Would Reinstating the Draft Make the Upper Class Anti-War?

Would the upper class actually be anti-war if the draft was reinstated?

Is Our Economy Completely Screwed?

Our Economy might be completely screwed, thankfully professor Steve Keen is here to tell us exactly how and what we can expect from Trump's economy crashing down around us.

Democratic Primary 2020: Who Are You Supporting?

Who are you supporting in the 2020 Democratic Primaries?

Is Border Refugee Crisis a Mass Atrocity Yet?

If the refugees crisis on the southern Border meets the definition of a mass atrocity; where a government is intentionally inflicting harsh conditions and pain on a population for political purposes, mass atrocities vary in scale. But could the child prisons exist as concentration camps?

When the Economy Crashes Will America Move to the Hard Right?

If Donald Trump's economy crashes . The United States of America could slide toward the hard right or the FDR Left

The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - 7/01/19

You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday,

Is Donald Trump Playing the Rush Limbaugh Card?

Trump's comments on women are so crude it sounds like the President is taking a cad from the world of Right wing hate radio.

Timothy Leary by George DiCaprio

George DiCaprio stopped by and he and Thom talked about Timothy Leary.

Impeachment: A Citizen's Guide (w/ Professor Cass Sunstein)

Impeachment is a complicated process. A lot of us are asking why isn't Donald Trump being impeached right now, but could more knowledge about how the history of impeachment and why impeachment is an essential function of our constitution could help us find a way to channel our drive to impeachment Donald Trump into actually doing it.

Is Trump Taking Away America's Future?

Will America or Democracy survive Donald Trump?

How "Right to Work" Laws Take Away Your Rights!

"Right to Work" messaging from Republicans that is made to confuse you.

2020 Hopefuls Will Break Up Corporations To Save Democracy

The first 2020 Presidential Debate revealed that virtually every Democratic Candidate is ready to break up the big corporations to save American workers.

The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - 6/27/19

You've found the place where The Thom Hartmann Program is streamed live Monday-Friday,

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Will Racism Backfire on Trump...Or not?

Thom plus logo Trump's son Eric said on Fox News that he's loving the Democrats being upset about Trump's racist language. He argued that it's playing right into their hands.
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