Scientist Warns Of Oncoming Catastrophe Worse Than the Dinosaur Extinction (w/ Dr. Andrew Glikson)

Dr. Andrew Glikson joins the Thom Hartmann program with a warning about the future of humanity and the earth.

Could Trump's Ignorance Lead To An Extinction Level Event?

Donald Trump's mishandling of COVID-19 is enough to convince a former National Security Officer that Trump is so ignorant, he is a danger to the human race itself!

How Many Americans Will Die Because Of Citizens United?

Brutal capitalism is being exposed in these historic times, as families are being left with nothing to pay rent while corporations are getting bailed out.

Is It Too Late? Has Fascism Taken Took In America?

One caller doesn't want to know if we can stop fascism from taking root in America, but wants to know how to unroot it.

Does Trump Still Have A Chance in November?

Has Trump done something so ridiculous that even Republicans are losing confidence in him?

Three Things The United States Can Learn From Oregon's Vote By Mail (w/ Jefferson Smith)

Vote by Mail in Oregon and the rest of the US, may be the only safe way to vote nationally in 2020. Does it favor one party over the other?

How Much Damage Can A Psychopath President Do?

A caller calls President Donald Trump a psychopath and goes into what it means to have a psychopath as president.

How Australia Vanquished COVID-19

Australia may end up being virus free... why can't this happen in the United States?

How Trump Stole 2020 (w/ Greg Palast)

The Republicans do not want Democrats to vote. They will remove people from the voter role. Will the 2020 election have to use Vote by Mail?

Is This The End Of The Post Office? (w/ Mark Dimondstein)

The postal service has been decimated in the past couple of months and the post office may not survive in its current state beyond June 2020. The pandemic has created a crisis with revenues slashed due to a significant downturn in business.

Is The US Heading For Deflation or Depression? (w/ Richard Wolff)

What is the difference between economic deflation and a depression and where is the United States Economy going?

Steve Bannon's New War For Eternity (w/ Benjamin Teitelbaum)

Is Steve Bannon planning our next war?Professor Benjamin Teitelbaum joins us to discuss.

The Thom Hartmann Program 4/24/2020


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Why Are the Authoritarians Harming and Killing More People in the Pandemic?

On this weeks Science Revolution - How do we stop authoritarians, like Trump and Bolsonaro from killing more people in our pandemic? Trump and Bolsonaro, presidents of the United States and Brazil, are essentially refusing to do anything consequential about an epidemic that is killing massive numbers of their own countries’ citizens. Plus- Bill Freese with the Science Policy Analyst-Center for Food Safety, is here on the newly finalized federal regulations on GMOs. Beyond Nuclear's Paul Gunter also drops by on how America is unprepared for a nuclear accident during this pandemic. Tune in!

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Will America Recover from the Rightwing Billionaire's War Against Us?

Thom plus logo This morning on CNN a physician in Texas talked about having 10 young people with COVID-19 who needed immediate hospitalization and only having three beds left. He had to decide who is going to get treatment and who was going to be turned away from the hospital.
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