Is This The End Of The Post Office? (w/ Mark Dimondstein)

The postal service has been decimated in the past couple of months and the post office may not survive in its current state beyond June 2020. The pandemic has created a crisis with revenues slashed due to a significant downturn in business.

Is The US Heading For Deflation or Depression? (w/ Richard Wolff)

What is the difference between economic deflation and a depression and where is the United States Economy going?

Steve Bannon's New War For Eternity (w/ Benjamin Teitelbaum)

Is Steve Bannon planning our next war?Professor Benjamin Teitelbaum joins us to discuss.

The Thom Hartmann Program 4/24/2020


Times Out! Dangerous New Rule For Low Income Social Security (w/ Alex Lawson)

A last minute rule is causing panic for those who receive those social security benefits.

Why Corporate News Supports Far Right "Re-Open" Protest (w/ Angelo Carusone)

Over 150 website domains have been opened in the past few days, demanding that the US re-opens for business. Many trackback to the Koch’s. Fox News seems to be supporting re-opening, while the infections and deaths continue to grow at pace.

The Billionaires Behind Re-Open Protests Revealed!

Right wing Reopen "The Country" protests appeared across the country, and some think they came out of nowhere, Thom Hartmann reveals who is behind these protesters and what they really want.

Deepwater Horizion was not an Accident : 10 Years on (w/ Greg Palast)

Deepwater Horizon, ten years ago, was not an accident, says Greg Palast. The TransOcean oil rig exploded in 2010 causing massive pollution, killing 11 workers.

News Sources Have Better Coverage Than Corporate Media

Are you sick of corporate news, opinions instead of headlines, and stories without context and connection? Thom Hartmann shares his favorite new news sources where you'll actually get the real news!

Does Trump Have A Conscious? (w/ Dr. Justin A. Frank, MD)

Donald Trump has put America is unprecedented situations, and he doesn't care as long as it gives him power, he is acting like he doesn't have a conscious... We ask Dr. Justin Frank, author of Trump on the Couch.

Will Trump Get Away With It Again?

Trump, Fox News and the Nation's billionaires are working together on something nasty and they just might get away with it.

Are Republicans Trying To Kill The Poor?

Are Republicans and the oligarchs who control them trying to kill poor people and people of color?

Donald Trump Set To Blame Everyone But Himself (w/ Cong. Mark Pocan)

Donald Trump is blaming everyone but himself, and Congressman Mark Pocan is not happy about it.

What is Capitalism's New “Normal”? (w/ Richard Wolff)

Can the US come up with a sensible strategy to re-build the country? Are we badly prepared? Is Capitalism able to come up with a new normal? Richard Wolff Says no!

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What Can We Learn From a 17% drop in Greenhouse Gas Emissions During the Coronavirus?

On the Science Revolution - President of Mercy For Animals, Leah Garcés drops by about the millions of animals that will be culled by suffocation, drowning, and shooting. She is concerned about the inhumane way we are dealing with the closure of meat plants and so am I.

Author & Professor, Seth Abramson is here on Trump's taking dangerous drugs during the Coronavirus pandemic- and why! And finally, Sierra Club's Ben Cushing is talking to me about the banks under fire for fossil fuel financing - when will it end?

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How Do We End the Looting?

Thom plus logo Looting is the word of the day, on the lips of every newscaster, the president, and elected officials across the country. And, indeed, looting is a major problem in America.
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