The Thom Hartmann Program 6/16/2020

-- Dr. Cedric Alexander - How Do We Reform & De-militarizing the Police?

Democracy For Who? Do The Poor Have A Say?

How badly has income inequality injured our democracy? Is there anything left for those of us who can't buy a congressman?

Meet Brenda: Your Typical Trump Voter.... Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

Thom took a call from Brenda today, a typical Trump voter and supporter. The way she talked, means that we should be afraid, be very afraid....

COVID-19 Is A Shark & Trump Wants You In The Water...

Donald Trump is ignoring the dangers of COVID-19, and reopening the economy is about to set off a chain of horrible events...

Would You Stop A Lynching In Progress?

If you saw the police murdering someone, would you risk your own life and step in?

Invasion Of The... Plants? (w/ Dr. Lauren Waller)

Invasion of the plants? Native plant species are being attacked by invasive plants and between this and Monsanto... our plant need all the help they can get...

Will The Human Race Vanish When The Insects Do? (w/ Mute Schimpf)

How serious is the vanishing of insects across the globe? Insects pollinate plants which humans use for food. A loss of insects will reduce stocks of food and this could be the end of human life.

Is This Our Last Chance To END Systematic Racism? (w/Rep. Ro Khanna)

This moment could be our final chance to tackle systematic racism, Rep. Ro Khanna has some answers you are going to want to hear!

Debunking Republican Racist Math

Has a trump supporter tried to use this argument to debunk police violence? Thom breaks it down using facts and logic because math doesn't care about conservative bigotry.

Movement vs. Moment: How WE Can Stop Trump In Tulsa (w/ Joe Madison)

Will Trump's visit to Tulsa be successful? It just might be unless we can turn this moment of anti-racism, into a movement, Joe Madison joins Thom with an answer that may surprise you.

Could This Be America's Last Chance To End Institutional Racism?

Will Americans choose the path of Donald Trump or do we still have time to pick a more progressive future.

Protests Intensify! Inside Seattle's Autonomous Zone (w/ Mark Taylor-Canfield)

Seattle has told Trump to go back to his bunker. Domestic terrorists have not taken over Seattle, despite what some of the media is claiming. Police have again deployed weapons and now the population have set-up a special zone in the city.

Is It Time to Defund the Military? (w/ Medea Benjamin)

Black Lives Matter is officially calling for defunding the police, but black lives matter everywhere, including where U.S. wars have ravaged the people and planet, which makes us want to know, Is it time to defund the US military?

Capitalism's Dirty Little Secret: Prison, Slavery & Police (w/ Richard Wolff)

Are prisoners being used as slave labor? Do police act as guards to private property? Richard Wolff joins Thom Hartmann exposing Capitalism's dirty little secret....

Why Trump's Next Rally Could Start a Massacre!

Donald Trump's next rally could start a massacre and it looks like he wants it to...

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