Congresswoman Anna Eshoo Demands Expansion of Medicare!

While conservatives, Donald Trump and the rich are calling for the end of medicare, Congressoman Anna Eshoo out of California's 18th district is fighting to expand Medicare

Will The US Ever Support Democratic Movements Again?

As neoliberalism crumble democracies around the world, billionaire oligarchs grow in power.

Does The Supreme Court Have Too Much Power?

Can the Supreme Court turn our democracy into a constitutional monarchy?

Is There Any Reason To Celebrate Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus is said to be a traveler who discovered America but the truth is much darker

How to Break Through To Trump's Cult!

Donald Trump acts like a cult leader and his followers are acting like they are stuck in a cult.

Why Hasn't Congress Taken War Powers Away From Trump?

Donald Trump‘s pathetic betrayal of our Kurdish allies in northern Syria highlights the importance of Congress taking seriously it’s constitutional obligation to define and authorize war.

Libertarian Lies About Taxes Debunked

Libertarians are known for saying "Taxation is theft" but whats a good way to counter such a claim?

What Really Happened To Key Witness Against Dallas Cop Amber Guyger?

Hours after a guilty verdict was given to Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, a key witness, Joshua Brown was shot and killed.

Did The Supreme Court Turn America Into a Monarchy?

Is our Supreme Court changing our country into a constitutional monarchy?

Tracing Trump's Roots In Nixon Corruption w/Lamar Waldron

Historian Lamar Waldron joins the Thom Hartmann Program to uncover the legacy of corruption that links Donald Trump to one of America's most controversial presidents, Richard Nixon.

Could Betsy DeVos Get Detention in a Federal Facility?

Betsy DeVos has disobeyed a ruling from a Judge and this could come with jail time?

Can Fed Keep Economy Going For Much Longer? w/ Richard Wolff

The Feds are controlling the Business cycle, or do they just want to make us think they are?

Trump is Slaughtering the Kurds for Profit

Donald Trump is betraying the Kurds, a US so that over 100 of his business interests in Turkey continue to make profit

What Happens If Trump Survives Impeachment?

If Donald Trump survives Impeachment and is reelected, How bad will his second term be for America?

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Has Capitalism and The GOP Destroyed Religion?

Thom plus logo The number of Americans who called them selves Christian or religious has declined precipitously over the last decade, and the number of Americans who are "unaffiliated Christians", atheists, or unconcerned about religion or spirituality has increased.
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