Shocking Implications Behind Russia, Trump, Afghan Scandal

Multiple news agencies are reporting that Russia is paying to have United States military killed... but the story gets even worse

Conservatives Outaged At Everything... Even Masks!

Why are conservatives so outraged at things that can save their life? Turns out the billionaires did are behind this... again

Beyond Free Speech: Are Fox News & Trump Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater?

Free Speech goes only so far, shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre, for example isn't protected by the first amendment, nor is hate Speech or inciting violence....

Is a Biden 2020 Victory Rooted in Green New Deals? (w/ Charlie Jiang)

Biden needs to impress progressives to win 2020, and his campaign is showing signs that his support for a clean energy and environmental protections, might be how he does it.

Is Donald Trump Dropping Out Of Election?

Even Fox news has begun to speculate what would happen if Donald Trump drops out.... The Donald hates his bad press and isn't handling it well...

Cops in Schools Make Learning Hell (w/ Judith Browne Dianis)

Someone is carrying a gun at your child's school... they beat students, harass them and even take them to jail... Why are cops in school at all?

Trump: One Step From Destroying America...

Donald Trump is one step from destroying the United States, and democracy, between allowing Russia to murder United States solders and stoking racial tensions by tweeting out blatant support for white supremacy... there might not be an America left by the time the election hits.

The Thom Hartmann Program 6/29/2020

Happy Birthday to Kwame Ture!

Fighting The Most Corporate Friendly SCOTUS In History (w/ David Sirota)

The supreme court is getting a lot of good press for all the wrong reasons, David Sirota reveals the real agenda of the most corporate friendly Supreme Court in history!

Does Donald Trump Have a God Complex?

What happens when the president believes he is god? Would you worship Trump?

State Law Benefits Corporations Against You – You Lose (w/ Chad Nicholson)

Corporations are suing communities for their benefit and have little of no interest in the views of those communities. And those corporations have right under the Constitution and in law. The communities, largely, do not.

Trump Is Planning To Win 2020 Using This Racist Bush Strategy...

Can we stop Donald Trump from winning the 2020 using the same racist George H.W. Bush strategy that beat Willy Horton?

Your Health Care Is On Trial After 2020 Election...

After the 2020 election, no matter who wins, you could lose healthcare because of this case....

The Thom Hartmann Program 6/26/2020

Anything Goes Friday, any topic, any question, from how to stop fascism to how to aliens to black lives matter and more! 202 808 9925
Corporations Are Suing Cities Across the USA
Ro Khanna is taking your calls, call 202 808 9925 to talk to your congressman

Why Is Trump So Enthusiastic About Americans Dying?

After a failed impeachment, Donald Trump is hellbent to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans....

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New rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer - Is it healthy?

On the Science Revolution this week - Will the virus stop the Trump Cult the way defeat in WW2 stopped the fascist cult? Also Dr. Michael Mann is with us on how the Trump administration boosts deregulation by undervaluing the cost of climate change. And Tony Corbo drops by- and there's a new rule! Americans are now eating chickens with cancer!.. Is it healthy? He'll let you know. Jenny Harbine informs us on a new lawsuit over Trump handing public land to coal leasing and why we must stop him. And in Geeky Science - School openings? Studies now show young kids could spread COVID-19 as much as older children and adults... Tune In!

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Will the coronavirus wake Americans up to the cancer that has infected our political system?

Thom plus logo The Republican hostility to helping people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus, to expanding healthcare to all the American people, and their hostility to doing anything about climate change all come from the same source: greed and the big money it produces.
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