Should Climate Change Damage Be Charged to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Should the damage done to cities and towns from tornado, hurricanes and other extreme weather fueled by climate change be paid for the by the fossil fuel industries that are accelerating global climate change?

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 10 :

Thom continues to read from the Mueller Investigation Report and the pages on malware hacking of the DDC and the DNC computers.

Jury Nullification - Powerful or Dangerous?

Is Jury Nullification a powerful tool that informed citizens can use in an America filled with Trump appointed judges or is this just a dangerous dead end?

Abortion Bans Could Be First Step Toward Republican Evangelical Rule!

The Republican "Christian' Fundamentalists are making a law that makes women the property of men. Mike Pence's dream come true thanks to Alabama, Georgia and more states every day, all enacting very strict abortion bans.

Americans Are Crossing Borders to Afford Healthcare

Healthcare in the United States is so expensive that some Americans grateful to be in Mexico when they face life threatening illnesses.

Abortion Ban - What Happens to Unwanted Children When Abortion is Illegal?

What happens to children born because abortion is illegal?

Is There a White Supremacist Plot to Outlaw Abortion?

Are the abortion bans we are seeing in Georgia and Alabama the result of white supremacy?

Abortion Ban - Planned Parenthood Vows to Fight

Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen vows to fight the most restrictive abortion bans and to continue providing care despite them.

Abortion Could Have Saved Her Grandmother's Life!

Laws that ban abortion do not actually ban abortions but only ban safe and legal abortions. A thom hartmann listener calls Jefferson Smith and tells us about the time her grandmother got an illegal abortion and didn't survive

Abortion Ban Exposes Evangelical Christians' Own "Sharia Law"

Donald Trump's supporters are afraid of Sharia Law and yet some of them are part of the evangelical right wing behind restrictive bans on the freedom of women?

Does Alabama Abortion Law Make Women Property Again?

Alabama law makers are trying to ban abortion in the state, and with no exceptions to this rule, even the life of the mother is in danger.

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 8 : The GRU

The Mueller Investigation Report read word for word, less the redactions.

Democratic Primary Straw Poll Results! Which Candidate Can Defeat Trump?

WIth the democratic primaries coming ever closer who are your top three picks for President?

Come Cruise with Thom Hartmann in July 2020

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Who Will Stop World War III?

Thom plus logo Back in 2001, after 9/11, Congress gave the president the authority to basically wage war anywhere in the world where there were governments affiliated with Al Qaeda, the radical Sunni Muslim group that came out of the Saudi Wahhabist movement. Iran is Shia Muslim, essentially the sworn enemies of the Sunnis.
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