PROOF: Trump's Campaign Contest Is A Scam! (w/ Judd Legum)

Donald Trump's fundraising emails are bizarre, promises of dinner with the president, gifts and even that Donald Trump knows your name and noticed specifically your support... the problem is... It's all lies and we have proof thanks to Judd Legum!

Can Democracy Recover After 40 Year Diet Of Right Wing Media?

What does America's once vibrant democracy look like after 40 years of Right wing media?

2020 Election Is Not About Trump Vs. Biden... (w/ Jeff Cohen)

Jeff Cohen will news of the launch of a new progressive campaign Roots Action to “Vote Trump Out” in swing states.

Can Democracy Be Trump Proof?

The entire country needs to be laser-focused on stripping the oligarchic and fascistic elements that have crept into our republic since the Powell memo, multiple Supreme Court interventions, and the Patriot Act with its associated war crimes and torture.

Fascism Grows Between A Grieving Population & A Dying Democracy...

The next sociopath the Republicans nominate for president in 2024 will almost certainly be far smarter, more confident, and more dangerous than Donald Trump.

Can Corey Booker Save Meat Workers? (w/ Tony Corbo)

The workers at meat processing plants are in danger after the Trump administration is turning their factories into COVID-19 hot spots. Who will protect these workers from the Trump virus? Enter Corey Booker, who, according to Tony Corbo has a new bill, the Safe Line Speeds in COVID-19 Act, that would do just that!

Trump Admin Increases Attack on Planet! (w/ Noah Greenwald)

The Trump administration is trying to take away protection for endangered species. Critical habitat should be provided for these species of suitable sizes. The new rules are starting to prevent this provision.

Are The Poor Getting Too Much Or Are You Just Underpaid?

The right constantly says that the benefits poor and working Americans receive is too high, saying that even working people don't make that much...

COVID-19 Will Devastate Schools... And Already Is...

If schools reopen while COVID-19 is unchecked, our children will die, we know this by looking at schools that already reopened to devastation.

Trump's Committee To Unleash Poverty Attacks Social Security (w/ Stephen Moore)

They want to cut your social security and to do it, they are going to disguise it as a pay raise...

The Thom Hartmann Program 8/04/2020

The Big Lie vs Families in Need!
Noah Greenwald
Stephen Moor & the Committee to unleash poverty

This Secure Election Method Works But Republicans Don't Want Secure Elections!

Voter ID doesn't work but one method that was already in place and as easy as signing a document can secure elections but Republicans don't want you to know...

Trump: Tinpot Dictator? (w/ Noam Chomsky)

Is there a move towards fascism in the US? The Democrats are split, but it is the Republicans have gone way off the spectrum toward neo-fascism. Professor Noam Chomsky explains why...

Trump Lies to Save . . . Himself (w/ Dr. Justin A. Frank)

Why is Donald Trump trying to destroy anything which is to do with his father. And father means the Father’s of our country as well. He wants to destroy our belief systems. Dr. Justin A. Frank take a look at why.

How Trump Gets Away With Attacking Journalists (w/ Ken Klippenstein)

The courts say that journalists cannot be attacked, so why are they being attacked with tear gas and arrested in Portland?

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New rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer - Is it healthy?

On the Science Revolution this week - Will the virus stop the Trump Cult the way defeat in WW2 stopped the fascist cult? Also Dr. Michael Mann is with us on how the Trump administration boosts deregulation by undervaluing the cost of climate change. And Tony Corbo drops by- and there's a new rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer!.. Is it healthy? He'll let you know. Jenny Harbine informs us on a new lawsuit over Trump handing public land to coal leasing and why we must stop him. And in Geeky Science - School openings? Studies now show young kids could spread COVID-19 as much as older children and adults... Tune In!

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Is America Witnessing the Collapse of the GOP?

Thom plus logo Around the same time Donald Trump issued an executive order to slash the revenue to Social Security, a Republican sheriff in Florida required police and people who come to the police station to take off their masks.

This is the face of the Republican Party: greedy, petty, angry, and stupid.
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