Is the Economic Cycle Going to Change for the Worse?

Is the economy flawed? Is the cycle about to change down for the worse in 2020?

Could Climate Change Destroy the World Faster than We Thought?

Are climate change and global warming predictions moving faster to destroy the world than was first thought?

What Happens when Gangsters Run Government?

Thugocracy is the new model for nations, and it’s been elevated from a few obscure little countries all the way to the United States of America. Michael Cohen said yesterday that Trump was not joking when he said he could kill people, and, on top of that, that his supporter would stand by him. And he’s already done it. His so-called “zero tolerance” policy has already killed two little children, and the Jerry Falwells of the world still support him. Cohen said that Trump would “not leave peacefully” if he lost in 2020, suggesting that Trump would call out his armed supporters to start a second US civil war. Thugs all over the world have been doing this for a long time, and now the President of the United States has spent 2 years praising them, sucking up to them, and telling them - strongmen like Bashir, Kim, Duterte, Putin, and Bolsinaro - that they should continue with their terror campaigns against their own people and their destruction of a free press and anything left of democracy in their regions. Of all the reasons to impeach this mob boss in the White House, this is the strongest. The United States must step back from the edge of becoming a Thugocracy, and that begins with nullifying the corrupted election of 2016.

The Nuclear Paradox - Will We See Nuclear War in our Lifetime?

What role have nuclear weapons played in the history of the world?

Will Republican Corruption Make Things "Pop Off" ?

Will Donald Trump and the Republicans become so successful in removing our democratic rights that the very fabric of our democracy falls apart?

"We’re Being Screwed" so These Companies Can Make a Buck!

Are we being screwed by some companies, so they can just make a buck from us?

Will Republicans Hold Trump to the Same Standard they did Nixon

Richard Nixon resigned the presidency for lying about covering up the Watergate burglary that was looking to see what dirt the DNC had on him. Today Cohen will testify that Trump covered up his own crime of paying off Story Daniels and Karen MdDougal to cover up the dirt of his affairs that could have sunk his candidacy for president if it came out. There are lots of other crimes, racism, and frauds, but will Republicans at the very least hold Trump to the same simple standard they did Nixon?

Why Are Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce the Law in Washington State?

Why are sheriffs in some counties in Washington State refusing to enforce the law?

Rant of the Day: How Has Billions in Dark Money Affected You?

How is Dark Money, the hidden capital corporations and the rich use to buy politicians and steal our democracy, affecting you?

Proof Trump's Emergency Crisis is Just a Campaign Stunt!

Trump’s so-called national emergency, is simply his latest election campaign stunt.

Can These Activists Stop Nuclear Treaty Meltdown? (w/ Ro Khanna)

A nuclear missile treaty is protecting Americans from intercontinental nuclear weapons and Trump wants to get rid of it.

How Team Human Can Restore Our Humanity in a Digital Age

Best selling author Dr.Douglas Rushkoff tells us team human can restore our humanity, in a digital age.

This Tax Could Fund Medicare for All

Medicare for all could be funded by this little known tax!

Trump Imprisoning Wrong People For Voter Fraud

Why are honest mistakes sending people to jail while the rich and powerful who buy and steal entire elections are not facing any consequences?

The American Destruction of Venezuela - The Real Story

Did America create hyperinflation in Venezula to start a Coup and undermine the Maduro Government.

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