The Second Amendment Isn't for The Working Class/Guest Congressman Mark Pocan)

Thom is joined by Congressman Mark Pocan to discuss the news of the day, the events that happened in Las Vegas and to take your calls. One caller wants to know why the NRA wasn't there for Philando Castile and why they are so willing to protect manufacturers.

How Can You Call Yourself Free in America Today?

Thom breaks down the news of the day and the events that took place in Vegas, coming to the conclusion that we really can't call ourselves free while the 2nd Amendment lovers are having their way with our lives.

We Have To Regulate Them Like Cars (w/Guest Julio Rivera)

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The End Of Nuclear: Putting Out Trump's Fire (w/Guest Congressman Dennis Kucinich)

Thom is joined by former congressman Dennis Kucinich (Two time Presidential candidate and former U.S. Congressman) to discuss the end of nuclear arms including a discussion on new legislation to take away the Presidential power to use these things.

Is There Any Pride Left In Being an American?

Thom talks to a caller wants to know, if there is any pride left in being an American given the often less than savory things America has done and it's current president. Has Donald Trump taken pride in our country from us?

Side Effects Of Inaction May Include Further Tragedy and Extinction

What if some of these upsetting events are being triggered by Big Pharma and what if gun control could be accomplished by thinking about our environment, the consequences of inaction include further tragedy and even extinction of some species.

It Is Time To Repeal The Second Amendment

Thom comes to a conclusion after thinking on the tragic events that transpired in Las Vegas Nevada on October 1st. The second amendment has out lived it's purpose and we should repeal it.

The Role Of Political Satire In Progressive Politics (w/Guest Will Durst)

Comedian & friend Will Durst(Comedian, political satirist/Host of Burst Of Durst Podcast) joins Thom to discuss the news of the day, the place of comedy in progressive Politics and more.

Is There a "Never Again" Political Dissent then and Now

Thom takes a call from Kiev, Ukraine on the 70th Anniversary of the tragedies that took place in Babi Yar, who wants to know if similar events can happen again today? What is the endgame of Donald Trump, Richard Spencer?

Center For Disease Control Budget Slashed So The Ruling Class Can Fly For Free

While the CDC budget is being slashed, Thom discovers that the rich are flying around the world using our military planes?

How Donald Trump & The Media Distorted Take a Knee Into empty Patriotism (w/Guest Dave Zirin)

Thom is joined by Dave Zirin (Sports Editor-The Nation/ Host of Edge Of Sports) to discuss how Donald Trump & The Media Distorted Colin Kaepernick's Take A Knee Protest into a conversation on empty patriotism.

Donald Trump Doesn't Care About Brown People

What Kanye said about George Bush and Black people is true for Donald Trump and Brown people, Thom looks at the inaction that will cost lives and realizes that Donald Trump obviously doesn't care about brown people.

Can We Impeach Trump For Inaction in Puerto Rico?

Thom takes your calls on what we can do to Trump, is impeachment an option after his inaction caused extreme devastation in Puerto Rico?

The Lies Republicans Tell To Keep Control In The Hands Of A Small Group Of Billionaires

Thom rants on Donald Trump's Tax scam and how it exemplifies the role of the media, the one percent and others in disenfranchising and angering voters and non voters alike. If they continue to turn America into a third world country, we are going to see resistance like we've never seen.

Trump's "Wealthcare" isn't Finished Yet (w/Guest Congressman Mark Pocan)

Thom speaks with Congressman Mark Pocan on healthcare and the Republican tax cut for the reach somehow being called healthcare.

Trump Is Using Racist White People To Make The Rich Richer

There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.

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