To America world

Donald Trump Addressed the Nation to quell fears about the Corona Virus, instead he lied.

History Proves Conservative Wrong On Economy

How do economies work and how can economies be brought out of economic down spirals.

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Science Revolution

The Truth about Corona Virus Testing

Today on The Science Revolution - What's the truth on corona virus testing? And- why has Trump refused to accept the affordable World Health Organization test that the entire rest of the world is using?.. Melinda St. Louis is here on how health insurers' conduct is "outrageous" given the coronavirus pandemic.. Robert Weissman on how Public Citizen and 70 other organizations are calling on Trump to prevent big-pharma from profiteering on the pandemic... And Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear is also here about the ongoing Fukushima disaster... In Geeky Science - find out what happens if you walk just 30 minutes a day. Check it out...

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Where Will The Money Go?

Thom plus logo The Federal Reserve said yesterday that they could pump over $2 trillion into the economy, while other reports suggested it could be over $4 trillion. All of this is done without oversight and regulation by Congress, based on decisions made exclusively by the Fed.
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