The Unexpected Impact of the Muslim Ban on on Muslims Here and Abroad

Donald Trump's Muslim Ban is goin to have affects inside and outside the legal realm, Ani Zonneveld, President and Founder of Muslims for Progressive Values joins to discuss

How Democrats Can Get Passed a Far Right Court

There is a remedy to a far right supreme court, and it's time we talk about it!

Richard Wolff: Will Hot Money Lead to the End of U.S. Economic Dominance?

Professor Richard Wolff joins the program today to discuss the end of U.S. economic dominance and what that will mean for the economy!

As Science Improves Climate Change Forecast Gets Hotter

Distinguished Professor of Meteorology Dr.Michael Mann joins the program with some ominous news, the science in understanding climate change is improving, and it's telling us we have even less time to do something about it!

Sole Survivor Of Holocaust Finds More Than Uncanny Parallels to his Past in Trump

Are the comparisons being made between the Trump administration and Nazi Germany hyperbolic, Dr. Henry Oyster, Sole Survivor of the Holocaust from Cologne Germany, doesn't think so

Supreme Court Isn't The End Of Challenge To Trump's Muslim Ban (w/Guest Jamal Abdi)

Jamal Abdi, Vice President for Policy at the National Iranian American Council, (NIAC) says that the Supreme Court's ruling on Trump's Muslim ban is not the end of the fight!

Trump's Republican Party Screams Nixon's Southern Strategy to Racist Base

The Republican Party under Trump is only amping up Nixon's Southern Strategy to get racist votes.

Inside Iran with CodePink's Medea Benjamin

Friend of the show, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink breaks down Iran, North Korea, and other international conflicts, explaining why peace is the solution!

Did Trump Threaten Maxine Waters?

Donald Trump may have just threatened Maxine Waters?

Creative Redemption in the Age of Trump, Fascism and Lies

Jeff Sessions is concerned that comparing ICE to Nazis is going to far for some really insensitive reasons.

Do You Support Donald Trump Tearing Families Apart?

Do you support the inhumane practice of tearing families apart?

The Democratic Autopsy Report (w/Jeff Cohen)

Progressive organizations got to together to analyze how the Trump was able to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 to make sure it never happens again!

The Obscure History of the Racist Code Words Republicans are Using and How to Decipher Them

Are Republicans using dog whistles to reach out to a base they know is racist? Thom uses rare audio of Lee Atwater to do exactly that!

The Contractors Profiting Off Authoritarianism

Plenty of American companies helped the Italian fascist regimes in Germany and Italy, and those corporations were never held accountable, what about corporations helping Trump today?

What we Can Learn from Lincoln's Last Trial

Abraham Lincoln's last Trial was unknown to most of the world until 1989, but there is a lot we can learn from it!

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Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade

It's time to run bigger, better and harder on trade policies.

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