Could Political Education Cure Trump Supporters?

Could Donald Trump supporters be cured by political education?

How Mass Surveillance Targets Muslim People

The age of mass surveillance is even worse for Muslim people who face additional worries in Trump's America.

Trump Reducing Interest Rates to be Re-elected (w/ Richard Wolff)

Is Donald Trump forcing the Fed to keep interest rates low, to ensure he is re-elected in 2020?

Should Police be able to Use Facial Recognition Technology?

You are being tracked by video surveillance and by your cell-phone. ‘They’ know where you are pretty much all the time.

What Ross Perot Got Right that the Corporate Media Won't Tell You!

Ross Perot will be remembered for so much more than we can comment on but one thing the mainstream corporate media won't discuss is his views on trade and NAFTA.

Are we the First Country to Go Backwards?

Are we watching Democracy move backwards?

Can You Forgive Your Republican Friends?

Would you be able to forgive your friends for voting Republican, when Trump leaves office?

Could Your Healthcare Will Vanish if GOP Succeeds?

Republicans are working to dismantle Obamacare.

Can Impeaching Trump Win Billionaire Tom Steyer the 2020 Presidential Race?

Billionaire Tom Steyer has been campaigning for the impeachment of Donald Trump with advertisements calling for the impeachment of the 46th president and is now running for president with the impeachment on Donald Trump as his singular focus.

Why Climate Change Won't Be Solved Easily (w/ Dr. Michael Mann )

Solutions for Climate Change are going to have to be much more radical and much more powerful than the solutions we have on the table right now.

Why Has Interstate Crosscheck Been Forgotten?

Interstate crosscheck is a way for Republicans to take progressives off the voter rolls so that the Republicans can steal elections

Will Government Spending Take Us Into Hyperinflation?

Is there a limit to what percent of a country's GDP can be spent before the country suffers from hyperinflation?

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Will Racism Backfire on Trump...Or not?

Thom plus logo Trump's son Eric said on Fox News that he's loving the Democrats being upset about Trump's racist language. He argued that it's playing right into their hands.
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